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This Morning's Dream

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This is the real dream I had earlier today, and my physical reaction to recalling how wonderful intimacy was in a past relationship. The imagined interaction was between a female and a male, but the masturbation was, unfortunately, solo.


It was the first time I had dreamed about you since our reconnecting exchange of emails nearly a month ago. I was wondering if you would reappear in my subconscious this way. You had blessed and haunted my sleep at the rate of about once every two weeks during the five long years I refused to contact you.

We were in your space. Others were around but not your husband or kids. It was as if you were preparing for them to arrive. You had some tasks you wanted to get done, so I was just sort of following you around. However, you would stop in one room or another for a while and I would sit facing you while we conversed. You were surprisingly attentive toward me despite being involved in these activities. (When I awoke later, I remembered that you had done that kind of thing consistently when we were together, always maintaining that connection. It is one of the things I have most missed about you.)

I felt so close to you within this dream that I began to caress your arms, then firmly grasp your shoulders from behind with my hands, and then kiss the top of your head through your thick, black hair. You did not resist. In fact, there was warmth in your responses, as if you appreciated my loving gestures (again, like in the old days). I had come into this place not expecting to feel this level of acceptance from you, nor see these lovely smiles. The plan had been simply to renew the friendship we had started out with so long ago. I had figured even that would be constrained.

My body responded to your attentions the way it always has. I had attained a powerful erection. My hands were somehow holding the rigid shaft out toward you in the dream (as I was surely gripping it in my sleep). Although at first you had not looked at or even acknowledged the unintended physical proof of my latent desire for you, I saw no hint of dissatisfaction or ignorance of it in your eyes. You were still warmly smiling, perhaps in an even brighter way than before. I felt the (familiar old) connection between us crackle with increased intensity. We were one again.

And then you lowered your obviously pleased face until it was level with my crotch. Disbelief ran through my logical mind. Emotionally, I was with you. Inching forward, you parted your lips, still looking impossibly happy. Guilt flashed through me as I thought about your new family. But when your soft, warm, wet, comforting mouth closed gently around the head of my cock, all negativity melted from my soul. Simple goodness and pure love radiated from your being into mine.

You were neither sucking nor licking nor applying much pressure to my hard-on, yet having it between your lips for barely two seconds compelled me to say, I am going to cum in your mouth (a statement that would have brought a quick avoidance reaction from you in the past). However you held your position on my tender appendage until after I said, But I really want to fuck you (something I never would have expressed during a blow job before).

I very nearly did ejaculate when the ecstasy of experiencing the ridge of my glans slide smoothly back out the slick pucker of your lips electrified every nerve in my body. The pop out of your mouth had me going weak in the knees. Your brilliant happiness peaked as you exclaimed, You do?!!? I had already begun picturing my thrusts into your sweet, enthralled, raw, naked pussy (while stroking myself under the blanket). But your jaws widened again and your head advanced until my yearning, aching, all-these-years-ignored arrow of love for you was well within the confines of your gorgeous face once more. And then I




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