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This Morning

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I had never masturbated in front of anyone before this morning


I had never masturbated in front of anyone before this morning. My boyfriend and I had a wonderful evening the night before of long passionate love. While I never orgasm from sex, I need direct clitoral stimulation, he had taken me to orgasm three times last night, first in extended foreplay, then with expert cunnilingus, and finally by fingering me after he had cum in me. I truly love being fucked, the feeling of being so full, the intimacy, and I do experience great pleasure, I just can't get off with it alone.

This morning Jeff woke me by stroking my breast, kissing my ear, and rubbing his erection against my back. He whispered that he needed to cum in me again, but didn't have much time. (That's Jeff not so subtle, or uncommon way of telling me he isn't going to make me cum). I rolled over on my back, and spread my legs for him, and within seconds he had squirted lube onto his hand, worked some into me, and slathered his beautiful piece of meat, and mounted me. I actually enjoyed the quickies, because it was so different from when we "made love", this is fucking. This was so animalistic, so hedonistic, all about the pleasure of one, and how fast he could attain it. He slid in fast, not giving me time to adjust, and thrust quickly. It was less than 5 minutes when he pushed deep, held it, and grunted out his orgasm. He kissed me quickly, rolled off, headed to the shower his erection glistening and bobbing as he walked.

I looked down, and his cum was leaking from my vagina, and I reached down and spread it up my labia, and rubbed it on my clit. I closed my eyes, and relived our tenderness from the night before, and the roughness of seconds before. I thought about Jeff in the shower washing his deflating dick of my juices, I relived taking him in my mouth the night before, of licking his balls, of him flicking my clit with his talented tongue. I slipped a finger back in me for more of his juice, and spread it again on my clit. I was getting close, when I heard the shower stop.

I was so wet, and my finger moving so rapidly, I could hear the squishing. Jeff walked into the room, rubbing his damp hair with the towel, and stopped and stared at me. I moved my eyes from his down to his crotch. His beautiful soft dick hanging down, curving so slightly, hung over his nutsack, his left one hanging down lower than his right one. I reached out and cupped them, and kneaded them with my fingers. I thought about how their contents were now inside of me. I thought about how they were now making a fresh load for the next time Jeff would enter me. I looked back up at Jeff, a slight smile as he stared at me rubbing myself. I looked back down, and saw his dick rapidly begin to erect, and I felt the intense building of my oncoming orgasm. I thrust my hips into my hand, and came with pleasure rushing throughout my body, emanating from my vagina core. As I recovered, Jeff climbed on top of me. "That was so fucking hot" he said, as he entered me again for the second time in 20 minutes.



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