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Thinking About Mom and Dad

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I suppose there comes a time when everyone realises that, for them to be there, their parents must have done ‘it’. I remember looking at my mom and dad and wondering how these two God-fearing people did it. Lights on or off? Did mom ‘submit’ to her husband.....FUCK how I hate that phrase! Or.......were they animals in the bedroom?  I knew I fantasized a lot. Did they? Did they still masturbate? What did they think about when they did....IF they did? 


I went on an explore. 

On a day when I had the house to myself, I had me a little adventure. I went through their bedside drawers. 

Mom had some really sexy underwear.......thongs.....suspenders......basques.....and right at the back of the drawer, I found something round, long and hard.

it was the first time I had held a vibrator and yes, I turned it on and yes, I put it between my legs (over my jeans). The effect was mighty. Instant horniness. I knew then that I had to get me one of these! 

Rummaging a little further I found something else. This turned out to be a dildo. A very realistic cock-shaped thing, although very thick and long. I couldn’t imagine how I could ever get that inside me....but then at that age I was still only using the smallest tampons available! 

I made sure to put everything back as I’d found it. Then I remembered a school friend saying that she found some porn under the bottom drawer of her dad's side of the bed. Sure enough, there were a couple of magazines there, but also some DVD's. I knew I had the house to myself, so I put one on. 

The DVD showed, from a fixed camera position, Mom and Dad clearly enjoying a little light bondage. Mom was tied to the bed and Dad was teasing her with the sex toys I’d found. 

I watched only for a few moments before putting everything back. Yeah, I got aroused, but well, this is Mom and Dad, right? 

All I know is that I squelched round the house for about half an hour, wet as all get out, and I knew I had to relive the tension.

Even though I was alone, masturbation was something that only happened in my bedroom with the door locked. 

I stripped naked and began to masturbate, but even though I’d seen what I’d seen, I wasn’t getting there. I needed something kinky....in fact....I think this was my first ever ‘kinky’ masturbation ever. 

I got up, still naked, unlocked my door, and went into my brother’s bedroom and lay on his bed. No, I didn’t imagine him fucking me or anything like that, I just thought about him watching me and jacking off at the same time. 

That did the trick. I got to the point real fast. A series of images flashed through my head....that dildo.....my brother about to cum on me.....and I orgasmed loud, long and heavy on his bed. 

THEN I remembered that I nearly always squirt! Fuck! And boy, had I squirted! His duvet was wet....not just damp....wet! There was a large patch under my ass and more stains where it had squirted out between my legs. 

Over an hour later, his room still smelled of pussy. 

By the time he got home from college, I could still smell me in there. 



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