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Things We like To Do (Part 3)

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Specially enjoy stories about two women sharing a room such as students in digs or women sharing a hotel room. One, either pretending to be asleep, listening and watching as the other masturbates; or masturbating and trying to be quiet but unable to control compulsive movements and moaning as she climaxes.


Christine lies on her back with her hips raised, knees slightly bent and apart. I kneel astride, facing her feet. My eyes and hands are all over her luscious white thighs which I stroke slowly from knees to groin, also massaging her smooth shaven vulva. As I sense she yearns for more I lube slowly up between her pouting labia then once more massage her vulva, lightly at first then more firmly. Her clit is swelling and hardening within the moving flesh. Knowing she longs for release I slide my middle finger between the slippery lips and lightly rub from side to side over her clit which feels like a silky bone. Her hips are beginning to move and she wants it harder and faster. As my finger vibrates on her enlarged clit she suddenly relaxes and goes quiet for a few seconds. Then all at once her pelvis thrusts up and I press hard and keep my hand moving steadily as she jerks and gasps into her first orgasm. The next follows with hardly a break and her legs are shuddering and shaking. By this time the middle finger of my other hand is gripped within her anal muscles as they contract in spasm.

On another occasion our roles are reversed and she is the one astride and she has a hard throbbing penis pointing up from between her thighs. I can't see but I can feel my skin rolling slowly up and down over the the head. Her touch is teasingly light-it may be her slender fingers or it could be some smooth material which is making me so hard! She knows what I need, what I might do to myself. I can feel her fingers now as they jerk over the sensitive corona several times, stop for a second then do it again and again. The aching increases all the time and throbs travel down from glans to anus. The speed increases pauses get shorter and the aching grows. When I want to come her fingers move faster and do not stop until my penis pulsates as it starts to ejaculate. She squeezes it tightly with her whole fist, pulling downwards in rhythm with each successive spasm.

We diversify pleasure using textures. I have only to smooth a cool cotton handkerchief over Christine's tummy and thighs when she has climaxed several times to be aware of more urgent and frantic desires. Her hips push up as I press the cotton between her labia and she comes again violently as I gently rub my finger over the dry material encasing her swollen throbbing clitoris. Later I will pull and roll the handkerchief until it is long and narrow and stretch it between her labia, allowing them to close over the top. She will orgasm as I massage her vulva or holding the ends of the hanky, vibrate it back and forth. I have written previously about silk glove magic. We are finding ways to use a smooth flexible cord stretching between Christine's legs from her tummy to her back.

Masturbating each other while on our backs is something we often like to do and I have written about it. Sometimes I might tire before she feels fully satisfied and needs to orgasm lots more times so she places her hand over mine which is rubbing her clit. She shakes my hand as fast and for as long and as often as she needs, every so often pressing down as her muscles tighten and her legs straighten in ecstasy. I sometimes grip the wrist of her hand which is encircling my penis and move it to achieve great pleasure. There is wonderful variety and so much to discover within our sexuality.



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