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Thin Walls & Friends Wife's Panties

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Several months ago, my wife and I invited my best friend and his wife to visit and stay the weekend with us. It was Friday and I had to work, but planned on getting off work early to meet them. Well my buddy called when he got into town and my wife was home, but unfortunately I wasn't able to leave my job right away.

They arrived at my home and my wife greeted them and made them feel at home. We were planning on barbequeing and swimming later that evening. My wife got them all situated and told them they would be sleeping in my oldest son's room, since he was away at a friends for the weekend. My wife told them to make themselves at home and that I would be home shortly and that she had to go do some shopping for things for our dinner that night.

Well I arrived home about 45 minutes after my wife had left and walked into my home to find no one around. My buddies car was in the driveway so I figured my wife must have asked them to join her in going shopping. I walked down the hall to my bedroom, then went into my bathroom and washed up. I returned to my computer and started reading an e-mail. As I read it I heard a couple of restless noises from my son's room which is right next door. Then it hit me, my best friend and his wife must have been tired and took a rest. As I read on, the noise next door got louder and I soon realised they were having sex.

I have to admit, at first I wanted to get up and go outside, because I didn't want them to know I was home, but I couldn't. I sat there listening in and within a few minutes I was rock hard and ready to pull my cock out and jack off. As I continued to listen in I could hear his wife laughing and telling him to get behind her. Holy shit I thought, I was gonna hear them get each other off. My cock was so hard moving around in my pants. They were both moaning and she really likes to talk nasty. I couldn't handle it and pulled my cock out and started jacking off.

I wanted to lay on my bed and jack-off, but it was better for me to hear if I stayed sitting in my computer chair. She was getting louder with every second, and I was about to blow my load when all of a sudden my friend just let out the moan of a lifetime, and I shot my load all over my legs and hand. I got up quietly and went to the bathroom to wipe up my cum. As I was in there someone came out of the bedroom and into our second bathroom. I walked down the hall, when all of a sudden the door opened and there is Stacy wearing a t-shirt and a smile and she says hi, and that they were just waking up from a nap. I said right on, I just got home and I'm gonna change and go take a swim. She said that sounded good and she would tell Sean that we will go swimming as well.

As she walked away from me I could see her dark blue panties under her shirt and it just made me horny again. I could hear them in the room getting dressed, so I got out my swim shorts and did the same. As I was getting dressed Sean yelled out to me that they were heading out to the pool and for me to hurry up. I heard the door open and they walked outside. I was dressed and opened my bedroom door and walked down the hall and looked inside my son's room.

I opened the door and the smell of sex was amazing, I had just jacked off but was instantly turned on. I walked out of the room and headed down the hall to see if I could see them at the pool. When I looked out the window I could see they were both swimming and having a good time. I hurriedly walked back down the hall and entered my son's room where they were staying and looked for her blue panties. I looked around the bed and under the sheets and there they were, the panties she was wearing. I grabbed them and heading to my room to inspect them.

I closed the door behind me and sat on my bed, opened the pair of silky blue panties and discovered a big glob of cum inside. Oh my god I thought, I wanted to sniff them so bad but they have Sean's cum inside. I turned them over and smelled them through the other side, Oh, the aroma. I had only been sitting there a few seconds and my cock was raging hard. I wanted to jack off again, but knew I needed to go out and greet them. Well I couldn't exactly go out there with this huge woody. Her panties smelled so wonderful, I wanted to rub them on my cock but I had a a lot of pre-cum coming out and didn't want to make a mess on them.

I was feeling so hot and horny I wanted to blow my load. I took the panties and flipped them inside out and looked at the cum on them. It was starting to turn me on thinking about her having this glob of cum in her pussy. I kept imagining them fucking and her talking nasty to me. I kept stroking, getting more and more aroused. I took the panties and held them closer to my nose, trying to smell the cum inside.

As I got closer to my orgasm I smelt the panties more and more looking at her pussy juice in them. Oh my god, that was it, I had the ultimate jack-off going and I had just rubbed the smell of my best friends wifes panties all over my nose. Her smell was wonderful and my nose was buried in the crotch of her panties and I was going to blow my load. I tugged at my cock a couple more times and shot my spunk on my chest and hand and lay there enjoying every second of it.

As I jacked the last glob out I heard someone enter the house and I rushed into the bathroom and locked the door. It was Sean seeing what was taking me so long. I said I had to take care of business, he laughed and I said I would be right out. I heard the back door close and I headed out of the bathroom to put the panties back. I entered the room and put them back where I found them. I walked outside and met up with my friends giving Stacy a huge hug and waving to Sean. That was a great weekend and I especially love the way it started.



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