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There's Always A Balance

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From the moment my breasts were more than slight swellings, my

hyper- religious parents started on at me about 'covering up.'

'Don't sit like that, Karen.' 'Don't ever, EVER let anyone see up your skirt.' And when my periods arrived, it was worse still. Then they started on about 'The sin of Eve.'

One day, and I remember the feeling, it was like suddenly a switch had been turned on. Looking back, I guess that particular day I was feeling sexy, but since no one had talked to me about such feelings, I didnt know what it was. As I said, it was like a sudden instant knowledge that my parents were full of shit.

I went to my room and sat on the bed. I thought about how I always had to have my legs together, so I opened then real wide. There, in my bedroom mirror was my panty covered pussy. Imagine, I was doing exactly what I had always been told not to, and the only thing between my pussy and the outside world was a thin piece of rapidly moistening cotton.

I stared at myself, enjoying the sensations as my pussy lips swelled up and my clit started to throb. I thought about all the bad names: pussy, twat, cunt. Each word sent a little jolt of electricity to my clit, so I explored further...prick, cock, fuck.

I was breathing really hard now, and still the dirty words kept coming to me. I could also see that the material was visibly wet now. 'Fuck, slut, whore, spunk.' I thought.

Then, right out of nowhere, I felt a rhythmic contraction happening in my pussy and I totally lost it. I flopped back on my bed and let the waves of extacy flood me. When they subsided, I pulled the now soaked material away from my pussy and took my first ever good look.

I was thrilled and amazed and instictively I started to rub my clit. Again, I got horny and somehow achey inside. I felt empty and looked around my room till I saw my hairbrush. I put the handle against my hole and pressed a little, I liked that, but it started to hurt. I went back to my clit and thought about it and realised that it was my hymen that was hurting.

I thought that it was time I took control of my own body and, rubbing my clit at the same time, I waited till I could feel another orgasm coming and then shoved the hairbrush right inside. There was a moment of stabbing pain, then I was cumming ohhhh sooooo hard. It felt way better to have something my pussy could grip as I cummed.

Of course, I had bled, and there was a mess to clear up.

After that, I discovered that if I was horny enough, all I had to do was wear a shortish skirt and open my legs. The thought of my barely hidden pussy being exposed was usually enough for me to think myself off. I have done it everywhere. In the mall, in class, even in my freinds car.

It would seem that there is always a balance. My parents in a way, abused me by not telling me everything I needed to know and making me feel dirty about my sex. Well, I sure as all hell feel dirty now. I think I will go do something about it.



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