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The Wedding

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This piece of writing was the second I wrote after my 'First Bi-Experiance' which I posted last year. This was (like the last) originally posted on the sex-l mailing list that I had subscribed to and was written in the Pseudonym of PaulaG. I have not re-editted, and it was a wedding that I attend back in 1997 (I think).

Janine (aka PaulaG)
The Wedding.

As some of you might be aware I and my girlfriend (Tam), went to a wedding a few weeks ago, in Kent near London. The friend getting married was a mutual friend of me and my boyfriend and my girlfriend, but because of a prior engagement my boyfriend was not be able to attend it.

My boyfriend doe's not know of my bisexuality, for personal reasons I have never told him. I was at first a bit annoyed that he wouldn't be going as I did not know to many of the Brides friends, but when Rob reminded me that Tam would be there I immediately brightened up.

I like weddings, I don't know why I'm not exactly known for being over emotional , but they really get me going! What made me even more excited was that I could arrange things over the phone with Tam in my boyfriend presence, who was ignorant of what was being planned. We had decided that we would stay the night in a hotel so that we wouldn't have to worry about drinking and driving and travelling back late at night. It was also agreed that we would share a room to save money, my boyfriend couldn't agree more.

During a private phone call between us Tam said that I had to carry out one of her instructions, curiously I asked what it was. She replied that she wanted me to be shaven for the wedding. I was only to happy to oblige, normally I am trimmed but have gone bare occasionally, normally for my boyfriends benefit. I, of course, had to think of something that she had to do, so I told her she had to go without panties for the whole week, including work and the wedding. She assured me that she would, I knew that I would have to trust her.

We had arranged that I would meet her at her house on the morning of the wedding and then drive to the hotel book-in and then go onto the wedding from there. I arrived at her house and found that she was ready to go. We had a quick cup of tea, during the chat she asked me if I had carried out her instruction, I replied that I had and enquired if she had done the same. To confirm her reply I put my hand up the back of her skirt and felt her bare ass. She pulled away saying to wait till later.

When we are together we can be either straight or gay, sometimes we might kiss as friends might other times as lovers. Because our respective boyfriends are also known to the Bride & Groom we had decided that we could not risk being too friendly. When we arrived at the hotel we checked in. The receptionist apologised because they were not aware that two single beds were required. We played along for a bit but convinced her that it would be 'OK' for us to share a double bed as we were 'old friends'.

Once in the room we briefly checked the important things in life like make-up and hair. We had travelled down dressed for the wedding and had no need to change. I was in a dress that buttoned down the front, Stockings and panties. Tam had a two piece suit, the skirt a nice 3in above the knee, white blouse, stockings and per my earlier instructions no panties, I called it her secretary look.

We had another cup of tea and some further chat. I told her about the IRC and some of the conversations. She thought it all very pervy and kinky, but thought it could fun. She is hoping soon to have an Email account. I also invited over so that she can see what its all about.

During the course of the conversation she suddenly asked to see my bare pussy. I hitched up my dressed and pulled my knickers down, she had a nice appreciative look and a feel. I asked to see hers, she stood up from where she was looking at me and just pulled her skirt up to her thighs. I was expecting to see her pussy, but I was not expecting to see that she to had shaved. I managed a quick kiss on her mons before she pulled her skirt down.

The wedding went well, and there were no hiccups. A quick note, both me and Tam have this fantasy of seducing a Bride & Groom on their wedding night, who knows one day perhaps.

The reception was a splendid affair, with plenty of guest and a lot of men. The groom played for the local football (soccer to my American friends) team and so there was quite a lot of horseplay going on. On more than one occasion the newly-wed couple said that as the boyfriends were not about we should 'let our hair down'.

We had agreed that short of meeting a couple of Chippendale contenders we would not go off with anyone as we wanted the weekend to be for us. A few guys tried their luck and kept trying to buy us drinks, they managed a few dances as well. A group of guests decided to go onto a night-club so we all bundled out of the hotel where the reception was held into taxi's to take us into town. Me and Tam had paired off with a couple of guys, although we had already decided that they looked nothing like the Chippendales :(

During a conversation these guys found out that we were not only sharing a room together, but, because of a mix-up :) we were sharing the same bed. They couldn't conceal the look of joy on their faces at that bit of information. I didn't have the heart to disappoint them.

The night-club was good fun, the fella's that we went with soon realised that they were not going to get anywhere with us and soon moved on to try and find some other possible prey. Me and Tam stayed at the club for a little while longer, occasionally dancing together with more men trying to buy us drinks. Every so often we manage a quick stroke or grope just to get us both going.

We left the night-club and hailed a taxi to take us back to the hotel. By this time we were both feeling pretty randy, not only because of the 'sneaked' gropes and caresses but because we both knew what we would be doing once we got back to the hotel room. We managed a few discreet gropes in the taxi on the way back but nothing to open.

Once in the hotel room we both at first just sat and looked at each other. Although we had both been drinking we were by no means drunk, but quite giggly. We sat and spoke about the day, general chatter and I then realised that Tam was sitting there flashing me, her thighs were open and I could see her shaved pussy. Although I had seen it earlier that day, the way she was sitting there totally exposed but still dressed was a massive turn-on.

She saw me looking and parted her thighs even more, so much that the lips parted slightly. "What you looking at?", she said in a mock sneer. "Puss. What do you think?" I replied. At this point she stood and walked over to me, hitching up her skirt, when she reached my chair she brought her leg up and placed it on the arm. "Want a closer look?".

I leaned forward and started to kiss her smooth mound, and gently biting it, my fingers gently caressing the inside of her thigh. I started to kiss her virginal lips, and could feel their dampness, I gently took a lip between my teeth and bit it.

Tam stepped back saying that she had to go to the toilet, and told me to get undressed which seemed like a pretty good idea to me. When she came back in from the bathroom she had removed her skirt and jacket and was now dressed only in her white blouse which came level to her pussy and stockings, she had let her hair down and looked soooooo sexy. I had only taken my dress off and was in my knickers and stockings.

I walked over to Tam and we started to kiss, she kissed me back I could sense that she did not want to rush things, and I in return was happy to go with the flow. So we continued to kiss in centre of the room, she gently stroking my hips and boobs, and me caressing her bum. The effect was electrifying and instant.

Within minutes of this deep, extended kissing session we were both starting to feel very randy and we were both slowly gyrating and holding ourselves more tightly against each other. We are off similar heights and I could feel her mound against mine. Both of use were slowly trying grind our crotches on imaginary hands.

Through out this kissing session all we done was just kiss and stroke each others skin. I felt her hand on my naked breast, still the same gentle stroking action not touching the nipples just the breast. I started to massage Tam's buttocks and at the same trying to holder tighter against me.

After a few more minutes of this high intensity kissing and stroking, I started to gently bite the side of Tammy's neck, gently little nips not enough to mark, Tam's grip on my boobs tightened and the my nipples swelled where the blood was pushed into them, an urgency was becoming apparent. The whole day had been sexually charged, from when we first meet earlier that day and we had exposed ourselves to each other to the furtive touches and gropes we had managed to exchange during the day, not to mention the looks. All day all week long we knew that this night was going to be one explosive union.

I was now biting her neck under her chin, and I slowly moved to her mouth a bit her lip quite hard. She opened her eyes in mock horror and we both started to laugh. We needed a break otherwise one of us was going to get hurt, either my nipple exploding or her lip being severely bitten. I could already taste blood from where our lips had been crushed together against our teeth during the passionate kissing.

I led Tam to the bed and laid her down, the blouse was too short to hide her smooth pussy and I could see her vaginal lips were swollen and wet, as mine were. I straddled her and we continued to kiss, her hands sliding up my sides and stroking the sides of my breasts, again I started to gently bite the side of her neck, but this time I was going to be travelling further down. Tam was still wearing her blouse under which she wore a silk camisole top, like me she not particularly big breasted and a bra is unnecessary. I could see that her nipples were hard, and inviting.

I continued to my journey downwards, and I reached the tops of her breasts which I continued to bite, the bites getting harder, but not too hard. I know started to bite her nipples through the material which really got her going, I could feel that she had drawn up her knee and has I moved my pussy would rubbing momentarily against it. Tam was also stroking me on my bum cheeks, and as I was moving my hips around I could feel her fingers stroking my anus and pussy, using my juices as lubricant.

Tam's blouse was now soaked with my saliva where I had bitten her breasts, and I could see her reddened angry nipples through it. I opened the buttons on her blouse and pushed her cami-top up above her breasts which where red through my biting, I continued to kiss and bite the naked flesh.

I moved to her side, I had decided to concentrate on her pleasure has opposed to my own which would be taken care off later. I moved a few inches down and tongued her navel. I find this too ticklish but Tam says that it feels like its connected to her pussy, weird I call it. I started to stroke with my right hand the inside of her thigh and she was now grinding her hips as if she were being screwed by some invisible penis. My left hand was massaging her damp nipples.

Every so often my thumb would brush against her pussy lips and I could feel just how soaked she was, her juice had trickled down between her bum cheeks and was making the top cover of the bed damp. As my thumb touched her pussy she would try to impale herself onto it, occasionally getting the first inch into her before I took it away. The forefinger on my right hand massaged her juice into to her anus.

I realised that Tam was not far off her orgasm, which I was relieved about because I wanted to get both our urgent 'cums' out the way so that we could then concentrate on the rest of the night. I could feel Tam stroking by bum cheeks and anus, occasionally running her finger over the crack of my pussy for some extra lubricant.

I began to kiss and bite the inside of her thighs, inches away from her vaginal lips which occasionally brushed my cheek making it damp and sticky. I looked at Tam's smooth pussy and smelt it, the lips seemed more prominent because of the lack of hair, the thumb on my right hand had become inserted deep into it, Tam was grinding onto it, the forefinger on the same hand had slipped the first couple of inches into her ass. Neither of us like anal sex, but we both love to be tongued and fingered there.

I bit one of her vaginal lips, and I heard her gasp, "opp's" I thought a bit to hard, I eased off and just tugged at them with my teeth, at this point one of her hands was trying to pull my head so that my mouth would connect with her clit. I instantly knew how close to cumming she was, for as my lips and tongue came into contact with her clitoris she bucked against them crushing my lips against my teeth, I though at one point she had split my lip. I sucked her clit into my mouth, protecting it against my teeth by covering them with my lips and at the same time I was brushing against it gently with the tip of my tongue. This I knew she found painful but at the same time pleasurable.

At this point I felt a bit of pain on my bum where she had stuck her nails in my cheek. I remembered thinking "bitch", I quite deliberately changed from a bit of firm massaging of one of her breast to sinking my nails into the soft flesh :-)

I was now finding it difficult to keep up the steady contact with her clit, which I knew I had to do to finish her off, jaw ache :-(. Her fingers where still digging into my bum and her other hand was forcing my head hard into her pussy

When she came it was with a load "arghhh", and she tried to pull my head into her vagina. I lost contact with her clit, but by now there was nothing more I could do, she was grinding her pussy hard onto my face covering it with her juice. I stuck out my tongue deep into her pussy and lapped up her pussy juice which had flooded her vagina.

When she had finished I sat up. I had to exercise my right hand which had got cramp, my jaw also ached painfully. My face was covered with the juice from her vagina, I could feel it going cold and drying. I looked at Tam whose legs were still open, the whole of her vaginal area was wet, her left breast was red with angry scratch marks, no doubt my bum looked similar. Her face had a soppy, contented look on it, I could see she was relaxed. I laid down next to her and gave her a kiss, deliberately rubbing my face onto hers, she gave a mock grimace, (she's not squeamish), and kissed me back.

I could see that she was exhausted, (so was I ), and that she wanted to sleep. Although I had been feeling extremely randy, concentration on pleasing Tam had taken some of that away, I knew that my time would come later. We curled up, me with my back to Tam, who had put an arm under me and held a breast whilst the other cupped my vagina with one finger pushed slightly in. We both dozed.

I woke up to find Tam kissing me on my mouth, I don't know the exact time but it must have about 6am. I returned her kisses. It wasn't long before I felt my pussy twitch and go wet. "Let me look" Tam asked. I knew where she meant and opened my thighs to expose myself. I like being 'examined' and Tam moved her face to within inches of my pussy. She described in detail what she saw, occasionally she would open my labia lips with her fingers and looked inside then pulling back the 'clitty' hood for a close look.

Sometimes she would tell me what she was doing other times I would just be laying there feeling her fingers touching here touching there. The whole experience was, for me, extremely erotic. At one point when Tam had exposed my clit she kissed it, the shock went through my body and I clamped my legs firmly closed, "bitch".

She told me to roll onto my front, I quickly obeyed, and again she told me to expose myself. Again I opened my legs and slightly raised my bum up into the air. This time it was my anus that received the examination, and again I could feel Tam opening me up for a closer look. By this time I was feeling extremely aroused. Tam commented on that she could see a drop of juice travelling down my lips. After some time of this exquisite inspection I could feel her weight move and she straddled my bum.

I could feel that she was damp, as her pussy pressed onto my bum cheeks. She slowly kissed me around the back of the neck, gently biting the nape, this has a greater effect on me than it does on Tam. At this point I could feel her gently rocking against and I could feel her 'lips' against my skin.

I put a hand underneath myself, and started to touch my pussy, using Tam rocking motion against my own finger. After some time Tam started to kiss and bite her way down my back. She stopped at the base of my spine, just above my bum cheeks and spent along time kissing and biting there, this spot is very sensitive.

I felt her tongue lick the finger that I was using on myself, I dipped the finger in my pussy and let Tam lick the juice's off. Tam went back to kissing and nipping my bum cheeks, she removed my finger from my pussy and started to stroke the inside of my thighs. I felt with my left hand for Tam's thigh, when I found I could feel her grinding on an imaginary lover. I moved my hand up her thigh and found her other hand which she gladly moved so that I could take over.

Tam knows all the things that get me aroused, and although familiarity can sometimes be boring, this was exactly what I wanted, because an orgasm was wanted. I felt Tam part my bum cheeks exposing my anus, I then felt one of her fingers enter my virginal and press against my bladder, this area is very sensitive, she withdraw the finger and rubbed the juices over my anus. She then gently blew on the wet area which sent shivers up my spine. Immediately I brought my knees up under myself so that my bum and were even more exposed, but Tam just pulled back.

I remember thinking, "fucking bitch is teasing again", this wasn't what I wanted and I remember feeling a bit annoyed. I at this time had inserted a couple of fingers into her and I remember trying to pull her closer to me by her pussy, later she complained because it hurt her - TOUGH, I didn't want to fuck around.

I felt Tam lips against my anus, instinctively moved back onto it, Tam just continued to kiss my bum and after a few minutes I realised that she had inserted her thumb into my pussy, I was so wet I had problems feeling her, the palm of hand was cupping my mons pubis.

I could feel her tongue gently sweeping over my bum hole, and we were both grinding our clitties onto each others hands. I then felt a her stab my anus with her tongue has she drilled her tongue into it, the fingers on one hand had managed to open the hole slightly and her tongue penetrated quite deeply. I knew that I wasn't far off climaxing as I could feel her tongue wiggling in my ass and her thumb pressed hard in my cunt.

Just has I was about to cum, she turned me over, her thumb easily slipped into my ass as she sucked my clit into mouth, gently holding it between her lips as her tongue brushed over it. The orgasm hit me hard and I grabbed her hair so that she couldn't move as I 'humped' her face. Tam desperately tried to keep in contact with my clit but by this time I was past caring and I was generally rubbing my pussy and clitoris all over her tongue, nose, lips her whole face.

After I had finished cumming, Tam immediately came up and started kissing me, and at the same time she straddled my thigh and ground her pussy onto it bring herself , (painfully for me) to her own climax.

We feel into a doze again and was woken by the telephone. It was the receptionist reminding us that breakfast would soon be over. We asked if we could have something sent up. We were actually preparing to get up and shower etc. when there was a knock at the door, it was room service with breakfast.

We were still both in bed and we looked at each other. Tam shouted come in. I'm ashamed to say that my bottle went, I quickly laid back down and pretended to be asleep. Tam just sat there arms folded across her boobs, (she's not that brave) and said good morning to the girl as she came in. My face just filled with embarrassment. We were both laying so close to each other that we were touching under the covers. The girl replied good morning, it was obvious that I was a woman and according to Tam she kept looking over at the bed.

I then felt Tam shaking my shoulder saying breakfast had arrived, so of course I had to 'wake' up. I must admit the girl, (she was about 22), didn't seem to put out. When she finished laying out the breakfast things she just turned said her goodbyes and left.

I hope this hasn't bored you, because of the fact that it doe's involve my girlfriend I thought it right that she gave me 'permission' to write it, which she did. She has quite enjoyed reading it and even apologised for 'teasing' me, but I suppose I wasn't that upset.



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