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The Tutor

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"The Tutor"My first experience with mutual masturbation
I spent most of my teenage years in utter confusion. I had thought of myself as straight, but I had always thought that there was something missing. It wasn't until I had my first sexual experience with another man at the age of 19 that the pieces began to fit together. I was "bi" and that I thoroughly enjoyed touching and feeling another man's body. I didn't figure this out for myself in all honesty. I was tricked into my first encounter - a fact that I certainly came to enjoy. This is the story of how it happened.
As I said, I was a very confused 19 year old. The fact was, even though I was going to college were there were quite a few girls, I was very sexually frustrated. Not only that, I could find no way to release my tension. My parents were devoutly religious and frowned on sex - especially masturbation. Because of this I had very little release other than doing it, in the dead of the night, under the covers, and afraid of getting caught. It was a sexual nightmare.
I told this to a close friend I had known from early high school. He told me that he had a similar problem with his parents and he had the perfect solution. He told me that he had a brother 10 years older than him, who had his own house across town. He lived alone and had amassed a large collection of porn videos, which he allowed his younger brother to use. My friend said that he had an open invitation to go over to his brother's place and masturbate any time he wanted. My friend suggested that if I wanted to do the same, he would ask his brother if it was all right.
I certainly didn't have to think very long about what my answer would be. I said "yes". He called his brother after work and made the arrangement. We would go over about seven o'clock.
My friend picked me up in his car and drove me to his brother's house. I remember sitting in the car almost shaking with anticipation. (I had never seen any XXX porn.) We arrived at the house and walked up to the door. My friend's brother greeted us at the door. After the introductions were over, my friend then announced that he had to go to the library and would leave me there. His brother offered to drive me back home afterwards.
The next thing I knew, my friend had driven off and I was all alone with his brother. Without saying too much, he told me that he had everything set up in a spare room upstairs and led the way. I followed him up the stairs and into a fairly large room with a couch against the far wall and a large TV opposite. He opened the cupboard to reveal his library. What a sight! There were dozens and dozens of videotapes - all XXX. There were colored stickers on the edge of each box. He told me that the dots were his classification system. The red dots meant the video featured a woman; the blue dots, men. Some boxes had single dots, some two, and there were some that had quite a few dots. He asked me what I wanted to see. Having no previous experience, I picked one that had a single red dot. It was a tape called "Solo Pleasures".
He told be to go sit down on the couch as he put it in his VCR and powered up his system. This was one of those fantastic videos with just a few quick titles and wasted no time getting down to business. The producer knew exactly what I needed and didn't fluff it up with a bunch of unwanted dialog. After only a few quick credits, a young actress came on-screen, stripped, and began spreading wide for the camera. This was heaven! But, of course, it was hell too. I already was hard being in the room. But now I was experiencing of the strongest erections of my life. Everything got bent out of shape inside my jeans. My host took a flannel bed sheet, unfolded it and placed it over the couch. He said that he would leave me alone for a while and that I was welcome to slip out of my clothes and masturbate on the couch - only asking that I try to keep any semen on the bed sheet. He suggested that I take it slowly and make the pleasure last. He pointed to my crotch, noticing the bulge, and said that I was probably desperate to get out of my pants. He had that right!
He then turned and walked out of the room closing the door behind him. I wasted no time getting undressed. I basically ripped everything off and left it piled in a heap on the floor. I then sat back down, got comfortable, took my penis in my hand and started stroking. I tried making myself last by keeping my strokes slow like he had suggested. But it didn't take too long before I felt the build-up towards orgasm. I stopped a few time and let the feeling pass. It worked for the most part, but the woman on the video had already produced a dildo and was already drilling it into herself.
There was a soft knock on the door and the door opened slightly. It was my friend's brother. He asked how I was doing and if it was OK to come in. He didn't bother waiting for an answer to either question. He opened the door further and walked in. I was embarrassed as I was sitting there on the couch, with my legs spread and my penis in my hand. Instinctively, I let go of my penis. I was more shocked than embarrassed, as he was completely nude and sporting a mild erection.
He walked over to the couch and sat down right beside me. He had brought with him a tube of K-Y Jelly and squeezed out a fair bit on his penis. He turned to me and asked me if I wanted some. I told him that I have never used any lube before. He then said that I was in for a real treat and reached over and squeezed a generous bead of the jelly along my penis. It felt cold. He recapped the K-Y, put it down and started spreading the lube onto his penis and started lightly stroking himself. He told me not to be shy and start masturbating again. I was a little nervous at first masturbating with him sitting right beside me, but after a minute I too was intently watching the video and busily stroking away.
After a few minutes I noticed that he had stopped stroking. I turned and became aware that he was watching me masturbate. I stopped, but he told me to keep on going. He told me that I was doing it all wrong and that I would ejaculate far too soon and spoil the pleasure. I knew he was right - I didn't think that I would last much longer than another five minutes and then it would be all over.
He started to offer me all sorts of advice. He told me to loosen my grip and most importantly to slow down. I did as he ordered and he told me that I was beginning to get it right. He told me to spread my legs a bit more and to spend more time stroking the base of my shaft. While all of this was going on, he began to move closer and closer towards me - pressing so close that our thighs were touching.
It was at this point that he made his move. He reached over and placed his hand on top of mine. He then told me to let him guide my hand. It felt a bit strange at first having his hand there, but I quickly became used to it. I didn't have to wait much more than a minute before he began letting his fingers cop small feels of my scrotum on the down strokes and the tip of my penis on the upstrokes. By now I was had anticipated what he was about to do next. He began sliding his hand further past my hand and kept his thumb and forefinger pressed against my penis. Slowly, he moved his hand further and further upwards and eventually pushed my hand out of the way. I certainly didn't object as it felt much better having him stroke me than doing it myself. His grip was very light yet very pleasurable. This was certainly a man with a lot of practice.
He continued stroking me for a few minutes. I was very close to orgasm, but every time that I tightened my stomach , he stopped for a few seconds then changed his grip and made me last. H told me that given enough practice, I would be able to enjoy being stroked for quite a long time, but knowing that it was my first time, he didn't expect me to last very long.
When it became apparent that I was getting too close to control, he asked if I wanted to take a break. He said that he knew that I probably wanted to enjoy having an orgasm at this point, but he guaranteed that I would be better if he stopped and let me relax before continuing. I agreed. He then told me that he could use the break to teach me more. He sat back on the couch and asked me to masturbate him for a while.
I must admit that it was good that he had waited before asking me, because this certainly the first ever time I had ever seen another man's erect penis, let alone touch one! He spread his legs and asked that I kneel on the floor facing him. As I did so, he spread his legs wide and moved his hips to the edge of the couch. I found myself faced for the first time with a very erect penis directly in front of me. It was quite a sight. His circumcised penis was a very well proportioned tool, with a nice prominent glans. It was a full 6 1/2"with a nice thickness. The K-Y he had been using had begin to dry, but it still gave his skin a nice link slickness. A small ooze of seminal fluid formed at the tip.
He told me to start off by "milking" him. He told me to wrap my fingers around the very base of his penis. I slowly reached out and placed my fingers around his shaft. His skin felt hot. He smiled. He was obviously happy to have talked me into touching him, and I was thrilled to feel his penis in my hand. It felt - natural.
He then asked me to squeeze his penis and pull upwards. I did this and managed only to move up about two or three inches before the skin went taught. More semen appeared. The drop became quite large. He then told me to loosen my grip a bit, let the skin slip past my fingers, squeeze the shaft again, and work the semen up the shaft more. I did so again and the drop semen forming on the tip of his penis became too large and began forming into a drip.
He saw this too and asked that I not let the drip fall. I reached out with my other hand and scooped it with my index finger. It felt hot, slightly sticky, and very - wicked! I was enjoying this. I repeated the milking procedure until my fingers had reached the base of his glans. By now I was rescued a fair bit of semen and could find no other place for it but to begin spreading it around on the glans. He told me that he was very excited at this point and asked me to repeat the process. I did, and managed to coax out even more. I "milked" him a dozen or so more times until I could get not more semen to appear. I had enough to spread it all over the tip of his penis and down its shaft.
He instructed me to start stroking him very lightly, using his semen as a lubricant. I lightly wrapped my hand around his shaft and began sliding my hand up and down a few times. The look on his face was positively wild. He was breathing very deeply, his eyes focused on my hand, and not saying a word. He was in an absolute daze.
After only about two or three minutes, the semen I was using as a lubricant began to dry increasing the friction of my hand on his penis. By the time it had gotten to the point that there was little slipperiness left, he handed me his K-Y. I stopped stroking him, undid the cap and dribbled the clear gel onto his penis. He whispered that I should use lots of it on him. He then went on to tell me that I was good with my hands and that it would be very pleasurable teaching me everything that he knew. I replaced the cap on the K-Y and began spreading all over his penis. I then started stroking again. After a few minutes he began to teach me a series of different stroke techniques. He just sat there, legs spread wide, calmly instructing me how to hold my hands, where to squeeze, and how to perform the maneuver. Some were single hand strokes, some were double. Some were very slow, deliberate strokes while others were to be performed very quickly. He would have me perform a stroke on him for a few minutes and then he'd have me stop and start doing another.
The amazing thing was his ability to control his orgasm. No matter how hard or fast I stroked, he was always able to take it. I mentioned this to him and he told me that even though he was enjoying what I was doing to him, he was able to suppress orgasm by using relaxation techniques he had learned. I learned later that he practiced breathing and muscle-tension control. I had probably been stroking him for at least half an hour before he told me that he was ready to ejaculate. There was absolutely no outward indication of this - he was perfectly relaxed. He told me to concentrate my hands on his glans, rubbing it as hard and as fast as I could. He simply sat there, fixing his gaze on his penis, and every so often say that he was getting closer and closer. After what must have been five minutes, he calmly announced that he was ready to come. My hands were getting tired from all the furious stroking that I was doing. He didn't flinch a muscle up until the very last second. Then, his abdominal muscles tensed and a huge burst of semen shot out and landed in the middle of his chest. I kept stroking him furiously. Another stream of semen landed slightly below where the first load had landed. Rhythmically, he tensed every second or so and yet another ejaculation erupted. There were probably a good five or six ejaculations followed by a dozen smaller ones.
After that, he told me to slow down and continue stroking until he told me to stop. I did as he asked and his erection began to lose its stiffness. He grimaced a bit and told me to stop when he could no longer take any more.
By now my hand was beginning to cramp and my knees were killing me. I got up and sat on the couch beside him. He simply lay there staring at his penis - with a big satisfied grin on his face. He was quite the sight as there were globs of semen on his chest, abdomen, and crotch. It was then that I noticed the earthy smell of his semen which had the effect of making me very sexually excited.
After a few minutes of not moving, he began to stir. He got up and told me to lay back. It was time for me to come. He had me spread my legs and shift forward on the couch the same way he had done for me. He wrapped his fingers and gave me a very forceful "milking" stroke. I was very aroused. A huge was of semen oozed out and began running down my penis shaft. He used it to lubricate me and gave me another milking. He was rewarded with loads of the cloudy, sticky substance. He used this as an initial lubricant until it began to dry. He then took the K-Y tube and poured a huge glob onto my waiting penis. He then began stroking me as lightly as he could.
He told me that I would last a lot longer if I were to breathe as he did. Having just watched his amazing performance of control, I wanted nothing more than to enjoy it as much as he. I did as he instructed and began breathing slowly. He also told me to relax my muscles - especially those deep in my crotch. He also told me to fix my eyes on the tip of my penis and not look anywhere else.
He held his hand against the area directly below my scrotum. He told me that he could feel that I was still tensing my muscles and told me to concentrate on relaxing where he was touching me. It took a bit of coaching, but I began to get the idea. He said that if I would be well regarded if I could maintain this state of relaxation.
He kept stroking me minute after minute. He varied his strokes every so often so as to break any pattern. He certainly knew what he was doing. Had he kept a steady rhythm, he would have brought me to orgasm far too soon. I managed to last about 10 minutes before I could feel I was getting ready to come. It was obvious to him as well as he could tell by the way I was breathing. He told me that he knew I was about to come and that it was important that I relax as much a possible. He said it was most important to remain totally relaxed as long as possible. It was only a minute later that I felt the welling pressure of orgasm deep inside me. The urge was very powerful. I felt wave after wave of intense pressure build deep inside me. Instinctively, I tensed my legs and thrust upwards with my hips. He calmly told me to enjoy it. He increased the strength of his strokes. I just lay there, with my back arched pushing up with my hips. My buttocks were now off the couch. I was delirious with pleasure. A second or two later, I came. It was very powerful and overwhelming. I shut my eyes and felt the first burst of semen explode. It felt the hot splash of semen hit me squarely in my face. I began convulsively thrusting upwards with each new burst of semen. The second ejaculation hit my chest. I lost count of my ejaculations. I was in absolute, delirious sexual frenzy. He kept stroking me. I finally relaxed and lay back down on the couch. I was spent. After half a minute I couldn't take any more stokes - it was too intense. I opened my eyes and he could see that I was in agony. He stopped. I looked down at my penis. It was coated in semen. It had dribbled all down my shaft and matted in my public hair. Streams of it radiated up onto my abdomen and my chest. I could still feel the shot that had caught me just below my right eye. This was heaven!
He got up and sat back on the floor. He looked at me like an artist admiring his work. He asked if I had enjoyed what he had done to me. I could hardly speak. All I did was smile and moan in appreciation. He got up to go to the bathroom to clean himself up. He was still smeared with his own semen. I lay on the couch for a few minutes before I felt my legs strong enough to get up myself. I found a box of tissues and wiped off most of my semen. Afterwards, I made my way to the bathroom - the door was open and the shower running. He told me to join him and clean myself up. We stood in his shower and lathered each other, ridding ourselves of our sticky residue.
Afterwards we got dressed and as promised, he drove me home. He told me that he had enjoyed our time together and asked if I would join him again. He told me that there still many things he could teach me. I told him that I would think about it.
It didn't take me too long to think it over. I was horny again in less than two hours. I need to let him know that I wanted to take him up on his offer, but since my parents were around, I had to be somewhat cryptic. I told my parents that I had found a math tutor and had to call to arrange a study time. Fortunately, he was in when I called and very glad to hear from me.That night was the start of a very sexually fulfilling relationship. It turned out that both our sexual drives were very high. We got together most every night and he taught me many thing over the space of the next year.
Unfortunately, he got a job and had to move away. Fortunately, before doing so, he had introduced me to several of his buddies who in turn became good sexual partners. More on those in a later account.
If you enjoyed this story, please let me know. You can e-mail me at .
Happy stroking!



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