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The Talk

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A recently posted story about a girl getting caught by her mother caught my attention, mostly because it is pretty close to what happened to me.


I was only fifteen at the time, and I had just started to masturbate. I have an older brother, but he had already left for college when this happened.

I was home alone one day, probably about noon or so, and I got bored. I decided to turn to my newly found pleasure of masturbation. My mom usually works as a secretary until three, and my dad until about eight at night.

I had not yet discovered toys like dildos or vibrators. I would most often just rub my clit, maybe inserting a finger every now and then. I was at it hot and heavy in my room on this particular day. My favorite technique is to carry out a masturbation session for about an hour, and release a huge orgasm at the end. Even at the age of fifteen I had figured out that I liked this technique best.

I was nearing the end of my session, and it was about noon, so I had not planned for either of my parents to come home yet, so I did not hear my mom pull into the driveway and unlock the front door. My door was cracked slightly open, and I'm sure I was making some noise.

I heard my mom say, 'Ashley? Are you sleeping still?' and then she started to open the door. Before I could say anything, she had the door wide open and saw me laying on my bed, legs splayed.

All I could think to do was apologize, but she simply closed the door and told me to come out when I was ready. I stopped short of orgasm, having lost my focus entirely, and put my pajama pants and tank top back on. When I gathered the courage to exit my room, my mom was sitting on the couch wearing about the same thing as me. She didn't say much, except that it had been a slow day at the office, and that her boss had let her come home a few hours early.

I sat beside her, and after a few minutes I said I was sorry. She clicked off the TV and looked at me, smiling. 'Ashley, it's okay. A lot of people do it. I even do it every now and again. I know that it's a tough time in your life, and I would much rather have you safe in your room doing that, than out with a boy at a party or something. If you want to keep doing it, then go ahead. I won't interrupt you.'

I sat there in awe, and a mix of relief and joy. My own mother was ENCOURAGING me to masturbate? And she admitted to doing it too? This was a total surprise. She then started to ask me questions about what was going on in my life, if I had any problems I wanted to talk about, and so on, and she eventually asked my if I had ever seen a boy naked or if I had seen a boys... uhh, you know what.

I told her that I had just started to learn the secrets of masturbating, and that I only did it because it was fun, not because I had a fantasy that I was trying to fulfill. She said that she wanted my to know everything, and that she was willing to show me some stuff if I was okay with it. I said that I was fine, and she grabbed her laptop from the table.

She first told me about how dangerous sex was and all that other stuff, but then she pulled up a picture of a guy's crotch. She explained how it got hard when he was 'horny' in much the same way that my crotch got wet. We went through a bunch of pictures, some of guys, some of girls, some of people having sex, and lots of other things. It was really a great time.

After we had been online for about an hour or so, my mom told me that she was feeling horny and that she was going to go relieve herself. She said she might be a while and that I could go masturbate, too. I waited for my mom to go to her room and I sat and listened for a while. After a few minutes, I could hear her moaning. I decided I would go to my room and do the same.

My panties were still a little wet from earlier, so I just took all of my clothes off. I didn't bother closing the door this time, and I started my session again. I was going at it for about half an hour when my mom came by the door again. She was only wearing a robe. She said, 'Just checking on you. I'm already done. Have fun!' Then she simply walked into the living room.

I ended with a loud moan, and grabbed my robe, too. I walked into the living room where my mom was watching a romantic movie. 'Sounds like you had fun,' she said, and then we started talking about our methods and techniques. There was even a moment when my mom opened her robe and showed me a specific technique.

It was still early in the day, and my mom and I had been talking for quite some time. We still had quite a few hours before dad came home. After the romance movie went off, I decided to shower. Once again, I left the door open. I felt no need to hide anymore. After my shower, I simply walked back to my room naked and grabbed a new pair of pajamas. That night, I masturbated in my bed again, but not all the way to orgasm.

When my parents were gone again the next day, I decided to look up more things on the computer, and I started doing it on a daily basis. I eventually found this site and I am a huge fan. I will definitely post more stories later. Thank you!



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