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The Story

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She reads a hot story written and sent to her by a friend.  She drifts off picturing she was the star of the story

She moves about the bedroom getting things tidied up for the night.  That lavender scent from the bath salts was lingering in the air and it created a very peaceful feeling.   It had been a long week, full of work and social commitments.  She was ready for this escape.  She knew it would be a hard week and she was glad she had thought about arranging this quiet time, me time.   A secluded cabin in the woods, right by that lovely lake.   Surrounded by trees and ……………quiet.  

Not too many people come to this lake, and better yet, to this side of the lake.  Nobody could explain why, maybe it was just because it is in the middle of nowhere and there wasn’t any of the normal conveniences around that people like to have.   Grocery stores, restaurants, even gas stations.   But she didn’t mind, she knew what to bring with her when she came here for these getaways.   

  Looking out the window she sees it is a full moon, so beautiful.   The lake was so smooth, she could see the reflection just as if the lake was a mirror.   You know….maybe I should take a little hike down the path and sit out there for a bit.   She decided not to, she was tired and the wine she had with her supper along with the long soaking bath had done its intended job.  She was unwinding, letting the week go, and will sleep until noon.   Oh my, even on vacations and after late night parties I know better, I know my body will want to be up early and I will be cranky if I don’t get up.   Oh well, all the better to drink my coffee as I watch the sun come up over the lake.  But she feels something else……some lingering feelings…..ones that makes it hard to sleep.   Sex!   

This is so silly, it is just like being a schoolgirl all over again.   Why waste the wine, the bath, the soft jammies, it is time to sleep, sex can wait.   Maybe tomorrow night…..ok, maybe tomorrow we will find a little relief.   Not like I have any plans for this weekend, read a book, take a walk, sit by the lake and just enjoy the sunshine.

With that resolved she pulls the covers back, turns down the lights and crawls into bed.   Ok, where did I leave my phone….oh, here it is, she grabs the charger cord and was just about ready to plug it in and she notices she has an email.  Hmmm. This late?   Oh, it is from him.   He always makes me smile, what better way to drift off to sleep, reading the woo he always has for me.

Opening the email, too late she realizes.   Along with his usual woo, the things she loves to hear, he has included one of his recent “stories”.   Oh my!   Those stories.   Those little tales of sex, love, sex, fun times, sex.    Hmmmm.   What to do now?   I want to sleep but, ……… then again, that underlying desire she had was just taken up a notch.   I should just wait until tomorrow.   Then again, maybe if I read a line or two, it would help me sleep, all along turn up the heat on the passion for tomorrow.   That’s it!  I will read a couple of lines, turn over, fall asleep, dream of how the story might proceed, and wake up all hot and bothered and ready for some good old-fashioned wake up, slumber sex.    Um, I sure hope I did pack it…..my little friend.   Did I pack extra batteries?   His stories can pack a punch.

Hmmmm sort of slow start to this story.  Maybe just read a little more.

Oh my, she is such a slut allowing herself to be done like that.  Wow, I wonder how big he really is?   I remember that one guy I saw……Paqq?  Was that his name?   My oh my. He was big.   Her mind drifts a little to all those guys she had seen both in their pictures and more, times when they opened their cameras and cammed just for her…..well, that is how she saw it, they were giving her a special show….just for her.

Oh hell!!!  I might as well read the rest of this story.  I am going to be up for a while now.   There is no way I am going to sleep until I have taken care of that little…little is it? Itch.

Hmmmm, oh wow, just like that?  Right there in front of all those people?   Has she no shame?  Modesty?  

I wonder, what would it be like?   What would you feel when you were stripped naked like that out in the middle of a park?  A large gathering of people.   Not like a nudist beach where nudity is expected.  But rather in the middle of a crowd of people, where you could be arrested for such behavior.   That would be a little…….stimulating.  Ahhhhhh there they go.   Oh, no wonder those nipples perked up…..I guess I was lightly rubbing them.  Imagine that, just a couple paragraphs in and he has already started with the sex, and I didn’t notice I was already getting worked up.  Well, it has been a while since I had any contact like this.   

Reading on she feels more and more…..well, worked up.   This story is a little different than most.   Most deal with soft, romantic, stimulation.   Where they both work together to achieve the release they need.  This one is more direct.  More…..well, manlike.    It is all about the man being…. forceful.  Not in a violent way but in a more confident way.   Knowing what he has, what he wants, and getting right to the point to get it.   Images of James Bond floats in her head……Daniel Craig, Pierce Bronson, OMG, Sean Connery.   I wonder what it would be like to be ravished by them like in those movies.   She drifts back to her teen years, falling asleep at night to dreams of her doing those “Bond” things.  Even being so young and not knowing much about sex she still had “those” feelings in her body.  Evan now she can still feel those feelings…..and yes, they are going through her.    Hmmmm, might not take long.

Ok, where were we?   Ok, she met this stranger…..oh I love the idea of strangers.   They were at a festival in the park.   They caught each other’s eyes.   His look is of one of hunger, hunger for her.  She flushes and gives away her desire.   He walks over and introduces himself with a flair of confidence.  She melts.   They walk, talk, and in general get to know each other.   Then they join a crowd watching a sidewalk performer.  They are pressed close to one another.   She feels him against her body, and what is this?  He is feeling her.   This stranger is feeling her up right here in front of people.   And……..and she is letting him.   She has gone to full horny in a flash.  Flash……hmmmm, she reaches up, pulls the front of her dress away from her chest as if to rearrange it and knowing he is right there by her shoulder……she catches him looking.  Also, the man to her left too.   She feels so whorish, letting not only this man she just met see her braless tits, but anyone else.

Oh wow, this is a different slant from the norm.   I wished I had the courage to do that…..to just flash my boobs like that.   I wonder…….what would it be like?    Again, her nipples stiffen at the thought of being set free to be gazed upon by strangers.   Maybe even fondled and licked?  I am sinking further……maybe I should stop reading this right now.  Put this story away and get some sleep.   Ok, just a little more, just to make sure the fire of passion doesn’t die during the night.

Soon others notice what is happening.  They see the man lifting the back of the dress giving a show of her panties along with seeing her ass cheeks peeking out.   She feels the breeze but can’t bring herself to reach back to pull her skirt down.   She reaches over, first finding his leg, then slowly bringing her hand up….up…up until it is resting on his crotch.   She feels it…..she feels it as it fills with blood, engorging his penis just like her vulva is now getting filled.  

Now it is her turn, she is feeling those signs just like that girl in the story, nipples taut, her lady parts filling and getting warmer and warmer.   And yes, that last little sign.   The hint of moisture.

Suddenly, the man reaches over and pulls her top down.   The elastic neckline gives to his tug and her dress top is now at her lower ribcage.   Her braless tits are fully exposed.   She gasps with horror at the thought of being seen like this in a crowd and yet……yet…..she feels something else, something a little stronger…….she feels shame and excitement.   She can’t stop herself; she leans over to the man and gives him a hard, passionate kiss.   She is here in the park, topless, skirt lifted high, and kissing this stranger with hard passion…in front of people.

OMG, this story is like one of my late night dreams…….allowing myself to be had by a stranger with people watching…..To be had?  We haven’t even got to that part of the story….I am jumping ahead of myself.   Oh my, but it is…..it is like having one of those dreams……one of those dreams about doing something in my real world I could never let myself do, but in my fantasy world….or more recently, in my cyber world I could.   I want to be that whore, that slut, the one men desire, flock too, admire, and jerk off to.   SMH   Really?    Is that what I see?  I want?   To be exposed and used?   Right in front of a crowd?

The girl feels it more than sees it.   The crowd turned its attention to her.  No longer do they care about that stupid mime pretending to be in a box, blown down the street by the wind.   They are focused on her.   They want her, they desire her, they want to ravish her body.  

Her insides have turned to mush at this point.  She has no resistance left. The man seeing there is none left in her, knowing she will perform for him like a puppet, he continues.   He lifts the dress up and off her.   He opens her legs a little to give the crowd a show of the wet spot on her panties.   She is humiliated, the whole crowd knows……they know she gets very wet when stimulated.   She no longer has a secret.   But again, she looks out over the crowd and sees tents in pants and even a wet spot or two in those light colored slacks.   Secrets are lost all around. 


She lays there in bed wondering…..how it would be to feel so shamed.  If the world were to see the mess she has made in her panties.   She recalls the times she could swear she was so worked up she could even detect her scent.  She also remembers the times she has seen it, the wet spot in men’s pants, the little…..big tents she has caused in the past.  Evan more, her mind wonders off to how many women she has caused to have those embarrassing spots in their panties too. 


The girl stares out over the crowd, seeing the desire in the men, and the women.  Are the ladies getting excited over her….or the fact they are watching, wishing the same were happening to them?  She is washed in a very strong submissive emotion.  She lowers herself until she is resting on her knees facing the man with her naked ass facing the crowd.   He steps up and she unzips and digs around for him.  She is searching for him, he is quite large enough to be found, but it is getting it out that causes her concern.   Will she get it out in time……she wants it, she wants to taste him.   She wants to taste that saltiness that all cocks have, she wants to smell him too.   And she wants it before she explodes with all these feelings running around in her belly and her brain.   She does release him and just as quickly swallows him all the way down.  She is going to give him and this crowd a show to remember.


Oh yes……I remember it all, the taste of a hard cock, the feel of it as it moves in and out of my mouth, even trying to let it slide down my throat.   She remembers the men she has done it to, most of them at least.   They are all floating in her brain, one by one……the shape of them, the taste.  Which ones grunted, which screamed, who talked and what they said, and finally the ones that would just cum without warning.  Oh yes, she has had a couple of dicks in her mouth over the years and they were all……well, mmmmmmmmmm


He seems to be taking great pleasure in showing the crowd how much of a slut she is.  He takes her head and forces it hard down over him and holds it there.   She can almost see him looking over the crowd as if to say, yeah boys and girls, her mouth is like hot velvet.   He pulls out suddenly and looks down into her questioning eyes and tells her to unfasten his pants.   She complies like a good little slut.   Looking up at him she hears those words she dreaded…..and wanted.   Get on your hands and knees whore…..you are going to show the crowd what a true slut you are.


Oh my…..how did I get this far into the story?   Wow, it is so different than his usual, the men are usually caring, wanting to please the woman, but here….this is animalistic sex…..and I think I like it.   Oh fuck…..fuck?   Yeah fuck, I am so horny at this point, that word has a place.


He drops behind her and she feels his hands on her hips.   They pull her towards him, and she feels his hardness slip between her cheeks.   He runs it up and down.  There is a little slickness there from his precum.   Then he moves a little and she feels him sliding between her lips.  Oh, he is not looking for her opening, he is wanting to slide it between her lips.  By using her lips to slide between, he coats his cock in her slippery juices.  He feels it slip sliding away and around.   He extends himself every couple of strokes until it makes contact with her clit.   He continues this for what seems like eternity.   Stroke, stroke, clit bump.  Stroke, stroke, clit bump.    So regular, so precise, so……fucking hot.  


She squirms in bed.   She feels the heat enveloping her, she is leaking through her clean panties and her nipples are now rock hard showing through the soft cotton Tee she is wearing.  She absentmindedly reaches down, first to tweak a nipple or two and then to touch herself, to feel how bad those panties are soaked.   She remembers back a long time ago when she first discovered her wetness and later understood what it signaled.    She had always thought it was her secret, hers and hers alone until she discovered her friends’ panties laying under the bed that time when she had a sleepover.   She then knew….others knew about sex too.  Funny the thoughts that run through your head at times like these.


She can’t hold back any longer, the crowd is getting restless, they are closing in, trying to get a closer look.  She sees men rubbing themselves, women too.   Caressing their tits, rubbing crotches.   Even some lucky couples helping each other.   She seeks him….using her hips she times it right, stroke, stroke, SHIFT……she timed it just right, she shifted just as he pushed further in, trying to bump the clit and with that, he was fully inside her.   She senses his surprise but like a trooper he continues.    Stroke, stroke, deep stroke.    They work a rhythm out just like two old lovers.   They are soon panting; he grabs her hips and thrusts harder and harder.   The crowd is moaning, she is moaning, he is moaning and then………..the explosions…….as if in unison this crowd of people in the park explode as one.    The crescendos of sighs, moans, screams, whimpers and even laughter as the crowd cums with a sweeter song than any bird could sing.


She lays there in a state……..not sure what to do.  She is so worked up….so……..so……fucking horny.   Dammit!!!!  Why did I read that story?   WHY?    Yes, why?


Was it because I had a need?  A deep need that I had tried to deny myself.  Curiosity?  Or something a little deeper?  A little darker?  Exploring the feelings of being something I dare not to be in real life.   Living my life through the girl in the story.   To be used by a stranger, to be taken in front a crowd, to be humiliated, or to be made submissive to another?   What was it?


Oh my goodness.   These feelings I get……being stripped outside in public.   To be used…….I feel them…..I feel what she felt…….I need to………explore these feelings more…….


Knowing there would be no rest until it happens, she gets out of bed.  She finds her little friend…..well, sort of little, sort of big…..ok, it is just right.  She sets out to try to recreate the story.


She walks down by the dock; the moon is in full blaze and she is out in the wide open.  Not quite a sunny day in the park but close enough.  There is bright moonlight and wide-open spaces where she can be seen.

She walks around a little, feeling her nipples stiffen in the cool air…..ahhh, just right amount of breeze to let you know you are outside.   She reaches up pulls the neck of the shirt down a little and she can feel the air on her tits.   Walking a little more down the dock, she lifts her tee until it is above her ass.   Oh wow, if anyone were out on the lake doing some late-night fishing………they’d see me.   Is that a man in a boat over by the cove?   Bonfire out on that little island just a hundred or so yards away?   Fishermen…..women along the shore?


I can’t tell, probably all in my head, I am sure I am the only one out here but maybe….maybe there are people watching me and wondering what I am doing out here half dressed.   With that she starts to feel like the girl in the story…..like people were watching…….and this dick/toy in her hand is commanding her, like that man in the story.  She lifts her Tee and pulls it all the way off, and to make sure she doesn’t chicken out, her dick/toy in hand tells her to toss it in the water.


She is slowly walking towards the end of the dock in just her panties.   Her mind is remembering all the times she has been here and seen people on the lake at night.   She is hoping they aren’t…..and yet, hoping they are.   Hoping they see her, and it fuels their fantasies to the point they are relieving themselves over her.


She can hardly walk now; her knees are turning to jelly as she feels her insides leaking out all over her panties.


She reaches the end of the dock at that little diving platform.   She looks around, hoping to catch someone and sees her reflection on the lake.   The moonlight is strong…a true, blue moon.   She can see herself as clearly as if looking into that mirror.  She calls herself a slut seeing herself there with her tits out and panties pulled up tight against her.  She can’t make it out but can surely feel the wetness.  No longer damp….but close to squishing wet.   She watches herself as she brings that dick/toy to her lips.   She slowly draws it into her mouth and like the girl in the story she drops to her knees in submissiveness.   She runs it in and out, just like she has done to others in the past but this time it is different.  She is not the lover, the wife, the innocent girl in the back of a car, it is a submissive slut doing her part to please a man.   To be seen taking his cock in her mouth, pleasuring him, and he in turn using her mouth at his beckoning.  


She continues, on and on, until she is filled with the need……the hot desire to be further used.   She reaches down, feels herself, and in the process of opening her panties she gets a whiff of her scent.  She is so hot, so wet, she is even starting to smell like a first-class whore.   She pulls her panties off.  The air on her wet pussy causes her to shiver. 


She brings herself onto all fours.  The true submissive form, hands and knees.   She sits the dick upright in front of her and bobs her head up and down on it once more.  She then takes it in, all the way, Her lips are almost touching the dock, she smells it.  Is it fish or is it the whore we have here?   In this position her ass is raised up.  She feels the pressure against her openings…..the air trying to enter her.  Just like everyone else here watching, even the air wants to be inside her.  Everyone else watching?  Are they?  Oh yes, I have a crowd here watching as it is about to happen.  She comes up off the dick, lets it escape from her mouth and it falls over.  She grabs it quickly and slams in inside of her……just like that guy did to the girl, running it deep into her and she lets it sit there.   She can feel it as it stretches her.  She relaxes and lets it do its thing.  


Soon she has relaxed to the point the dick starts to fall out on its own, She uses her talented muscles and holds it in.  Reaching around she starts the rhythmic thrusts she imagined that man used on the girl.  She looks around, in her mind she sees people all around, some on boats along the dock, others walking up on the dock.  Even a few that have swan under the dock and are just inches away looking up through the slats of wood.   She is feeling like that girl, horrified knowing she is naked to the world, people have seen her secret, the wet panties, and also how much of a slut she is by not only taking this man inside her, but loving it and working her pussy to make him feel her desire.

She is close…..she drives it hard, deeper inside of her.  Resting on her face, she used her other hand to fondle her tits and run her fingers over her clit, harder, and harder.  She needs it….she wants it…….


In her mind’s eye she now sees herself…she is looking down on this helpless creature, giving into her deepest desires, to be opened, exposed to the world, people watching her being shamed and more……..FUCKED!!!!!!!!!   FUCKED HARD!!!!!!!


She loses it……..she is lost to all those images whirling around in her head, reality and fantasy mixing, dancing  with one another.  She sees herself like she is, naked, fucking herself silly with a plastic cock at the end of a dock.  She also sees the girl in the story, being humiliated in front of a crowd.  


But most of all, she sees all her past sexcapades flashing before her eyes, all the men’s cocks she has seen, tasted, felt inside her, she is remembering all her other fantasies, ones she keeps hidden and those she has made come true.   She has brewed up the perfect storm and like a hurricane, the winds are blowing, the thunder crashing and water is flowing everywhere.    The waves are crashing all around and then……..like a summer’s day there is light.


Bright light, warm light, sunny light.  She slowly opens her eyes.  She is squinting, the light is so bright.  She makes out where she is.   She slowly wakes up seeing she is surrounded by water.   She has fallen asleep on the dock by the lake and the sun is coming up.  The air is still, and she hears the birds singing their morning songs.  It takes her a minute to realize where she was and what happened last night…..she looks down…..terrified she looks all around her……..


Thank goodness, there is no one to be seen.    No one to see her waking up naked, in the sun, with her still wet panties by her side along with her……….lover from last night.   Now that would really be humiliating someone catching me with my plastic dick.  


Then she hears a car horn blow.



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