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The SPERMINATOR gets creamed!

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The SPERMINATOR gets creamed! by sperminator2@hotmail.com (sperminator2@hotmail.com)
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Flying into Los Angeles specifically for their August meeting, the L.A. Fraternity welcomed my appearance with open arms, and loins. Everything I had heard in talking to the directors led me to believe they were all aching to satisfy my quest for liberal cum on me that night. It felt good. I was confident that I would finally be satisfied in my dream J/O scenario.
I arrived early at the Burbank clubhouse, my dick pulsing from stroking it on the freeway. I wore loose African tie-pants and a white tee-shirt as I introduced myself to Jimmy. He led me inside, pointing out the photo flyer I had sent as an Introduction. We smiled as the wording glared forth my objective in joining their event - "a willing cum target for our Man Juice!" I saw Jimmy looking at my bulging crotch and I knew he was into it.
They had done a good job promoting the night. I smiled at the sight of the bright yellow posters announcing my special visit and of my 'Sperminator' videotapes. Seeing the photos of myself inserting the steel rod, and especially the one shot of my cock spurting right into my lips, I felt proud of my unique masturbation rituals and looked forward to the evening with so many cocks around. Afterall, I had issued an open invitation for everybody to aim their hot cumshots over my body en masse!
The smiles and ogling stares surrounded me as I entered the outer room. Guys were aware of my desired scenario and the talk was open and direct. A handsome man nearly as tall as myself reached out and cupped my bulging crotch as he faced me, his eyes looking deep into mine. Obviously liking what he felt he leaned closer and declared he has a very special load to deliver. I grinned as this total stranger rubbed my dangling prick through the fabric. I could hardly wait!
"You and everyone else!" I ventured with an audacity that seemed totally appropriate. The tanned J/O member was already naked and he motioned towards the curtain that led o the main hall where the action was slated to happen. Dozens of men had stripped down and gone inside over the past few minutes. If it was cocks and semen I sought, this was the place!
The inner chamber was large and clad in total white with sheets draped and spread over every inch of the room. The warm light illuminated the area where smaller groups of guys played with each others responsive organs intently. The eyes roved towards my entrance. I had shed my garments enthusiastically and bared my genitals with cockrings and ball-strap in place. From nearly ten hours of masturbating my meat throughout the day, my balls were huge and hung impressively.
The fellow who had been mauling my loins grasped my long shaft in his fist and pulled me into a circle of guys beating-off together. The focus now on me, I seized my own cockshaft and began to jack my meat with an excitement that was in my entire body. We danced around each other slowly, sizing each other up and building the energy together.
The pre-cum oozed from my slit as I worked myself into a froth within moments. Across the room I heard a bellow as someone climaxed in the corner. I looked over and marked the spot where I might scoop up his load later. I wanted it all! This was my opportunity to really bask in jizz in whatever ways I had fantasized. And I was determined to harvest the bounty to its fullest.
Cocks jutted everywhere. Eyes roved up and down my naked physique as I worked my dick and sauntered amongst the throng of naked men. These guys were ready to hose me in cum. For almost two hours straight I was surrounded by various groups of men, all eagerly stroking their cocks over me. I slid to the floor to take each ejaculation, or flurry of ejaculations, with a keen desire that seemed to ignite the room into my fantasy. The cum was shooting over my body so thick I could hardly see through it!
Men tugged my encased balls as I worked my own meat into a froth. I was only in the room for fifteen minutes and I was dripping in slimy emissions from about twenty juicy cocks already. I used my huge scrotum to wrap a dick tightly and be 'fucked' between the balls, bringing several more off over my loins as others watched. I was in ecstasy. My body writhed atop the padded ottoman, my eyes looking for each load with obvious delight. Cumshots fired across my chest, draped from my biceps, and coated my entire abdomen. Lots of guys creamed me twice, even four times, one fellow!
Like a cake taking icing, I felt received and annointed. This was something I could do regularly ! I wore the globs of thick man juice with pride, inviting more from the crowd. Then, one friendly fellow who had orchestrated the initial bout sauntered over and declared he was ready to spurt his wad on me. I gripped my swollen nuts tightly and brandished them upward, offering a tender target. He winked and proceeded to unload one of the biggest flows of semen I have ever seen, or even dreamed of. My balls were awash and he just kept spewing more cum over my crotch!
The smell was incredible. I crawled under new faces and took each deluge in a ballet of cumshots that I can only estimate - well over 50, perhaps far more. I never wanted to wash it off! I later put on my wild, African pants and tee-shirt on over the dried, caked mass that covered me, then went to a restaurant as was. I knew the waiter could smell the pungent aroma distictly.
I truly hope that we can film such a great scene someday. My deeper wish would be to take on an even bigger crowd of men, trying to entice them to just keep the jizz flying at me non-stop. I want to be slimed beyond my wildest dreams!
My L.A. connection has blossomed into a new opportunity, too. Everybody at the Fraternity seemed to have loved my guest appearance and I am invited to be the centerpiece at their anniversary J/O celebration in March. I have agreed and bought a flight down.
The number of guys at this event may well exceed my wildest dreams apparently! With this much leadtime and the word-of-mouth from my last visit, they feel confident I might well face 150+ cocks. I am excited!
I see myself performing my Solo routines for the assembled troupe, enticing each man to work up a belching load for me, but everybody holding it for a finale. We will be showing the latest 'Sperminator' edit and I love the idea of plunging my new, big rod down my dick in person as the video portrays the same. The energy may swing elsewhere, but I plan to serve up a creamy meal of my own jizz and give a wild display of my sperm-eating penchant. Hopefully this might be the trigger that elicits the surrounding hard cocks into spitting mood. If the deluge of ejaculations are nicely timed and copious, this ought to be the Ultimate!
I could even see in the future visiting other cities for such jizz fests. I think that with the release of my newest tape that shows Jack Cumming being so willing a target for crowds, opportunity will present itself in various forms. The gluttony of my character would begin to be quelled perhaps by creating a super-bout where I might entertain several hundred guys, taking endless loads shooting over me for a few hours. What a dream!



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