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The Short Story

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This is a group masturbation story.


The Meadow, which is near a meadow but is really a conference center, is a perfect little pile of wood, windows and stone. It has a great summercamp-type kitchen with a gas stove, a changing area and a main room with a new carpet and tons of pillows. Plus two bathrooms with tubs and a guest bedroom for the presenter.

Strange as it seems to say it, I was at a group masturbation experience I had planned and pulled off, and was sort of bored. I mean, I stayed entertained, it was interesting, but it wasn't a hot experience for me like it had been at some events in the past. I worked for a little while as the lube fairy (taking over for Jenn, who was now strutting around with a big, black strap-on erected from her body. Jenn is blonde and about six feet tall, built like a ballerina.)

About midway thru, two stragglers showed up in violation of a strict not allowed in after such and such a time policy annonced sternly at dinner; I greeted them outside, two cute little dykes in their mid-30s, both with dark hair, from San Francisco. One was a nervous butch and the other a somewhat more calm femme who you would never guess for queer unless she told you. I made a rare exception and allowed them in in violation of the lateness rule, but only on the condition of nudity. They stripped and came inside.

There they were met with a scene of about 40 nude adults ranging from about 23 to 60 in various stages of erotic excite, mostly self-given. Some are peering over a mirror in the middle of the floor. Jenn is now squatting over it and examining her cunt a glance from a man who is masturbating watching her, dark and strong.

Femme slips right into the flow of things; butch babe hangs around a little while, gets nervous, tries to take a nap, then gets antsy, then leaves for the campsite. Femme remains on premises, where she and another woman are laying on their backs, side by side in opposite directions... they are masturbating one another with one foot simultaneously, laced into one another's legs as several of us watch and talk to them and listen to their descriptions of their pleasure.

It's not a foot job. Each is cluthcing the other's foot and literally masturbaing with it, in both cases ball of foot to clit. Girls must know about this kind of thing.

They are talking vividly, apparently both are Geminis who just met 15 minutes ago. I watch this for a while, watch them both cum simultaneously moaning to one another, and move on, looking for a new scene. Two men of a triad are doting over a masturbating woman, handing her different toys and massaging her breasts while she does herself.

Eventually the evening starts to wind down and a bunch of people have left, and I notice a scene in there corner... in which an older man is reading to our friend Femme while she lays in front of him and very casually, very pleasurably, masturbates. Knees up and apart a little, big smile on her face. She's cute and she's got a fresh young feeling which is just hot in that sweet way. And she doesn't fuck guys. But she's fucking herself for us: perfectly queer. The person is reading to her from... my portfolio!

A collection of my photos, at the end of which is a short story. The story is not just any story but my most direct writing ever. The plot is centered about the woman with whom I got the most open with about drinking my cum, who talked to me totally honestly and helped me go past my fears so well. She was from Japan and visited twice; and the story he's reading is an explicit and detailed diary of the experience of exploring with her, but fictionalized.

I'm watching this happen, and listening to the words to the story. No one knows I've written it. In it I'm described doing stuff like looking at her in the eyes and begging to drink my own semen, and at other points giving vivid descriptions of sucking my own cock. This is what he's reading to her. And she's queer and her tits are adorable and her cunt is really nice with a tuft of dark fur mixed in her wet fingers and I want to smell her. But it's a masturbation event and I don't know her and she's busy so I just watch her cum right there fingering herself as she's being read to.

At this point I am so turned on I have to let it hang loose. My cock is hard and anyone can see that. Then I masturbate, kneeling up, knees apart, facing the scene. I really want her to see. But I'm afraid to speak up and get her attention so I just keep going. I orgasm in the open with my face visible and my hand catching my cum which I'm going to drink in front of these people right now and I do it.



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