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The Secret Peeing Cave

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Me and a friend have a little tinkle in a secret cave on a beach.


In my early teens, me and my friend Alice would frequently hang out at a nearby beach. Our parents were fairly relaxed people, so we were allowed to go by ourselves. It was only a five minute walk from the street we lived at. On one occasion, we brought our towels, swimmers, two bags of chips to snack on and some orange soda to drink. We left our stuff on the sand, changed into our swimmers and headed for the water. We spent about an hour in the water, swimming back and forth and splashing each other. Eventually we got hungry and went back to shore to eat our chips. As we got out of the water, I noticed that Alice's wet swimsuit (a red one-piece) had started to cling onto her body more than when it was dry, allowing me to see her small boobs and nipples more clearly. I felt my penis become semi-erect in my light blue swim briefs, which had turned dark blue from the water. I quickly looked away from Alice to take my mind elsewhere. Alice had been a friend of mine since childhood, and I felt guilty thinking of her in that way.

We got back to our stuff and happily munched on our chips in silence for a few minutes. Then Alice suggested we walk along the beach while we ate. I agreed and decided to bring the large bottle of orange soda with us. We walked for 20 minutes along the beach, chatting and eating. We eventually arrived at a section of rocks. In the middle of all the rocks, there was a small opening that Alice suggested we go into. I walked towards it - intrigued - I had never seen this section of the beach before. Inside the cave it was not as dark as I expected. It was a bright, sunny day so patches of sunlight shone through holes at the top of the cave. We sat down and finished the rest of our chips. Now we were thirsty, so we took turns drinking soda from the bottle. It was a two litre bottle, so we both drank about a litre of orange soda each. We were fairly tired from our walk along the beach, so we lied down side-by-side on the cool cave floor, staring at the holes at the top. Alice and I continued to chat, about school, family and life in general. Sometime during our conversation, Alice suddenly said, ''I have to pee, but I can't be bothered getting up!''. ''Then just pee in your swimsuit,'' I suggested, joking with her. 

But a few seconds after I said that, I noticed that the crotch of her swimsuit had started to become wet. She actually was peeing in her suit! I could hear Alice's light grunts and sighs as the urine exited her, drenching the bottom of the suit and continuing to flow out of the suit in a little stream towards the cave entrance. ''Ah, that's so much better!'' she giggled, turning on her side to face me. She glanced towards my swim briefs, as if indicating me to pee as well. As I started to relieve myself, I noticed Alice's eyes grow wider as a wet patch on my swim briefs grew larger and larger. When I had finished, the wet patch pretty much covered most of the front and bottom of my briefs. My stream of pee flowed towards the cave entrance, just like Alice's. This experience seemed to excite Alice who quietly mentioned that she peed in her swimsuit all the time, then masturbated afterwards. She said that peeing turned her on and helped her achieve a great orgasm.

I was a bit surprised at her comments because at the time, I thought only boys masturbated! Next thing I know, both of us were sitting cross-legged, facing each other, with our knees and feet touching. Alice's right hand slipped down to her crotch and she began to move it up and down, tugging on her swimsuit. Her left hand went inside her swimsuit and played with her boobs and nipples. I decided to mirror her, using my right hand to rub my penis through my pee-soaked swimsuit while using my left hand to rub my own nipples. We continued to do this for a few minutes, alternating between closing our eyes and opening them to see what the other person was doing. I came first, quietly squealing and moaning as cum erupted out of my penis. A white liquid had appeared at the top of my briefs and was flowing to the side. Alice came not long after, bold enough to not hide her loud moans and groans as her body stiffened. A lighter white liquid appeared at the crotch of her swimsuit, pouring out like a tiny fountain.

We remained seated for a few more minutes, gasping for breath. Finally, we both stood up and as we did so, small drops of our pee/cum mixture fell onto the ground, leaving tiny spots on the cave floor. We took our rubbish and put it into a bin near the cave. Alice and I walked back along the beach towards our home, hoping to return to the secret peeing cave again soon.



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