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The Scent of a Woman

Posted by: Age: 54 Posted on: 2 comments
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A hot story about my love of sweaty armpits. 


Trust me this is a masturbation story. I'll get there.

I have a particular fetish that I don't hear talked about here much, but I love the smell of my wife's sweaty armpits. First, let me tell you about my wife. She's a tiny woman with a tight little gym-toned body and small fried egg breasts, never wears a bra which means whenever she bends over I get a glimpse of her lovely quarter sized areola and pink eraser head nipple. Very sexy and even now when I fuck her I can relive my teenage experiences she's just that hot.

On to my story. My wife, as I said, likes to go to the gym and afterward we usually fuck. She was on a tight schedule that day and hadn't had time to shower. I was horny when she got home and tried to drag her off to bed but she said she was too sweaty. I asked her to let me be the judge and I opened her shirt and took a whiff. Wow! The musk of her scent made me instantly hard and I wanted to rut her right there in the kitchen but we took it into the bedroom.

Once inside, I was addicted. An animal. I ripped off her top and buried my nose in her armpit. I started to lick it but she was too ticklish, so I contented myself on inhaling her sexy musk while lustily mounting her it took all my will power not to cum until she was able to but I managed to last long enough and when I did cum it was an intense and powerful explosion. I was hooked.

Fast forward to a summer Saturday in July. My wife was busy working around the house and it was a very hot day I wanted some sex, but she said we had too much to do. I told her I would be much more productive if I had a good cum so she agreed to let me have a good wank before we left so that I could concentrate on our stuff. Then I had an idea. I asked her to take off her shirt since she had to change before we left anyway and when she did she threw it in my face annoyed that I was such a sex-fiend. And Bam! The aroma hit me! I pulled off my pants sat in the chair held the armpit of her shirt to my nose and inhaled deeply. My cock was already leaking copious precum as I beat myself off while she watched me.

Whenever I wank in front of the wife I always feel a little humiliated and this time was no exception. The act of fetishism being revealed makes us very vulnerable. But I looked up to find my wife not appalled but mesmerized. She said she found it very erotic in a creepy sort of way then she bent down and took me into her mouth for a minute before standing up an telling me to finish. I took one more deep drag of that musk and jacked my load out all over my hand.

I'll leave you with this thought as an Expat American living in Europe I've found that the rest of the world finds our showering habits wasteful an unnecessary. Our natural musk has hormones which were placed there for mating purposes. I have stopped showering so frequently and now my wife says you smell like a man. “Bad?” I ask. “No, just like a man.”



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