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The Roomate

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Ok, so, I have a roomy. Her name is Nikki, and we have had ‘the chat’.


after I helped her settle in a showed her around we settled down for our first evening together in what is now ‘our’ room. 

We shared a bottle of wine and it wasn’t long before the talk got onto boyfriends. Nikki has just broken up with her school BF as he is in uni abroad, and they made the sensible decision to call it a day. He’s doing a medicine course, so that’s six years, and no guy can go without sex that long....neither can Nikki. 

I told her immediately that I’m bi-sexual. It’s only fair. Normally girls don’t thing twice about stripping off in front of each other, but I needed her to know in case she felt awkward about it. 

Nikki said that, like many girls, it’s crossed her mind, but she hasn’t ever done anything, not even the usual goofing around during sleepovers, but she did say “um....I masturbate......a lot. At least once a day, but often more.” I told her that so did I. 

“I’ll keep it to she kindly said. However, I told her that won’t work for me. “Nikki, you should have to wait, or control it like that....when you’ve gotta cum, you’ve gotta cum. I can do myself totally silently if I need  to, and don’t worry, I won’t get off if I happen to hear you doing yourself.”( what the FUCK are you saying, Becky? Of course you will!) 

With that, we settled down to sleep. It’s funny, isn’t it, having someone in your room when you’re not used to it? I heard her moving in bed, and the springs creaking, and the rustling of her duvet. Then I heard her breathing deepen and I figured she was asleep.....time for a wank, then. 

But then I heard a little catch in her breath and what sounded like almost a little gasp. I realised immediately she was doing herself. I stared over at her, aching to see. I could see her knees moving under the quilt, sometimes flattening out and sometimes raised and spread. Now and then the quilt on my side would lift and I got a lovely glance at her thigh and bum. 

Do I join in? Do I make a few noises? Or should I leave her to it? I chose to let her have this one on the house. Although I continued to stroke myself, I watched and listened intently. I knew she had gone to bed in a dark blue pair of panties, and I had plans for those when she left the next day. 

Then, with a soft ‘plop’, those panties skidded across the floor and ended up right next to my bed. Nikki made no move in any way other than to continue masturbating. I couldn’t resist it though. I snatched her warm, and very wet panties and inhaled her. Fuck but she smelled sexy! Light, fresh cunny! There’s nothing to beat it. 

Soon, I was lost in a world of scent, and taste. I came twice in total silence, before I heard Nikki grunt and I knew she had come too. I made sure to place those panties back,on the floor before I went to sleep. 

The next day, she was up before me and when I looked on the floor, fully intending to have another wank with her knickers, they had gone. 

Did she flick them so far in my direction on purpose? Was I just lucky? 

We agreed that we would just do what we needed to do. I think Nikki is at the very least curios. Whether anything will happen is another story. Maybe we will just wank when we need to....maybe it might develop into mutual masturbation. Thinking about it, if I took my panties off for better access, I wouldn fling them across the room at a girl who had just told me she was full on bisexual. I would keep them in bed with me. Maybe Nikki was giving me a ‘come on’, but I don’t know her well enough just yet. 

Intersting times ahead, though. 



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