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The Problem With Parents

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Yes, I'm 19. Yes, I still live at home. No, I don't have a boyfriend. My parents, however, could not be more old fashioned. They had me and my brother late in life, and referred to each other as "mother" and "father" in conversation. Hugely embarrassing! They also had no notion of sexuality, and I am sure me and my twin bro were considered an Act of God. Yeas, they were religious, but also, touchingly innocent.


So, our tiny little three bedroom house, in the South Coast town of Hastings. We had the bad news that uncle Arthur and Aunty May were visiting unexpectedly for the weekend. We never, and I mean NEVER, had house guests and it threw us into confusion. Mum fussed for ages before, on the Thursday deciding that me and my brother would have to share for the two nights.

I was horrified! Mum didn't see anything wrong or inappropriate and was deaf to my arguments.

So on Friday, after having put bedtime off as late as I could, I found myself smudged into my brothers bed. We both found it hugely embarrassing. Allan kept fidgeting, and also half starting sentences. He had something on his mind.

"Look sis. I don't like this. Er...sometimes, well, most nights,...ummmmm...oh fuck it, every night, I get erections. ......sorry!" I hadn't even thought about this!! We tried to work out a way of sleeping so it wouldn't matter, maybe with him facing away from me, and then tried to sleep. Well, Allan, slept. I heard his breathing deepen, and a little sniffly snore. I however was wide awake. All I could think of was "is he getting hard?" Then I wondered what if he has a wet dream, which led to my one conjuring up an image of a hard cock spurting.....which in turn made my vagina start to get unmistakably wet.

I was having these thoughts, my clit was pulsing, but at this point I was not really imagining my brothers cock...just A cock. Then, with a huge snuffle he turned over. Still fast asleep, his cock was out the front of his pjs and nudging against my tummy,

I could move away as my back was against the wall. As I tried to turn, the slippery head of his cock slipped into my belly button. I guess to Allan in his sleep, it must have felt like he was just slipping inside his girlfriend. I felt him push...then again, then again until a little rhythm had built up. Me? I was screamingly horny by now because it had also hit me that this was my brother!

I started gently, not exactly returning his pushes, but just breathing deeply so my tummy....well, you get the idea.

Then Allan sighed, and I felt him ejaculate into my tummy button and all over.

I felt him go soft, and he turned back onto his other side. I felt his cum running down my tummy, and the wetness between my legs demanded attention. I slipped a hand down, and, although I am ashamed to admit it, I fantasised about having my brothers cock inside me...I wanted the dirty, incestuous thought, and it got me off nicely.

The next night, more happened, but neither of us were asleep.....



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