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The Pleasure We Want

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After months of getting to know each other we decide to meet


Our chats turned into e-mail conversations before a phone relationship began.  Each evolution in our time together became hotter and steamier.   The calls turned into several times a day.

We quickly learned what each of us liked what stimulated us.  With the phones on speaker we could direct each other and hear each other.  The closer we got the louder the moans and whimpers.  We worked hard to cum at the same time after I talked you thru multiple orgasms.   It was wonderful it was satisfying.

At some point we discovered we both lived in northern Florida.  You suggested a rendezvous and suggested a resort you knew near Orlando.

The entire drive over I was excited.   Cruise control is wonderful when your hand has other things to do.

I got to the resort first and optimistically got a room.  Taking my bag up I opened the bed,  dimmed the lights,  and put a rose on the bedside table.  Then I took the remaining roses and laid a trail of rose petals from the door to the bed.

Returning to the lobby I secured a booth in the corner and waited expectantly.  You were more radiant than I even dreamt possible.  Your face glowed.  The short dress you wore accentuated your legs and thighs.  The blouse was perfect showing just the right amount.

Taking your hand I kissed you lightly.  You pressed yourself against me and the next kiss caused ripples in both our bodies.  Hand in hand we walked down the hall to the restaurant.

We chose to sit across from each other in our booth.  We talked and I realized you knew my eyes were undressing you altho I was pretty sure yours were doing the same to me.  Our fingers touched then I let my finger nails run up and down your arms.

Once you decide on your meal I ordered for both of us.  We managed to do most of our eating with one hand fingertips still touching.  When your toes worked their way up my leg I was presently startled.  You had an amazing way of letting your toes excite me then pause as your mischievous grin grew.

After dinner I ordered dessert and coffee.  I stood as you went to the ladies room.  Standing again when you returned you slid into the same bench I was on.  I turned and nibbled at your ear lobe then kissed you laying my hand on the exposed skin of your thigh.   

As my finger nails moved on your thigh you gave me a light kiss on the cheek almost as tacit approval. Moving my hand higher I felt your hand on my upper thigh.  Leaning toward me you whispered ''go higher''.   To my pleasant surprise I found no panties.  Out of the corner of my eye I noticed you move your right leg to the wall pressing your left leg against my leg.

Almost immediately you moaned with pleasure as my finger entered you.  You were so wet,  so ready.  Just as we had chatted on the phone my finger pumped you.  With your face buried against my shoulder I felt your body pulsate violently as you came hard.  Leaving my finger in you I waited just a bit and it all happened again.

Your hand caressed my cock as you exploded the third time.

After paying the check and leaving a huge tip I took your hand and led you to the elevators.  In the elevator we kissed as you ground yourself against me.  

My foot closed the door as I kissed you.  Your eyes moistened as you saw the rose petals in the dimly lit room.  

By the time we got to the bed we were naked.  Sitting you on the edge of the bed my kisses started in your hair and slowly progressed to your toes.  Then kisses ran up your leg to the upper inner thigh where I could taste you,  smell you.  My tongue pressed against you as you pulled my head against the opening. 

I devoured the moisture we had created but kept licking until your hips thrust and you came on my face.  Licking it all up we both moved flat on the bed kissing hard your tongue tasting the nectar your body had made.

Pulling me onto you we kissed again as your hand guided me inside you.  Deep within you I lifted slightly placing your hand on your love button.  With a real live toy in you you rubbed until you screamed in ecstasy.

After you orgasmed I began to move inside you.  Slow deep strokes gave way to pounding as your legs pulled me deeper.  I came so hard,  so deep inside you.   

Spent you cuddled up to me simply kissing me and whispering,  ''please get my bag from the car in the morning.''



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