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The Pleasure and Pain of Edging

Posted by: Age: 32 Posted on: 9 comments
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Edging brings out a slightly kinky side to me.


I don't normally find pain sexy unless it's the pain that comes from a good edge. Then it's a real turn on. First, once I've gotten a good orgasm denial sensation going, I'll develop a dull ache in my lower abdomen that feels like mild menstrual cramps. It's the female version of blue balls. I hate menstrual cramps, but because I'm feeling the same pain in a different context, it's pleasurable for me and not bad.

When I feel that ache, I know that I'm doing myself real good. My fingers have been going round and round on my clitoral sweet spot for time that has gone past when I should have allowed my body to orgasm. I savor the ache, and it enhances the sensations of my stimulating fingers. I can settle into a comfortable cruising altitude at this point and feel like I could keep on going for a long time, circling and aching.

The extreme nether regions of edging will give me a pain that is not pleasant. This pain is along the full length of my outer labia. When it comes, I give myself the orgasm to make it stop, but luckily, I rarely ever get to this point. When I eventually found out that the internal parts of the clitoris form an upside down V along that area, it all of a sudden made sense. My clit was starting to hurt from being erect for too long.

When the edging is good torture but not unbearable, yet, I start to get these occasional involuntary pulses of the pc muscle to relieve tension. They usually come singly but sometimes in pairs, and these mini-releases allow me to keep going without the orgasm drawing too close.

When the orgasm is getting close, sometimes I like to get into cruel denial mode. My hand dominates my poor tortured pussy by continuing to circle-rub without allowing the climax. Round and round my fingers go on my super-erect clit, holding my pussy in complete control. My submissive pussy begs and begs for relief, but my cruel, cruel hand denies it. I imagine that the profuse drips from my vagina are tears that my pussy is crying because of the awful denial. My hand keeps stimulating both lovingly and cruelly. My pc muscle pulses to offer some mercy, but it's not the orgasm my puss was pleading for. The temporary relief of some tension is actually cruel because it allows the torture to go on for longer.



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