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The Photoshoot

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Client gets horny during my photoshoot.

Since I was very young, I have been a very keen photographer and in recent years, it has developed into a rewarding side hustle to the point where I have a studio setup in my garage.



Most of my clients are women who want professional quality photos for their work curriculum vitae or for work related social media. Clients are usually smartly dressed for the occasion in business suits consisting of smart jacket, tight fitting skirts and high heels. For these I have props such as desk, laptop, brief cases etc. to set the scene.



Now and again, I get ladies who want boudoir shots taken with them wearing their favorite lacy/skimpy underwear. Some of the ladies who come for business shots seem to get the idea and ask if it’s OK to strip off and I’ve had a couple of ladies want naked porno shots with one even bringing her own dildo. She said her husband wanted the shot of her with the dildo sticking out of her pussy as it turns him on. I guess it comes to all of us that we like to know we’ve still got it when we get to a certain age.


My ladies can sometimes get very aroused during boudoir shoots but they think I don’t notice the wet patches in the gussets of their panties. Exposing themselves like this is a great aphrodisiac.


One day one of my clients asked if I could photograph her brother who wanted to have photos prepared for casting agencies as well as other work. I readily agreed and Colin turned up a few days later. He was a very handsome young man wearing jeans, white T-shirt and leather jacket. We started by taking a lot of posed pics of him looking moody and mysterious with just a stool as a prop and it was clear to me that this guy would have no problem getting modeling work.



After taking a couple of hundred shots he asked if I could take some of him shirtless to show versatility. I agreed and was very impressed when he revealed his body. Obviously he worked out and was keen to show the result off. I must admit to feeling a little moist by this time.



So a few more minutes of taking shirtless pictures, again just using the stool for a prop.



Then he asked me if I could do some underwear shots of him as he’d heard that manufacturers were always looking for models for men’s underwear. I agreed and was very impressed by the package held in by his tight white “budgie smuggler” briefs. I was getting really quite wet by this time and it was becoming difficult to maintain my professionalism.



I took some shots of him in typical underwear poses but Colin kept wanting to pose facing my camera with legs wide apart. The outlines of his cock and balls were clearly visible through the tight white fabric of his briefs. His cock was clearly quite a chunky one.



“Ok, I think that will do it for today,” I said. I was beginning to feel that I couldn’t take much more of this and my pussy was really beginning to beg for some attention from my fingers.



“Can we just have one more set, please?” Colin asked.


“What did you have in mind?” I asked.

“Well, to keep the bills paid, I want to do life modeling for art classes. It’s regular work and it pays well. The colleges want to see pictures of models before they book. So could you please take some suitable images for me?”


My groin throbbed at the thought of what I was about to do.



(With a gulp)



“Yes, no problem as long as you pay for my time.”



Colin nodded and immediately removed his briefs in front of me. As I thought, he was well equipped with a meaty cock and big, heavy-looking balls and not a hair in sight. His waxing clinic did a really clean job.



So, we settled into a process of him posing and me shooting, trying not to get too distracted by his cock.



Hang on...is his cock a bit bigger than it was a few minutes ago? I scooted through the pictures on the back of my camera. Yes indeed! While still dangling, his cock was getting a “semi.”



Now as a photographer of mostly women, it’s easy to pose the female form as it is full of sweeping curves with no distracting lumps and bumps. On the other hand, there is a problem when photographing men, namely, “what do you do with the cock?”


When the cock is flaccid, it has a mind of its own and just flops around spoiling the lines. The alternative is to have it erect where you can point it where you want it to go but the pictures are less acceptable in most circles.


Back to the story…


I carried on taking shots of the now naked Colin and his cock was slowly getting fatter and longer and moving away from his legs.

Now, I normally use two cameras during shoots with different lenses and I leave the one I’m not using on a tripod. When I noticed that Colin was getting a stiffy, I discreetly hit the video record button on the tripod camera. This was going to be my wanking fuel for later.

I continued to photograph him and before long his cock was at full, delicious erection, pointing skywards.

I was gazing longingly at it between shots when Colin noticed me looking and said,

“I’m sorry, it just happens and I can’t help it.”

“No worries,” I said. “It can happen to anyone.” The throbbing in my pussy was getting intense and I noticed I was throbbing in time with the throbbing of his cock as it bobbed up and down.

“Do you want to take a time out to take care of that?” I asked, nodding down at his now dribbling member.

“Where should I go?” he asked.

“Here’s fine,” I said, “the floor is wipeable.”

Was I really encouraging this man to wank in front of me in my studio!?

“OK,” he said and perched on the edge of a stool and started to massage his lovely fat cock. Meanwhile, I walked over to the corner of the studio where I have a desk and laptop and pretended to catch up on paperwork, knowing full well that the video camera was still running.


Colin was breathing heavily and close to coming so I stopped what I was pretending to do and watched his last few strokes of his cock and the gush of cum that shot out of it. When his climax was over, I grabbed a box of tissues and handed him one to clean the end of his cock and hand. He protested that he should do the cleaning up as I bent down with a tissue and mopped up the still-warm cum on the floor. I had another throbbing episode as I felt the warm liquid soak through the tissue onto my fingers. I resisted lifting the now-soggy tissue to my nose.



“Better now?” I asked.


“Much better now, thank you. Sorry for the mess.”

“No problem. Now we have a few more poses I’d like to try.”


We carried on doing some more photos of him posing but now that the risk of a stiffy was gone for the moment, he was getting more daring with his poses. Lots of wide open leg shots, bum in the air, balls dangling type of shots. After about 15 minutes, I noticed he was getting a stiffy again and when he was at full hardness, he said,


“Sorry, Di. Do you mind if I deal with this again?”

“Go ahead,” I said but this time I pulled up another stool and sat in front of him while he wanked. I was not going to waste this opportunity.

Colin was bashing away at his cock and I could see he was getting a bit frustrated at not being able to cum so easily this time.

“I’m happy to join you if you think it will help,” I said.

“Yes please, that would be great!” he almost shouted.

At that, I stood up, dropped my jeans and panties to my ankles and perched back on my stool, opening my legs as wide as I could to give him the best view. I opened my pussy lips so he could see how soaking wet I was and started rubbing my clit, synchronising my rubbing to his strokes.

“That is so fucking hot!” he grunted.

That did the trick. His cum streaked across the space between us, landing at my feet as he growled through his orgasm.

Meanwhile I was not quite so close and continued to vigorously rub my clit as Colin jumped down from his stool.

“Here, let me help you this time,” he said and slipped a finger into my gaping, wet hole. A couple of wiggles of his fingers and I came hard causing a puddle on my stool. That was the end of the “Shoot” but I treasure the video of that event as it gets me off so much harder than any internet porn.








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