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The Perils of Insomnia

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A shot kept me up and a stroke calmed me down.

Being kept inadvertently awake, I decided to take advantage of the situation and get some "personal" time in. Of course, outside assistance is always appreciated, too...can't ever complain about a helping hand (or two). Last night, I was given a shot containing Red Bull and, having (pretty much) given up caffeine, the little bit of "upper" that was in the shot ended up keeping me awake almost all night. Not wanting to just sit and surf through infomercial after infomercial, I decided to hop online and visit WL. I wasn't thinking it would lead to masturbation but it ultimately did, go figure! Sometimes, I'll sit and pleasure myself while reading the latest posts on the site but, last night as I was trying to head towards bed, I decided to pleasure myself in the bathroom. I found a bottle of "firming" lotion and thought I'd give it a try---I'll say that it is one of the best lubrications I've ever used. Unfortunately, I gone a little flaccid because I didn't go directly to the bathroom but dawdled around the apartment first. When I finally did get the lotion on my hand and rubbed liberally on my now limp penis, I had to use a bit of imagination to work myself up to where I had fallen from. I've found that, for some unknown reason, I am extremely sensitive when my penis is a bit flaccid and masturbating myself from no erection through to orgasm can yield amazing results! This session was not a disappointment... As I moved my hand up and down my cock, I leaned back and closed my eyes, letting out a soft moan and fantasizing of my wife waking and catching me "in the act". I knew that it would take me a bit of time but thinking of her finding me with my hand wrapped around my penis provided quite a bit of stimulus, and I was in no hurry to finish what I had started---there's no sense in rushing anything! I kept my hand somewhat relaxed yet with a firm-enough grip to keep the pleasure on an ever increasing upward climb. It wasn't long before pre-come was mixing with the lotion and helping to lubricate things. As I grew closer to climax, I started to play with my balls but, because of the chill in the air, my scrotum had become almost rock-hard and I couldn't massage them as much as I wanted to. With my left hand I gently squeezed my balls while my right continued to pump up and down until I could feel the pressure building to the breaking point. I paused for just a second to enjoy the moment and then picked the pace up to push me over the edge. My fingers gripped tighter as I got closer and closer until I was unable to hold it back and let a small load of come shoot out of my cock (having had sex earlier in the day, I wasn't totally "replenished"). Spent, I lay back and savored the feeling briefly before cleaning up, changing into my pajamas, and climbing into bed. Unfortunately, I couldn't fall asleep and lay tossing and turning until I finally just got up and came back to do a bit more "work" on the computer. This time I didn't have any plans to masturbate and set out to do some real work which I was successful in accomplishing until my wife woke and came in to see what I was doing. When I realized that she was awake my penis slowly started growing again as I thought of the fantasy from my previous session. Having just masturbated, I wasn't sure if I really wanted to go again but, when I saw her walking around the apartment getting ready, I decided to move into the bathroom and masturbate as I watched her get ready this morning. Watching her primp and prepare herself is a huge turn-on for me and catching her sneaking glances at my erect cock is wildly erotic. Sometimes she doesn't lend a hand but just watches me---today she was a spectator for the first half of the performance but, as I continued and my moaning increased, she had to help by massaging my balls and running her other hand up and around my body in gentle caresses. As I continued to move my hand up and down my penis I could feel a massive orgasm building within me. To give her easier access, I stood up and was leaning into my wife when she began to lick and suck on my earlobes. Her breathing in my ear was just too much to take and with a body-wracking convulsion my muscles tensed and I shot a massive load of semen across the room. Where it came from, I'm not 100% sure but the intensity of the orgasm surprised my wife a bit and I even started to stumble back looking for a seat. My leg muscles felt almost completely useless and my balls ached, but not an ache that I would ever complain about! With a Cheshire cat grin, she gave my testicles one more quick squeeze and left to finish her morning ritual. Really spent, I leaned back and basked in the after-glow and let my body relax from two wonderful rounds of self-pleasure.



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