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The Offer

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Um, OK-here it goes, I guess. To be honest, I still don't know what to really feel about this whole experience. I guess it just is what it is.

So anyway, a few months ago I'd broken up with my latest girlfriend and being single and free to mingle, I decided to take advantage of my new status and go out and have lots of no-strings-attached sex. So I started scamming around one of these hook-up sex sites just to see if I could hook up with some like-minded horny chicks for a little mutual erotic fun.

All right, so I get all set up on one of these sites, construct what I think would be a pretty attractive profile and waited for all the hot promiscuous chicks to come sniffing around like sharks smelling blood, boy!

But after two weeks of hanging out on that site the only interest I was getting was from a dozen men wanting to give me BJ's and stuff. I was like WTF? you know? I mean, I didn't even put anything about being interested in guys on my profile at all, man. I mean, geesh. So at first I was totally frustrated and just DELETED the messages I was getting from men.

But here's the thing-the more time I was cruising the internet for sex, the hornier and hornier I was getting. The whole reason I was on the sex site to begin with was to expand my sexual horizons-even though I was really hoping on hooking up with some MILF or a closet nympho, you know? So then I get to start thinking in the back of my head, 'Well... why not? Why not at least try jacking off with a guy once?' And the more I thought about it, the less weird it got, and the more the thought actually started to turn me on. So the next guy that emailed me I emailed him back basically saying, 'Look, I'm really not interested in sex or blowjobs, but if you want we can jack off together.' Well the guy was totally up for that.

And before I knew it, we were exchanging phone numbers online, had an AWKWARD conversation about directions to his house, and BANG! There I am driving to meet this stranger so we can mutually masturbate each other.

Well, I get there and knock on the door. The guy opens up and I go in-my heart racing. I mean, I have never done anything like this before.

All right, so first of all the guy is older. Like mid-fifties-which I knew going in, but now, walking into his house, reality really starts to sink in about what I'm in for. So he leads me into this office/study in the back of the house. Bookshelves, a desk with a computer on it, a sofa. I sit on the sofa and he sits on a leather chair next to it and we chit-chat a bit about whatever-like were the directions clear to get to his house and how sucky the economy is-stuff like that. The man was fairly well kept for being a middle-ager, but his hair was mostly gray, had a bit of a gut, you know, just a real normal looking man. I remember thinking that even if I was gay, I probably wouldn't be attracted to this guy. But anyway, this meeting wasn't about any of that. It was about getting off, pure and simple.

'So... you want to jack off...' the guy finally says.

'Yeah,' I go, all sheepish.

'Good. Me too,' the guy says. 'How do you want to?'

'Huh? Uh, I don't know' I say. I mean geesh! I've never done this before! 'Whatever way you want,' I say.

'Well, how about we do you first,' the guy says. 'Why don't you just get naked,' he says and opens a drawer behind the desk and hauls out a bottle of KY and then comes over and sits on the sofa. I stand up and take off my shirt, socks, and pants. The man sits there watching me and then rubs his cock through his pants. Standing directly in front of him, I loop my thumbs around the waistband of my underwear and tug them off. WHOOSH! and suddenly I am completely naked in front of this stranger. On the ride over I had this raging hard-on just thinking about what I was going to do-but now, here in this guy's study, filled with weirdness, my dick was a small and limp as a dead mouse.

'Nervous?' the man goes.

'Yeah,' I go.

'Never done this with a guy before, right?'

'Yeah,' I go.

'Well, don't worry about it. Cumming is cumming. Just relax and concentrate on feeling good,' the guy goes. 'Why don't you come here and we'll get you going.'

So I take two steps toward him sitting on the sofa and suddenly it just begins. Before I know it, he's totally caressing my penis, scrotum, inner-thighs-he reaches around and messages the twin cheeks of my buttocks-then back under, spreading my inner-thighs wider and touches me under my sac, rubs my chode, and eventually plays through and begins to rub my anal opening.

'This OK?' he asks, looking up at me.

At this point I am practically moaning with pleasure at his caresses. 'Yeah,' I say, eyes half closed. 'Go ahead.'

So the man licks his fingers and goes back to rubbing my anus, and then suddenly thrusts his thick index finger into my anus all the way up to the second knuckle.

I gasp.

He then started doing this see-saw type motion with his finger inside my rectum and with his other hand he wiped his palm up my scrotum into a full-shaft stroke of my penis-and within seconds WHAM! I had the fullest, hardest iron-clad, beyond-purple-headed, erection of my life!

I stood before this man I had never seen before in my life, nude, swaying back and forth lightly under his manual stimulations on my penis and inside my rectum.

'Here, sit down,' the man said, and then turned me around and sat me down on his knee. He took his finger out of me and opened the bottle of KY. I leaned back against his chest as he poured the lubricant all over my erect penis. I closed my eyes and rode the waves of pleasure rioting through me as I sat on this guy's lap while he stroked me VIGOROUSLY. His grip on my dick was perfect-his speed and pace of his strokes were miraculous. Every once in a while I opened my eyes and stared agog at what he was doing to me. Part of me couldn't believe it-here I was letting a random fully-clothed middle-aged man masturbate my naked body on his lap! It was nuts.

Then I started to grunt and moan-LOUDLY. I felt what seemed like gallons of sperm rush up from deep within my body and cram its way into the near-bursting veins of my penis. I began to buck and writhe on the guy's lap as he continued his fucking onslaught of pumping on my well-oiled dick. He pinched my nipples-which normally would've freaked me out-but I didn't even care.

'Let it happen,' he said in my ear. 'That's it, just let it happen.'

My whole body went rigid, and I slammed my back into his chest and raised my buttocks off his lap, while the tip of my penis felt like it was about to explode. The guy, sensing I was close, began to pull on my scrotum with his free hand. 'Ugh! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!' I YELLED, I mean freaking YELLED (I'm embarrassed to say now) as sperm blasted out of my penal opening, splashing all over my chest, while the guy just kept pumping me, my cum stream flowing in waves, seemingly never-ending. But he jacks me and jacks me until I was all spermed out. Ugh...

I took in a huge breath and we both kinda laughed. 'Whew! I guess I needed that,' I say.

'I guess so,' he goes. 'Shall we move on to me?'

I say 'yes' of course-and he hands me some paper towels while he strips down completely naked. Now, this is the part I was kinda dreading. I was pretty sure I could make it through a guy masturbating me all right-just because if feels awesome to get off-but I wasn't so sure how I would do jacking off another guy.

And here's this middle-aged guy now, all buck naked, standing in front of me, hair all over, sporting a paunchy gut, a couple of moles in weird places-I mean, not the most erotic specimen of all time, you know? But you know what? At that moment I just told myself to just go with it. So what if the idea of jacking off a fifty-year old guy wasn't really my thing. Big deal. At that moment, in this guy's study-none of that mattered. The fact was that this guy had just given me one hell of an orgasm and I was going to return the favor as best I could. And honestly, jacking this guy off turned out to be kind of fun. First off, he had a pretty cool dick. I walked up to the guy and just jumped in and started playing around with his penis in my hand. It was pretty surreal to be able to fondle another penis that's not your own.

The man was leaking pre-cum from the moment I touched his dick, and used it to moisten his shaft. The guy's cock was HUGE at full stretch-waaay bigger than mine, and that was pretty cool too. Anyway the guy laid down on the sofa, I knelt beside him, lubed up his dick and stroked him till he came. And that was it.

We put our clothes back on, I washed my hands in his kitchen, we talked a minute or so and then I was back in my car.

So this whole experience has been kind of a complicated deal to process for me. Before that afternoon in that guy's study, I would never have thought I could be capable of doing (and enjoying!) something like that. I still would've much rather done all that with a girl, but where do you find girls that just want a random, discreet encounter like that?

Anyway, since our session, the man has offered to do oral stuff to me (even if it's without reciprocity) but I am torn. Like I said, I really would rather have a female do that to me. However, this is all so different and experimental, that I am considering his offer.

At any rate, thanks Solo Touch for letting me vent.



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