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The Neighbor Girl

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SHE WANTED to know


It all started around the age of 10 for me. I lived next door to seven nice good-looking females. I had two sisters and one brother and in this summer we play hide and seek. My brother at the time was doing it to take advantage of the neighbor girls. Sexually if you would.

One night while in the mist of our game of hide and seek, Nikki and I came across my brother and one of Nikki's sisters in a bean field having intercourse. From a distance under a tree we watched and were talking about how they must be having fun because they never noticed us. We watched as they repeatedly stopped so that my brother would not cum in her. They then would put their clothes on and continued the game.

Over the period of the night as we made our way back to the tree and they would be doing it again. After another hour of this, we decided to go a different way and another place. Here we would be out of ear shot and started to talk about what we saw. I had a boner all night and she admitted that she enjoyed what she saw, but didn't want to go all the way. I omitted that sometime that I would like to have sex like that but I preferred to just jack-off it was safe and no one would get into trouble. She said she had never done anything like that and wanted to know what I was talking about. I was about ready to show her just as her father called them in fir the night. I told her that e would talk about it tomorrow. That night when I got home I made my way to the bathroom a jerked myself off with the thought of my brother and her sister having sex. Just after I finished, I jumped into the shower and the thought of how do I explain to her what it is or how to do it. I just barely knew what a pussy looked like, I really didn't know what a clit was or where it was located. But the thoughts running through my mind were just driving me crazy and there I was with a raging hard-on again. So since I was in the shower I thought that I would practice on myself and relieve some of my sexual stress. I went through the motions of introducing her to the penis and my balls this is what it looks like when the male get excited. And then the fun part, this is how you grip it and started jerking for all it was worth. I could feel my balls as they began to bubble up and sent wave of pleasure through my body. And when I could hold back no more, I came everywhere in the shower enclosure, I almost lost my balance. I stood there for approximately two minutes shaking with the after glow of my self-pleasure.

As evening came I was so nervous yet excited. Nikki and myself we not boyfriend girlfriend, I usually thought of her as more a friend or a sibling. Yet at the same time I wanted to show her my pecker, I wanted to jerk off for her. I was worried that she might not like it when I came so I didn't know my reaction. As 7:30 rolled around the kids in the neighborhood started to find out who was going to play that night.

At 9:30 we all collected on Her families front porch. We went through the process of determining who would be it first. I was so anxious that I was actually vibrating. My sister noticed and asked if I was cold. To throw the others off I went home and got a windbreaker on.

Well I ended up being it first. But as soon as I was done with the first round. And the next person was the searcher. Nikki and myself made our way down the fields to a small grove of Cherry trees. Here we were out of sight and mind and at least 250 yards beyond where other would stop.

I approached the topic of jerking off. She looked down at my boner pressing the front of my pants trying to get out. With a half smile and a half nervous look she said, "You are already cold!" I then exclaimed that I was nervous about what I wanted to show her and excited at the same time. This was to the point of my shivering. She said that she was also nervous but really wanted to see, but she was nervous to see a penis up close was kinda cool. Nikki also admitted that seeing brothers penis and her sister and him going at it had made her wet with an odd feeling that she wanted to investigate more. I explained that is how I found out how to jerk off.

Nikki finally said okay show me I got that feeling. I unzipped my pants and pulled them down to my knees. My boner was aching for me to grab it and start pulling. She was so excited that she leaned forward and pulled her hair to the side. I pushed from the base toward the head to get precum for lubricant and started to rub. Without taking her eyes off my cock she asked what that was. I told her it was some sort of lubricant for intercourse and that I used it to jack off with. She told me when she got that odd feeling that she got wet too. I asked her to show me. Nikki exclaimed that after I was done we would make our way back and the next round we would come back and she would show me.

I was excited at this and stroked my cock for all I was worth. As my excitement grew my cock continued to strain and the waves of pleasure began to roll. She eventually knelt on the ground and placed her hand on my balls. This heightened my pleasure to the point that I knew shortly I was gonna cum and told her so. I rolled up on my toes and almost lost balance as I shot my first load and grunted. Without slowing the pace I kept going until I was spent. I looked over at Nikki as my cock started to shrink. She had an enchanted stare at my cock and ran her hand up to my cock then took her other as if the pet it like a small kitten. She then squeezed all the drops out of the end and took it between her fingers. This even felt of heaven to me. Nikki said that we had to do this again. Later we did and that is another of many stories. Nikki and I were never boyfriend and girlfriend but became sex friends. We used each to get our jollies without screwing up our unique friendship.



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