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The Neighbor

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A boy's wet dream

My neighbor's moved in next door to my parents about three years ago. I was in the 9th grade when they moved in. They were a young couple, Bill and Liz, they were maybe in their late 20's. They looked like a fun couple, always cooking out or having a party with their friends on weekends. Bill was a salesman and was out of town a lot, leaving Liz home alone during the week. Liz, I don't know what Liz did, but she was home all the time. Liz was a beautiful woman, every teen boys wet dream, and she was my neighbor. She was about 5'3", short dirty blond hair, petit shape, her breasts were pert and shapely, and an ass that was great to look at. I loved summer weekdays, when the sun was hot, Liz would lay in her back yard in her bikini, getting as much sun as she could. I would sit in my bedroom looking out the window at her and most of the time I would be masturbating, while I was looking at her. Whishing I could see her naked, just once. Oh, I was a horny boy.

The summer between my junior year and my senior year at high school was the year to remember. My dream had come true. It was a hot July weekday, the sun was out all day and Liz was in the yard sunbathing most of the day. I spent most of my day in my bedroom, looking out at her. I always wondered if she could see me, if she knew I was watching her, pleasing myself to her. The day turned to night and I could see Liz walking from room to room, in her house. She had on a blouse and shorts. I then went to bed and was woken up at around midnight. I looked out my bedroom window and could see Liz in her bedroom and her window was open. I could hear what sounded like music coming from her room. I could not really see what Liz was doing, so I decided to take it up a notch, I put on a dark shirt and my shorts and went out my paretns's back door, to the back yard. In cover of the night, I crossed my parent's back yard, over to Liz's yard and I walked up to her window. In the time it took me to get from my yard to Liz's back yard, Liz had pulled down the shades to the window, but there was about 4" I could still see in. I now could hear the music coming from Liz's bedroom.

Liz was now sitting on the end of her bed, drinking from a glass of wine. From the look of the bottle on the night-stand, it appeared she had drank most of the bottle. Liz was swaying her body to the sound of the music, and she started to unbutton her blouse. To get ready for bed, I was guessing, but all I was thinking was my dream may be coming true. Liz removed her blouse and sat at the end of her bed with only her bra and shorts on. She was still drinking from the now half full glass of wine and still swaying her body to the music. Just then a loud truck passed by the house, causing Liz to look in the direction of the window I was peeping in. I moved as fast as a cat, I thought, dropping to my knees, hoping I was not seen by the woman of my dreams. Now I was on the ground, under her window, my hart was pounding, my breathing was heavy, and my cock was hard. I did not know what to do, but I knew I was to far gone, I had to keep watching, I could not run away, not yet, I had to see more, had to see if she was going to get naked. I slowly stood up and again started to look into the bedroom window.

Liz had gotten up from the bed and was now in the center of the room, dancing to the music, still in her bra and shorts. Liz was doing a slow, sexy dance, like a stripper I had seen on a movie one time. She was swaying and turning her body to the nusic. As I watched I had to cup a hand over my mouth, I was breathing so hard I thought she could hear me over the music. My hart was pounding so hard I thought it might burst out of my chest. My cock was straining at my shorts, pushing hard against the cloth. Liz continued to do a slow sexy dance to the music, then she spun around, so that her back was to me, she reached around herself and unhooked her bra. The bra fell to the floor and I could see Liz's bare back, I have seen her bare back before, those many days watching her sunbating in her back yard. When she was laying face down, while sunbathing she wound unhook her top, I guess so there would be no tan lines on her back. Well it worked, there was no tan line on her back, just smooth, soft, tan, skin. In one quick move, Liz spun around and was now exposing her breasts to me. My dreams were coming ture, I was looking at my neighbors bare breasts. They were not large breasts, but on her petit frame they were large, firm, round, and her nipples were hard, pointing out from her breasts. Her breasts were white and the rest of her chest area tan from the sun. Now my cock had to be free, I pulled my shorts down and took hold of my cock. I had on hand on my cock and the other hand still over my mouth, attempting to cover my heavy breathing.

Liz, still drinking from the glass of wine and still dancing to the music, started to wiggle and shake her chest, causing her breasts to jiggle and swing. Liz put down the now empty glass of wine and still facing the window I was peeping in, started to move both her hands over and around her chest. She was running her hands over and across her breasts and nipples, stopping to squeeze and pinch her nipples with every pass. She slowly moved her hands down her breasts, over her flat stomach to her shorts. Liz slowly un-buttoned her shorts and un-zipped the fly, still swaying to the music in her room. I wondered was this the way she always got ready for bed, or was she putting on a show, a show for me? Did she see me when the truck passed? I did not care at this point, I just wanted to see Liz naked. Liz wiggled her waist as she slid her shorts down her legs, dropping them to the floor, where she kicked them across the floor. Liz was now only in a pair of white thong underwear. I was now stroking my rock hard cock as she did a little faster dance around the room, her breasts wiggled and her ass was swaying.

Liz sat at the end of her bed giving me a view between her legs, I could see her her thinly covered pussy from where I was. Liz took ahold of the waist band on either side of her hips, raised her ass off the bed, sliding the thong from her waist, over her ass, down her legs, to the floor. Leaving her thong on the floor, Liz then sat up. I could see all of her, nothing was covered now, I was looking at my neighbor in the nude, my wet dreams had come true. I was now stairing at her nude pussy, not a hair on it, she shaved it bald. This was more than I ever dreamed, I was now stroking my cock fast and hard. Spreading her legs open I could see the pink color inside her pussy. Liz had said at one time, that when she was in high school she was on the gymnastic team, so when she spread her legs, she was able to open them all the way, giving me a live veiw of a pussy I had only seeing in dirty books.

As Liz sat at the end of the bed, still with her legs wide open, she started to play with her pussy. Moving her fingers up and down the slit of her pussy lips, around both sides of her lips, then sticking one finger betwen her lips and into her pussy. First moving the one finger in and out, then two fingers in and out of her pussy. Rubbing her clit up and down, doing circles around her clit, exploring every part of her pussy. With her free hand, she was squeesing and pinching her nipples, first one then the other. I could hear her breathing getting louder and deeper over the music in her room. Her fingers now pumping in and out of her pussy, her fingers getting wetter and wetter as she pumped them in and out of herself, until her whole body started to shake and twitch. I was still stoking my cock and when I saw Liz's body shake and twitch I came all over the side of her house, letting out a loud grown, my cum was now running down the side of the house. Liz withdrew her fingers form her wet pussy and stood up from the bed. She started to walk across her room, to the window I was looking in. I again dropped to my knees, cock still in hand, and hoped she did not see or hear me. What would she think, here I was looking in her bedroom and jerking off on the side of her house, I felt guilty and dirty. I just wanted to run, to run back to my house, but I had to wait, to make sure she was not going to see me running from her house. I then heard the widnow shade go up and the window being pulled open all the way. I was going to get busted, here I am, crouched under a window with my still hard cock out and my cum on the side of the house, how was I going to get out of this one. Liz stuck her head out of the window and said "From where I was, it looked like you enjoyed the show, why don't you climb in here and I'll help you with that stiffy of yours."

No need to ask me twice, I sprang to my feet and jumped through the window with one move, hard on and all. Once inside the room Liz again laid back on her bed and spread her legs. With one hand she spread her wet, pink, glistening pussy, showing her clitoris to me. Now I was close up and personal, I could smell her sex and it drove me wild. I stuck my face between her legs and started to dart my tongue in and out of her pussy, pushing past her pussy lips and deep into her pink folds. Faster, harder, deeper I pushed my tongue in and out of her pussy, pumping her pussy like a cock, but only with my tongue. Liz was again rubbing and circling her clit with her fighers, again her body started to shake and twitch. Bucking her pubic bone up and down as I darted my tonge in and out. The taste of Liz was unreal, like a taste I never had before, but from that point on, I knew I would crave the taste for the rest of my life.

I pulled myself away from Liz's pussy and tood up. I pulled my shirt off and pulled my shorts compleatly off, exposing my hard cock to liz. I took Liz by the hand an pulled her up from the bed and put one of her hands on my cock. I let her stroke my cock a few times, before I laid down on my back, on her bed and pulled her down ontop of me, spinning her aournd. She now had both her legs on either side of my haead and her pussy was again at my face. I still could smell her sex on her pussy. Liz had now sucked my cock into her mouth, sucking my cock up and down. I reached qround her hips with my arms and pulled her pussy down to my face. I again stuck my tongue into her wet pussy, but this time I did not dart in and out, I licked her hard, I licked her from her clit, between her pussy lips to the spot between the end of her pussy and her anus. I licked up and down her pussy with deep, long, hard strokes. Liz was now moving her hips the opposite of my licks, I would lick up her pussy and she moved her hips down, I would lick down her pussy, and her hips moved up. I to was moving my hips up and down inside her mouth, pumping deeper and deeper into that warm wet mouth. Liz also had a hand around my cock shaft and was slidig her hand up and down my shaft with every pump I gave her mouth. I wondered if she could tell if I had cum already, if she could taste the cum on my cock. Liz's hand was sliding up and down up and down with her mouth, her moth almost coming to the end of my cock head, then slamming back down to the base of my shaft. While Liz and I wre in the 69, I was rubbing her ass cheeks with both my hands, working up and down her ass, pulling and pushing them together and apart. Feeling her soft, smooth, firm skin. Pulling her ass down closer to me so I could get my tongue deeper and deeper into her pussy as I licked her up and down.

I had stuck my first finger into Liz's soaked pussy and used her pussy juices to lube my finger. While still licking her pussy with all I had, I started to rub her anus with my pussy wet finger. Now licking Liz's pussy and running circles around her ass hole with my finger, Liz stopped sucking my cock. She now had her head on my leg and was licking my ball sack and then the side of my cock shaft, while still stoking my cock with her hand. She was now breathing really really heavy. I continued to massage her anus with my finger and worked her clit with my tongue. Liz had now stopped humping my face with her hips, she was now locked in place. I sucked and licked her clit and slowly slid my finger into her ass. Liz let out a loud moan. I only slid my finger into her ass to my first knuckle, then out, then in to the first knuckle, then out again. I did this again and again. To my surprise, the next time I slid my finger in her ass, to the first knuckle, Liz thrusted her hips back, pulling my mouth from her clit, making a popping sound and forced my finger deep into her ass. Liz was now crazy with sex, pumping her hips up and down, hitting my nose with her pussy, then pulling away and ramming my finger deeper into her ass. Now I just stuck my tongue out as far as I could, so that on her down thrust I buried my tongue into her pussy and on the up thrust I would bury my finger deep into her ass. Liz again started to suck my cock with her mouth and this time she did not have her hand on my cock, she was only sucking up and down my cock with her mouth. Both her hands were on my legs, to support her thrusting hips. Liz sucked my cock from the head to the base of the shaft. Sucking up and down my cock, thrusting her hips up and down, from my tongue to my finger in her ass, pumping and pumping. I could not take it, all my muscles tensed and I exploded into her mouth, shooting my hot semen into her mouth, wave after wave of hot cum down her throat. Liz tried to swallow it all, but I have never cum like that before, pumping all my cum out my cock and into her mouth. Still pumping my finger in and out of her ass, she pushed my hand away and pushed herself up. Now sitting on my face, my nose at her ass and my mouth under her pussy. Liz took both my hands an directed thim to he rbreasts. I squeezed and pulled at her nipples and licked her pussy. With a free hand, she spread her pussy lips and started to grind her hips forward and back across my tongue. With her other hand hand she used her fingers to rub her clit. She was now ridding my face and masterbaiting herself to orgasm. Liz rode my face and played with her clit until I could again feel her body shutter and shake. She then came all over my face, shaking and twitching all over, wave after wave of orgasum went throguth her body, soking my face with her pussy.

After Liz was done cumming, she spun around, moving her pussy from my face and lied down on top of me. Now face to face, both of us totaly exhausted, I could feel her breathing as she laid ontop of me with my arms around her naked body. We started to kiss a little at first, then longer and deeper kisses. My mouth still covered with Liz's orgasum and my seamen taste still in her mouth. My soft cock was starting to stiffin again, my cock was at Liz's pussy, I could feel my cock slowly growing and pushing against Liz's pussy, not yet in her pussy, but just pushing at it - but that is another storie, to be continued.........



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