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The Mature Psychotherapist (fiction)

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A depressed middle age man who has been through a very unfortunate situation in a relationship decides to see a lady psychotherapist who has just turned 70. The sessions are eliciting compassion from her, as well as reflections on her own sexuality at this milestone age in her life.


Bill had been going to see Dr. Bryant for about 2 months. In that time, he had spilled out his guts about what was truly depressing him. Bill was a married man whose wife couldn't/wouldn't satisfy him the way his girlfriend, Keira would. He had regretted not holding out on marriage to wait for woman to come along who would gladly perform oral sex on him, and on a somewhat regular basis the way Keira had.

Keira had seduced Bill. She needed someone to get her out of financial difficulties, & out of weakness, a married Bill feel in love with her. Before he knew it, his once healthy bank account, an account he kept separate from his wife's, was hardly enough to maintain paying the bills. But Bill's head had been in the clouds for quite a while, as Keira always let him cum in her mouth. He liked the "no risk of pregnancy" aspect of finishing there, something his wife would never let him do.

But now Keira was gone & Bill was broke, but even moreso, depressed that she had left him & had no intention of coming back. She now had everything she wanted, after the papers were signed for a closing on a house that would be all her own.

Dr. Bryant had spent most of the first 3 or 4 sessions with Bill just listening & gathering up all that was on his mind, before beginning to offer advice and suggestions on having an alternative outlook & to help Bill "move on". She felt she was able to see right through Bill's character very soon after taking him in as a patient. She could easily see his faults & his flaws, but accepted them as his doctor. Yet she was more impressed with his positive attributes, such as his honesty, his candor, his compassion & gentleness, and all the other things she jotted down about what she liked in Bill....in her diary.

During this one particular session, Dr. Bryant had been having an upset stomach & needed to excuse herself mid session to use the bathroom. Something she ate the night before disagreed with her, but she wouldn't think of canceling or rescheduling Bill's appointment. Bill had been sensing that there was an intense chemistry between them developing, the way they looked at each other and conversed with each other during the sessions. He could feel something may be happening, starting to happen, or maybe nothing at all - he wasn't sure. And now Dr. Bryant had left her diary unguarded on the table next to her small sofa while she had to use the bathroom to deal with the runs.

Bill knew she would be in there for a few minutes, so he got up & went over to thumb through her diary. He needed an answer to verify or clarify what, if any feelings she was developing toward him. It didn't take him long to find his answer.

Just one page away from the bookmark, he read "B had another erection today. I was so excited to see it. It means a lot to me to have just turned 70 and be able to turn a younger man on. If only the professional (relationship) wasn't a barrier, I'd get onto a topic of food and invite him over for dinner, hoping to see even more bulging, and maybe even a peak at what's underneath. He really is good company, and i'd love to take the chance to see if i could get him out of his depression if i could only act on his overt attraction to me..." The toilet flushed.

Bill closed the book & quietly set the book back down before scurrying across the room to sit back in his usual spot. Dr. Bryant didn't come out though, maybe just a flush to get rid of what's there, but apparently she's not done yet.

So Bill had time to sit. And think.....

When finally Dr. Bryant emerged after another few minutes, Bill show a genuine concern in his voice when he asked if she was alright. This began a moment of growing mutual passion they seemingly had for one another. Bill was becoming very horny from the conversing, the eye contact, & his attraction to her. AND now knowing all he does now, having peaked into that diary.

Dr. Bryant was wearing a black sweater today, with a red scarf around her neck that hung low enough in front to cover most of her breasts over the sweater, the rest covered by her folded arms. Bill found this to be a tease, and got up & slowly walked over to her, confident enough to do what he was about to do, given how their conversations had been going as of late, almost as if inviting Bill to take some light playful initiative.

When Bill had gotten up, their conversation had ceased but their eyes were still fixed on each other. Dr. Bryant felt she knew Bill enough to trust that he wouldn't do anything harmful, and she had been wondering to herself if she secretly did want Bill to do something one day, as if to "make a move". And now he was about to.

With both hands but without a word, he grabbed the scarf & gently undid the knot that was holding the ends together around her neck as she sat on the arm of the sofa. As he grabbed her arms to tie them behind her back with the scarf, he had an instant strong hard erection. He always had a bondage fetish, but never got to explore that side of him. From their previous discussions, Dr. Bryant knew this would be new to him, and she trusted him that he wouldn't hurt her. She suspected the motive was sexual, confirmed when she felt his erection inside his pants brush up against her as he went behind her to tie her hands.

With her hands loosely tied, it would have been so easy to get free, but there was no need. The journey of where this was leading was more important for both of them she felt. And now for Bill, he could now see those protruding mounds under the black sweater & he was compelled to finally do what had been on his mind for some time. He reached out & began to caress her breasts over her sweater. As he moved his hands, he let out a soft moan, while she began to breath a little heavy.

After caressing for a short while, he was hungry for more. He wanted to finally see what he had been nonchalantly glimpsing & glancing at for the past 2 months, sometimes with minimal modest cleavage. He went to grab the bottom of her sweater and slowly lift up, trying to sense whether or not she was ok with what was happening. She remained still, as the skin of her body was being slowly revealed until reaching the bottom of her beige bra. Bill started to breathe a little heavy as he slowly raised the sweater over her bra covered breasts, until he reached her neck.

He groped & caressed & fondled, occasionally sliding his fingers slowly in & out of the bra, exploring the skin of er breasts until he reached the areolae. Dr. Bryant had begun tilting her head back, enjoying his soft touch, excited by not knowing how he was planning to proceed. Finally, he reached around behind her and unclasped her back hook bra, before reaching under the sweater on her shoulders & grabbing the bra straps, sliding them down her arms.

Now he was finally able to see what he had been curious about for seemingly so many weeks. As he started to caress her now naked breasts, his head moved in, as if on a reflex, to start sucking on them, causing Dr. Bryant to slide off the arm of the sofa down into the sofa. Dr. Bryant was enjoying this equally, & wanted so much to grab his head and caress it as he sucked on her, but she left her hands tied behind her, as she felt that was what Bill wanted. Bill's erection under his pants was rubbing her thigh, & he was becoming so aroused to the point where it needed masturbatory attention.

While continuing to suck on Dr. Bryant's breasts, he started to unbuckle his belt to slide down his pants. Dr. Bryant was starting to worry about how all this was violating doctor-patient laws, and that they would have to discontinue their doctor-patient relationship after this. This was the point of no return for both of them. Yet neither one of them felt ready for intercourse. But they were both ready to address that erection manually.

As Bill fiddled with his pants, Dr. Bryant whispered to him "Do you want me to...." With that, Bill put his arms around her, as if to hug her, reaching for the scarf to untie her. She waited until she could no longer feel the scarf on her wrists to bring her arms around. As she went to grab the button of his unbuckled pants with one hand, somehow the other hand found that bulge. After grabbing and gripping at his erection, she slid her fingers over to his zipper. After unfastening the button with the other hand, she reached inside and around the waistband of his pants to slide them off, while he gently lifted himself up from the sofa so that she could slide off the pants.

Dr. Bryant reached inside his boxers, and in doing so, used her forearm to slide his boxers down. With her hand, she explored his smooth, circumcised penis every which way she could. Sliding her hand up & down, one hand coming around the glans. She ran her hand down over his scrotum, gently squeezing his testicles. he could hardly contain himself with the pleasure he was receiving. He let out gasps of exhale as she continued to knead his scrotum, rubbing, caressing & squeezing. He already felt as if he would already cum, but she was able to continue, now with one hand stroking his penis, with the other hand playfully alternately tickling & gripping the scrotum in rapid succession. All the while, Bill tried to maintain keeping a hand on her breast.

She knew he was horny. She knew he was horny for her. She knew their doctor-patient status was over, but she was not sure what was next, and at this moment, didn't care. What was happening now was what mattered. She grew to care for Bill, and now she could make a difference & maybe lead him out of his depression. Though she wasn't ready for intercourse, and was never really an oral sex person herself. But she began to realize she had been developing a burning passion to masturbate him to orgasm. His genitalia "at attention" told both of them that he was more than ready.

Eventually, one tickle of the testes too many sent a rope of cum flying high into the air, followed by 3 or 4 additional ropes, which seemed to shoot out faster, though not as high.

Dr. Bryant immediately got up & grabbed a washcloth & ran it under warm water, and on her way back to the sofa, grabbed a roll of paper towels.

Before they had a chance to say anything to each other, there was a knock at the door. Dr. Bryant's next patient had arrived. There would be a lot to discuss about this incident in the near future, but there was no time now. They both scurried to clean up & get dressed. Bill was on his way, as Dr. Bryant let her next patient in....



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