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The Masturbationist Strikes Again

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I'm a professional masturbationist working in a large US city. I'm sort of like a massage practitioner, but I specialize in a more focused area, working mostly for men, but sometimes women too.

I've got a one-hour break between clients, so I'll tell you about the client who was just here, a first-time customer. We'll call him Fred. He was fairly typical of the clients who come to me for the first time. Nervous, and talky. I guess those who talk a lot at the beginning do so to overcome a mild fear. They don't quite know what's going to happen in a session, so they are of course concerned. When I get someone like Fred, I try to make them as comfortable as possible as soon as possible. I put some handjob videos being given to men from males and females on the computer screen. I keep the room at 76 degrees. Perhaps a bit uncomfortable for me, but it makes people more inclined to take off their clothes. It seems most new clients are either concerned that they'll have an erection, or that they won't have an erection when they are 'supposed to.' So, as I'm washing and disinfecting my hands, I tell them that everyone is different. That I've had people who start out erect, or start out soft, that some are gay, some straight, and some can't easily be categorized. I remind them that they're paying for a service that's entirely for them, and they can let me know all the way through what they like, and what they don't like. I also tell them that everyone leaves satisfied - that's guaranteed. So Fred, about 24 years old, who wears his curly black hair long like a musician - because, as I later found out, he is a musician, came in all talky. So, I gave him the talk about 'everyone's different' and asked him to remove his clothing, and lay it on a chair I have for the purpose. I claim I don't do massages, but for a new client, I'll sometimes do what it takes to get them comfortable, hard, and horny. So, I start by asking him to lay face down on the table. I gave him a little shoulder and neck rub, then worked on his feet, calves and backs of his thighs. I massaged his buttocks, then spread his legs a bit exposing his asshole and scrotum. I circled around his asshole, but did not enter it. This gives almost everyone an erection, plus it just feels nice. Then I asked him to flip over. Also typical of a new client, he was reluctant. He didn't want me to see his erection. The new client has come for genital massage, most likely ending in an ejaculation, yet at first many are embarrassed to show their erection. Go figure. I think they have been seldom if ever seen in an erect state by another man. But, like all of them, he did flip over. And instead of going right for the penis, I rubbed his shoulders, arms and hands again. As I rubbed his palms, his erection hardened fully, so the head of his dick was smooth and shiny. This always happens with the palms for some reason. Try it with your friends and see if I'm right. I massaged his feet, then his lower legs, then his upper legs, occasionally brushing his scrotum. In my early days, I'd have some clients ejaculate when I first touched their scrotum. So now, I'm more experienced, and I do things differently for the ones who would come too quickly. Of course such a short session for me would be less work, But I enjoy it more if they don't cum that soon. Besides, I noticed that fewer of the early ejaculators booked repeat sessions, while almost everyone else does. So then it started focusing on his scrotum. First lightly touching the skin with my warm fingers, then feeling his testicles themselves. I worked up slowly, until I was holding one ball in each hand, between thumbs and first and second fingers. I take my time, squeezing gently, then pulsing. In other words, I'll squeeze a bit harder for a second, then relent back to the lower pressure. I'll switch that off with rolling my thumbs over the guy's balls. This is where it gets tricky. I try to understand what each client is going to want. Some love a light testicle massage. Some like it surprisingly firm. Some in between, and some not at all. Sometimes I have to ask what they prefer. Usually, I can tell. Fred liked it firm - a man after my own heart. I spent perhaps 15 minutes doing the squeezing pulsing thing, switching off with some teasing strokes of the now very hard penis. He was getting close to ejaculating, so I focused entirely on the testicles. But today, I wasn't paying quite enough attention, and Fred's cock suddenly became very hard, and he started ejaculating right there on his stomach, even though I hadn't touched his cock in the last five minutes. So then I stroked him slowly and gently until he started squirming just a bit, to bring him back down to earth. We talked a bit, he put on his clothes and paid me. Then like almost all newbies, even though he was post-orgasmic, he was enthusiastic to book another session for next week. I love my work!



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