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The Masturbationist

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I have a unique job in a large city.

I am a professional masturbationist. It started four years ago, when desperate for work, I placed an ad, stating that I would come to people's homes with my portable massage table, and give them handjobs. People wrote back! Not knowing any better, I answered the first one and made arrangements. I got there and discovered a fit, 60-something year old bald man who was all eager for me to 'do my thing.' I was nervous about doing this brand new thing, but hey, I needed the money. I had him take off his clothes and lay face down on the table. I was somehow shocked to see that he had shaved everything. No hair on his chest, legs, and especially not on his crotch. So there he was, and I started sort of randomly rubbing his shoulders, back, arms, and then his feet, calves, legs, and finally his butt. I couldn't see for sure, but I believe he had a hardon under his belly. I asked him to flip over, and sure enough, it was quite hard. I rubbed his arms, his hands, his legs again. I didn't know anything about massage, but this was how I supposed I should start. Then, I every so slightly started tickling his scrotum as I massaged his upper legs near it. I became bolder, and started actually massaging his balls. The fellow told me he loved this, and so I kept doing it for another two minutes or so. Guess what? From merely massaging his balls, he came. Squirt after squirt. Then, not knowing any better, and figuring the time wasn't done yet, I tried to stoke his dick. But he squirmed and told me he had enough. He was satisfied. I was there about a half hour, and once again showed my stupidness. I charged him $15. He gave me a tip, so it was twenty. He also set an appointment to have me come back in a week. Well, as I said, that was four years ago. In that time, I have had many clients, and learned many things. To start with, I soon learned I didn't have to drive all over town and set up and fold up my table over and over again at everyone's houses and offices. I rented a nice office, decorated it nicely, and now they all come to me. And no more $15 per massage! Hell no! Now, it is $60, and I tend to get $20 and even $40 tips. I'm making more money than ever in my life. Almost every massage starts off as a nice comfy testicle manipulation, followed by a hand job. I don't do anything resembling full massages, so it is easy work. I have done as many as ten clients in one day, making almost $1,000. I used to worry about doing something illegal. But I don't do massages. I'm not a massage therapist. And, I'm not doing anything like prostitution. So, I've fallen through the cracks. And of course, none of my clients would ever rat on me to any sort of official. Never-the-less, I have made it a point to never accept money until after the visit is finished. This way, if a cop were to try entrapment, the poor fellow would actually have to take his clothes off, and get a treatment first. And, they would never, ever, do that. It is interesting to me that some clients like a very gentle touch, and others like it rough. Some will ejaculate from being touched with just a tickle. In fact, I have learned to keep a feather on hand for these clients. They especially like it when I ever slowly 'feather' the underside of their cocks, right were the little fold of tight skin meets the head, if they are circumcised, and a bit lower if they are uncut. This often makes their dicks jump and twitch to an amazing extent. And, this is my favorite. I really like doing the feather thing to guys. Others really like their balls practically squished. Go figure. This is the same amount of pressure that would have other clients yell at me and never come back. Yet these guys get mad if I don't squeeze hard enough. And then there are some, probably the majority, actually, that like me to start gentle, and then work up to a rougher and rougher hand job. There are some that like me to grab their shaft in one hand, and rub the palm of my hand over the tip. It makes them squirm deliciously. I have had it done to me, and it feels like you have to get away, yet you want to stay for more. Sometimes it feels like you have to pee, and sometimes it feels like you're going to cum, but it doesn't happen. You're just in happy, squirmy bliss for quite a while. You would think that I'd want these guys to cum right away, so i can get on to the next client. But no, they book 45 minutes, and I'd have nothing to do if we finish too soon, so I try my best to edge people. This means I keep them just below the orgasmic limit for as long as possible. Some of the 'experts' will actually have orgasmic contractions several times during a session, yet they won't ejaculate, or they'll just ejaculate a drop or two without losing their erections. I have a variety of creams and oils on hand. Some don't want anything, others like a creamy treatment. I have a shower in the office, which I keep well stocked with towels. Some men need to take a shower before the session starts, many want to after. Some guys will talk to me, telling me exactly what to do at every step. Others don't say anything. I have learned to read the quiet ones fairly well. I can tell when they're liking a particular technique somewhat, and when they're loving it. I can usually tell when they're getting too close, and can back off just the right amount if it is early in the session. Some will not talk about anything in their lives. They just want my treatment, and are either silent or tell me to move my hand there, or do this, or 'harder' or 'softer.' Others spill out their whole life story. I love hearing these, but they are the worst clients, because they often get so involved in talking that they forget to enjoy what's happening in their genital region. I tell everyone up front that I don't guarantee they'll have an orgasm. It's a forty-five minute session, and it is up to them to make the most of it - to enjoy it no matter what. I have learned to instruct new clients that there is a good chance they won't cum, especially in their first session, due to nervousness or unfamiliarity and that it's fine. Some don't even get erect for the first twenty minutes or so. I kind of train them that not cumming can be as nice as cumming, since it keeps you charged up all day. Some of my clients are gay, but the majority are straight. Most are married. Most are over 40 years old. The younger ones generally can't afford my service. I have had some remarkably elderly clients. Surprisingly, they are mostly like the youngest ones. Oh, sometimes it takes longer for them to have erections, and sometimes they don't stay as hard for as long, but they are energetic, and love their orgasms just as much. Some have had their prostates removed. They don't ejaculate, but they orgasm just as strongly. Some say stronger. A couple have had their nerves destroyed due to their prostectomies. They can't get hard any more, but they love having their genitals worked on just as much. One fellow had a colostomy bag. It grossed me out momentarily, but I got used to it, and we both enjoyed the session. In fact, he's one of my many repeat customers. A few of the married guys tell me their wives don't 'put out' any more. Most have a good sex life, but just want something more as well. Once, a man wanted to know if he could bring his wife. I was excited by the prospect. I thought I might do something to her also, but no, she just sat on a stool and watched him get his treatment. She was a great-looking gal. About 45 years old, trim, large but not huge breasts, shapely legs, nice smile, beautiful reddish hair in a long straight style. Just having her in the room was a treat for me. Ah, but he came back a week later, and surprised the heck out of me by saying that she was to get the treatment instead. So, while he sat on the stool, I gave her a rare massage. (Remember, I don't generally do full body massages anymore). But I kind of realize women are more turned on by full body work first. I then went on to rub her clit, and eventually placed fingers in her butt and vagina. She loved this and came four or five times. All I know is that there was a good bit of fluid on my fingers from her session. Sadly, she was satisfied, and never came back with him. At least not yet. That's the only woman I have worked on. I'd love to have more female clients. Yes, I did put a finger in her butt. And I'll do it for some of my men as well, upon request. I rather enjoy it, because I get to feel their contractions when they cum. I do wear gloves to be sure I'm being safe. But I don't do it all that often. I'm not really sure why. I have heard that prostate massages are good for one's health. I have three clients who are sort of like pro bono. They don't have much money, so what we do is trade treatments. Sometimes they come by and I give them a treatment. Sometimes they do me, which of course, I love!



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