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The Love of My Life

Posted by: Author: Age: 41 Posted on: 4 comments
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Fun with a huge dildo.


The love of my life.

My wife & I have been married for over 15 years. We are constantly experimenting with our sexual life, we have had the normal role play, sex in public, etc. However she has recently taken to her 12-inch dildo. It started during our normal romps. I withdrew one night after she became weary after a solid pounding for 20 minutes. I asked her to have her 12-inch dildo resting against her pussy whilst she slid along the length.

I watched as she nestled the dildo against her pussy, with the balls resting on her butt cheeks. I lubed my cock up and started stroking; she rhythmically slid her pussy up and down the shaft. Her breathing became ragged and her hips flexed as she started to rub against her clit every time she had a down stroke against the length of the rubber cock. She lifted her hips up and with one quick movement of her hand and slid the head of the dildo into her pussy. I heard a growl emanate from deep within as more of the dildo buried itself into the sweet folds of her pussy. She bucked her hips and sank down again, this time allowing more of the dildo to sink into her folds. I watched as her pussy swallowed more of the thick cock, all the while stroking my hard cock and feeling the sensation of a load boiling away in my nuts.

I raised myself to my knees as I watched her pound her pussy with the thick dildo, her eyes were closed and she was biting her lower lip as the pleasure reverberated around her body, she swung her head towards my cock and plunged her mouth down onto my pulsating cock, she moaned as the head of my cock passed her lips sending a volt of pleasure along my shaft and into my balls. She laid back and continued to pound her pussy with the rubber cock she had slid up and down the length of. I asked her where she wanted me to blow my load and she told me to cum all over pussy as she fucked herself.

I positioned myself between her legs as she continued to grind her bald pussy against the thickness that was invading her. Her pounding became relentless and then it happened, she whipped the dildo from her pussy and squirted over me, a long spray ripped forth and covered me as I stroked my rock hard shaft only inches from her pussy. Her face lit up and her eyes popped wide open as her juices covered my cock and hand. She watched as her juices ran down my cock and dripped over my pumping hand and onto the sheets, before she sunk the dildo home again. As the tip of the dildo entered her pussy her eyes closed but the grin on her face indicated she had more still to come.

I couldn't hold back any longer and told her so, this only caused the pace of her hand to increase as she now feverishly pumped 10 inches of the dildo into her sopping wet pussy. My balls tightened as the cum raced along my shaft as it began its ascent. A deep primeval bellow followed the first rope of cum as it covered her hand and splashed down onto the shaft as she again started to whip it from her pussy. The second sticky rope which spurted from my cock was met by her cum shooting back at me as I was again covered in her cum. We both collapsed in each other's arms, regaining our breaths and composure.

We have had many similar sessions since, each better than the last, but I can't shake that first memory of her pussy sliding up and down the length of the huge shaft resting against her pussy.



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