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The Locker Room

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Jacking off in the locker room

The locker room The temperature and humidity was rising, due to the air conditioning that failed ten minutes previously; the gym was almost at its capacity, with good-looking chicks and guys, all in a world of their own, their T-shirts and shorts, soaked with sweat, and I could see the outline of their well-formed bodies, and smell the Testosterone and humidity given off by them. I'd just completed my twenty minute cardio vascular on the treadmill. I was glad I was wearing the minimum, T-shirts, shorts with an inner brief and sneakers with no socks. I was hot and sweaty and could feel the sweat, felt my thin T-shirt and shorts sticking to me. I move to the free weights, and noticed this chick, I've never seen before, she was eyeing me up, I smiled, she responded. I continued, my session with weights. I felt her eyes on me, and found her very hot, and felt my six and a half inch, un-cut cock getting active, but I had to concentrate on my session. By now my T-shirts and shorts were soaking wet. I replaced the weights on the rack, and left exhausted. I entered the locker room, the shower was running and sat down, I was happy, and thought it was one of the best workouts I had in a long time. One of the members came out of the shower, we acknowledged each other; he started to dry himself. I sat on a bench, in a world of my own. He dressed then left. I was alone and slowly recovering, I'd taken off my sweaty soaked T-shirt, sweaty shorts and threw them down next to my sneakers. I was completely naked, and lay on the bench waiting for my strength to return. I desperately wanted a shower, but I couldn't move. All of a sudden, I felt two hands on my shoulders, I looked up and saw this hot chick that had been working out, she smiled and looked me over, her eyes automatically drawn to my crotch, where my thick, limp six and half inch un-cut was dangling over my large balls, she sat down beside me. I was too exhausted, I was watching her. She takes off a tight and sweaty T-shirt and shorts, then starts licking my six and half inch with her damp tongue. I could feel it slowly start to rise like a bridge, then she slid her lips over my six and half inch, I could feel her long moist tongue wrapping itself around me. I felt her lips tighten around my shaft. Then felt the cum start to rise, she was sucking on my six and half inch, it seemed she was sucking me in. I was loving every moment, my hips started involuntary to move up and down, I felt an explosion, I had shot my cum, she said. Umm! I love the taste. I lay empty and exhausted. She smiled, I returned it. She said. What about something different? I nodded, she disappeared. She returned with another hot chick, she stripped off. I was wondering what they were going to do. The second one had some lube, putting it on her hands. The first girl turned me on my side, stroking my limp six and half inch uncut, and it started to stiffen. The second one, I felt her hands on my butt, all of a sudden, I felt pressure and she inserted her finger, and started to explore me, I felt so much pleasure it was indescribable.



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