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The Lady in the Tape Room

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The Lady in the Tape Room by William
While I was in college, I worked a great deal with the campus television station as the student engineer. What this basically means is that I arrived early, calibrated cameras, checked to make sure all equipment was operational, and directed the rest of the technical crew when they arrived. Admittantly this is not the most exciting job in the world, but there was more than enough irreverence to keep it from being boring. One of our shows at the time was a variety show, with skits and musical numbers and such. This show also had a dare segment, someone walking around with a video camera trying to get people to do crazy things. I really wasn't very interested in the content then, I just did my job and left. One day, things changed. A girl named Dana produced this section. She was very petite, about 5' 2'' with sandy blonde hair and green eyes. She was very pretty in an athletic sort of way and very much lusted after by the men on the crew, but she kept to herself and never really led anyone to believe she was available. Because of some conflicts in scheduling, shooting was to be a few hours early. Customarily I arrived half an hour earlier than everyone else and went about doing my business.

As I was setting up the switchboard in the control room, I noticed that the door to the tape room was cracked slightly. For those of you not familiar with television studios the tape room is where the shows are recorded to tape and videotapes are played over the air. At first glance I noticed some light flickering through the crack. Thinking that a machine had been left on, I walked casually to the door and just before I grab to open it I noticed something. The loveliest vision that has ever blessed these eyes. Sitting in a chair in front of the monitors in the tape room was Dana. She had removed her shorts and sat spread eagle with her panties pushed aside and her fingers hard at work on her clit. Her eyes were glued to one of the monitors on the wall and she bit her lip to stifle her noise. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I could feel my pulse pounding and my jeans becoming rather tight. My eyeballs gazed at Dana's body. I felt myself getting lost in the rhythm of her moments. I could see through her tight top that her nipples were incredibly erect and excited, but she never touched them, instead consentratring all of her attention on that sweet, wet, pink spot between her thighs. Her dark pubes were nicely trimmed and glinting from her pussy juice.

Unconsciously my hand began to run my erection through my jeans. Insane thoughts were running through my mind of going in and joining her, licking that sweet pussy and running my hands over those very inviting tits. Fortunately, I had the good sense to stand my ground and not interrupt and frighten the poor, sexually exited girl. I could not let this sight go to waste though. Carefully I unzipped my jeans and pulled out my throbbing prick. It was so happy to be free. Small driblets of pre-cum were already escaping the tip. I looked around for a receptacle. I could not allow myself to cum all over, that would be uncouth. Luckily I noticed a soda can in the corner, thank God for litterbugs! As I watched the masturbating young girl, my hand slowly and methodically slipped over my hard wet dick, sloshing as I thrust into my hand. I could hear Dana start to moan, the sensations becoming too intense for her now. She closed her eyes and arched her back moaning and gasping. Her fingers flew quickly over her cunt and she squirmed in her seat. I started pounding my manhood even hard trying to catch up. Suddenly she her breath caught and she let out a screaming sigh. Her body shook from the waves of pleasure that washed over her. I could take it not longer.

Holding the can just in front of my prick, I gave it that last few strokes that sent me over. The ooze sprayed into the can and my mind was assaulted with pleasure I hadn't felt in a long time. When it was over I had to balance against the wall to not fall over. I glanced in at my unknowing masturbatory companion and saw her slumped blissfully in the chair a look of contentment on her face that I had rarely seen on anybody. I placed my johnson back in my trousers and began to walk away, when I heard the door at the front of the studio open. I could hear to people talking and one of them said, "Hold on, I just need to check this tape real fast." I looked in on Dana; she was impervious to the world.

I burst into the tape room and shook her. Startled, she looked up at me and cried, "What are you doing here?" Panicked I threw my coat over her lap just as one of the other crewmembers walked in. Seeing that the tape machines were already being used he smiled said he'd come back when she was through. I shut the door and Dana put her bottoms back on without a single word, only a very embarrassed smile as a thank you. I'd like to say that this was one of only many episodes and that her and I had other provocative encounters, but that would be untrue. I saw less and less of her as time went on and she seemed to avoid me when she was around. I still look back on that experience though when I need a mental picture in my head and my hands are doing they're business, I'd like to think she thinks about it to, but I'll never know.



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