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The Home Teaching Orgasm Lesson

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I do some unusual things. This time was no exception.


About 20 years ago a friend called me and asked me to help him with a friend. She was having some troubles in her life. She had cancer and had died. She had a near death experience because she didn't stay dead. As she opened her eyes and came back into this world her husband told her that since she didn't die he was divorcing her, just like that. She was just utterly devastated. She badly needed to feel loved. I'm a projective empath. When I LOVE a woman, she is completely enveloped by this love and experiences this with me quite totally. We get a positive feedback going together and share a mutual ecstacy of love. I teach people how to do this the only way I know how, by experiencing it with them. I share myself totally and deeply with a woman.

I had been teaching this young lady, Lisa, for several months. I was teaching her a very loving erotic massage going into extended orgasm. This is a fully shared experience. When a woman I am sharing with experiences an hour long orgasm I experience it with her all the way including ejaculation. It is an incredibly stimulating and ecstatic experience. She was about an hour into an incredible extended orgasm when the doorbell rang. Instead of ignoring it she looked at the clock as said 'Oh my God, it's the home teachers'.

She threw on a robe and answered the door after telling me that she would get rid of them quickly, leaving me in the bedroom. She had been orgasming hard for over an hour and that doesn't just turn off suddenly. I could feel the linkage with her. She is Mormon and they have these home teachers that come around and give them religion lessons. I figured that I would just inspire her to get back to me quickly and so I kept all the orgasm energies going by stroking myself. I could feel her energies going along with me. I kept myself right on the edge for the whole time. I could hear the moans that escaped her lips each time I reached another peak. She was going hot and heavy. She had an incredibly beautiful tow curling energy all mixed up with her orgasms. I'm sure those two ladies had to be wondering what was going on. I just didn't stop. She could include a whole room of people in her orgasms. It was great. I could feel these two ladies pulled into the orgasms with us and they just couldn't stop either. I'm sure they had no idea why they were having all these orgasms going on without any physical stimulation going on. She was a real energizer bunny and just kept cumming and cumming and cumming. They finally made their excuses and could barely stagger out of there. She came back into the bedroom and started laughing uncontrollably as the orgasms just kept going as she tried to describe the expressions on their faces as they tried to pretend nothing was happening as they also orgasmed uncontrollably. Getting a whole party orgasming is a wonderful party game, espcially when nobody knows why it is happening. I'm sure that this is the only time they orgasmed all the way through their home teaching lesson. Lisa sure couldn't stop. It was a lot of fun.



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