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The Holiday - Part 2

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I was masturbating while writing this and it took me about an hour.


So it's now 1 - 1 as Megan told me that she had just played with herself in the elevator and the elevators have 3 glass walls and everyone can see it! A bit more too exhibitionist for me but, still we are level now!

A few days past and really we only got to masturbate in the shower, the cave and if we had any alone time in the room. I had a really good session while I was waiting for Sam to get out the shower though. I just wanted to be naughty so I unwrapped my towel so that I was completely naked (Jaz and Megan were already ready and down in the bar), and just started reading my nipples until they were stood to attention and I wet my fingers and started rubbing them slowly and softly! MMM this was perfect! I leaned up against the head board on my bed and gently massaged my lovely tits! I do love playing with them and it feels so good when I want to be teased! I couldn't take it much longer, my pussy needed some attention so I opened my legs just enough so that my lips parted and my slit was easy to play with. I traced my middle finger around my lips, over my shaven mound and down my slit, gently hitting my clit and rubbing my hidden lips. Oooo this felt good. I have been so rough with my pussy lately, I decide she needs love not aggression. So with that, I soaked my slit and lips and took my pointer finger and trapped it in my Innie, started moving it in light circles feeling the ball of my clit moving with my finger. The shower was still going and I needed to cum but, I was going to tease myself so that I stayed horny all night. About 5 minutes of this and the water stopped and I wanted to see if I could shock Sam by acting as if she caught me naked. So I got up and made out like I was getting something out of my suitcase and as she opened the door to come out I turned around, gasped and grabbed my towel. And to my surprise, she just wasn't bothered. "Don't worry Casey, I've seen it all before". Back fired! So I just flung my towel over my shoulder and walked into the bathroom. I think she saw how wet I was because, she looked me up and down. Anyway, I got showered and got changed ready for our night.

Again, a few days went on and we were still level at 1 - 1 but, on the last night we had an early night and all four of us sat talking, packing, got showered and then got into our beds. It's hard to hide your body in a room of four because someone is usually watching so boobs and pussy were often floating around the room which is fine because I'm starting to like it more and more but, as Jasmine came out of the bathroom Sam asked if Twins have identical vaginas! We all laughed and Jasmine looked at Sam as if to say "Go on!" And then Sam asked "Well, I saw yours Casey and I just wondered if Megan's was the same?". I looked over at Megan for her to answer, obviously I already knew they were almost identical but, I didn't know if Megan wanted to say. All Megan said was "We both have innies, yes" and that was good enough for them both.

I saw an opportunity here and because I was so horny from teasing myself earlier I just started being really forward saying "So girls, have you both masturbated much while you've been here?" Jaz and Sam both looked shocked this time and went red. Megan obviously knew what I wanted to get at and almost on que, she said "Yeah, about twice a day on average I think! Nowhere near how bad I'm at home. What about you Casey?" I smiled and said "About the same but, I'm going to make up for it when we're in our own beds!" We turned to Jasmine and asked her and she looked down and said she'd done it about 7 or 8 times but, normally she's a night time masturbator. And finally Sam. She surprised us and said she'd lost count because she'd do it at any opportunity se got. Shower, bed, toilet, come up to the room when we were by the pool and she'd even done it in my cave bit!

We must have been up hours swapping masturbating stories, techniques, getting caught, literally everything about our masturbating history. Id be lying if I said I wasn't amazed with some of the stories that came out, even about my own sister. It got to about 2am and we decide to go to bed and we all knew what was going to happen. There would have been four hands on four pussies but, in all fairness I can't prove it because I didn't hear a thing but, I know Megan did.

The last day was finally here and we all said goodbye and hugged and kissed, cried a little and all promised that it won't be so long until the next time. When we hugged Sam and Jaz they both said "Have a good trip home and have a good session!". What a way to leave. But, that was never in doubt. As soon as we got on the plane I was in the toilet rubbing my pussy with my entire hand vibrating my clit until I was so close again and had the massive urge to stop myself and keep teasing myself. I don't know why I do it to myself! Megan had the best news though, she had won the bet because while I was in the toilet, she had the blanket over her legs, put her hand into her joggers and had a silent orgasm in the middle of the plane while everyone was sleeping! 2 - 1 to Megan!

The best holiday I have ever had though. My next story is back in the gym though. I think you will like it as it is more of a preference.

Thank you for reading :) x



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