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The High School Girlfriend

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Memories of a 52 year old. My High School Girlfriend. We Did a Lot of Exploring & Still Remained Virgins.


I dated a few girls in high school. Back in those days, it was really a big deal if a girl would let you touch her breast. I was planning on study engineering in college so my senior year I took an advanced math class. It was the 70’s, my high school was integrated and going through racial tensions. I am white. In my math class was a black girl who was a little overweight and plain looking. However, she was very smart. We had study hall after math class and would work together on math problems. One evening, I stopped by her house to study. After we were through studying, we sat on the couch talking and drinking a soft drink. With all the studying we did, we really got to know each other. Soon, we were kissing.

We started to date and because of our different races, we were spurned by both races. Her father did not like his daughter dating a white guy, and my father did not like me dating a black girl. As for intimacy, our dating progressed through the stages. Most of this was going on in the car. At first, we just kissed. Soon she would let me feel her breasts through her clothes. Later I would feel her breasts under her shirt but through her bra. When I got bold enough to put my fingers inside her bra to feel her nipples, she pulled up her bra to let me feel her bare breasts. The first time I tried to touch her pussy, I was sliding my hands under her shorts and feeling her panties. When I moved my hand close to her pussy, she moved it away. During our next make out session, I started feeling her pussy through her cloths and I was getting her excited. In no time, I was fingering her pussy. She was the first girl that let me touch her pussy and although in 8th grade I fooled around with a guy, she was the first girl to give me a hand job. The hand job was in the front seat of her father’s car and I came all over the steering wheel.

I did a good job of “winning over” her father by talking about sports and watching games with him. Her father had a nice new big car. Often he would let me use his car to take his daughter out and he even gave me money for our dates. I bet he wouldn’t have been so generous if he knew I had his daughter’s pants off in the back seat or if he knew I came all over his steering wheel. She was an only child so often we would make out in her house. Her house was an older two story home. The family room was a converted back porch that opened up to kitchen. Her parents would go to bed early and we would make out on the back porch. I received a few hand jobs on that back porch with her parents asleep upstairs.

Once when we came back to her house, we snuck in quietly, and she started to give me a hand job on her back porch. We heard someone coming downstairs and we quickly hid as best we could behind the couch. Coming downstairs was her mother dressed only in her panties. My girlfriend and I were half-dressed, hiding behind the couch and her mother is walking past us topless. The mother went downstairs to the laundry room and came up wearing a robe. She walked past us and went upstairs to the bedrooms. My girlfriend was tense and insisted I go home. Seeing her mother topless made me harder than ever so right after I left, I pulled my car to a secluded spot and masturbated. The image of her topless mother is still often in my mind when I masturbate.

After we graduated high school and during the summer before college, we both had jobs. As it worked out, we both had Mondays off. Her parents both worked so we spent many Mondays in her house in bed naked and exploring each other’s bodies. My girlfriend would lay in bed naked with her legs spread open and allow me the time to explore her pussy. I would also give her the time to explore me and she discovered how I liked to be touched. We also “discovered" oral sex. We went away to different colleges both still virgins.



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