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The Girl on the Bus (1)

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Apart from Sarah in the 'Her Ears' stories, there's one other girl where I had recurring interactions with.

Back when I was about 22-23, I'd often catch the bus to and from work, mostly because I didn't have a car and when I did, it was still cheaper to take the bus due to distance travelled.

There was a girl, she looked about my age, give or take a year or so. She wore random t-shirts that had funny images on them, pants were usually baggy, or at least not tight. The only other thing she wore, apart from shoes obviously, that was a part of her outfit was gloves, specifically, BMX/MX gloves. She always wore short sleeved t-shirts and those gloves. Her pants changed with the weather but those other two remained the same, well the attire at least.

Her hair was always a wild colour, blue, pink, orange, purple, anything but a normal colour. Sometimes it would last between a week and a month. In that time, her gloves would change. I would see her for about 3-4 months, regularly and she'd get off at the same stop as me, though where she got on was usually before, or the one after mine.

Increasingly, she would get closer and we'd say a bit more to each other. I usually sat up in the rear seat. For some reason I wanted her. She had a tanned-ish skin, pretty skinny, wore braces (teeth ones), flat chested as a surfboard. I found her attractive. I think it came down to having a thing with girls and having braces that or both the combo of braces and gloves.

One day on the bus, it was pretty busy, I got on at an earlier stop than I normally did cause I was doing other things, she got on at her later stop after my regular and she sat next to me. By this point in time we had gotten to know each other somewhat regularly.

She flashed her braces filled smile.

'How ya goin' she asked me.

'Pretty good, just heading home from a day at work in town and doing a few things.'

We chatted in general for a while for the bus ride.

She was relatively skinny, when she had her arms over the chair, the glove cuffs were more round than her wrists and I kimd of wanted them. We were chatting more. It was a packed bus by now but it lead to the sexual.

'You want a handjob off me, the Kelly special'

I almost choked.

'Come again?' I said.

'You heard me, a handjob, my way'

'Can I ask what that entails?' I asked.

'Nope but you have to trust me, you'll want it'


'Take it or leave it' she said

'Ok, off at my stop'

That was about 5 minutes away from now.


I had 5 minutes to compose myself. It really wasn't long enough.

We got off, the bus left. I saw the lights go off into the distance. I felt a glove go over my mouth. Then I felt my zipper be undone.

'You're gunna love this' she said.

Funnily enough, she was about my height, I never noticed it before, even when getting off the bus, though the bus floor was sloped to the front so I never took notice.

The soft MX glove fabric and her smell was actually pretty nice. My zipper went down, she fumbled for a few moments and grabbed my cock and pulled it out and started stroking, her hand firm on my mouth still. It kind of felt like being dominated, well I guess I was essentially. We were standing at a bus stop, a street light was about 20m away, so someone could still see us. I was just breathing through my nose.

'How does that smell'

Pretty good actually for some messed up reason. It was because of this that I began to take a liking to MX/BMX gloves.

She began stroking me, pumping my cock even. It felt pretty good. She was doing it pretty hard, my mouth was still covered, I found it pretty hot actually. Still pumping away on me. I made a moan sound, why I did, im not sure but I did anyway.

'Oh you love the glove?'


Why did I respond like that?! Her hand was still over my mouth. I wanted to fuck her. Fuck her brains out. But she was a pretty dominant person, or at least in this situation she was in a dominant position. She kept pumping me more.

I came.

'Well done'

That's what I get? Then again there could be more so I left it at that. She finally let go of me and my mouth.

'How was the glove' she asked.

'Freakin awesome' I said.

What?! I just said that? Here's a chick, I've known a few months, I have her jump on me, she jacks me off and I say that?

'Wanna come back to my place?' she asks. I think about what just happened, it's probably about 5 minutes.

'Well while you may have eternity, I gotta do stuff' she says


She takes off her top. She. Takes. Off. her. Top.

My jaw drops.

'Dude? Really? I have no tits, what's it matter?'

She had a point but still, she was a chick I guess.

'How far do you live?' I ask her.

'two houses down'

Eh, ok, that's the case, so it is. We enter the house. There's another person half awake. Kelly says something in another language, there's an argument in said language for a few moments.

'Don't worry, just old housemate, she really doesn't care, just nosy.'

We get to her bedroom, lay on her bed.

'So you prefer gloves or without?'

I really didn't know, what she did before was so hot, it was awesome but then again I wasnt sure if I could do that all time.

'Dude, stop thinking about it, just act. Also, I'm stark naked, take that into consideration'

It was pretty dark, but if she was wearing gloves i'd take it.

'You wearing gloves?'

There was a decent pause.

'I am now'

Was she less dominant than before?

'I can mouth ya, if you want'

Ok, so she isn't normally

'Can you have one near my cock and one near my mouth?

A pretty good pause here, at least 5 minutes.

'Sure. But I wanna do a couple things in the morning' she said to me, 'But I'm easy'

'Hmmm, ok' I said

Next morning was pretty good too.



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