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The girl in our office....

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I never really thought about sex with black women until a couple of years ago when I hired a very beautiful girl to work in our small office. She's very slim, attractive, with large, pear-shaped breasts and big nipples that always show and are a pretty reliable guage of room temperature and/or her erotic state. I felt sexually attracted to her from the start. And I began to notice other black women out on the street--pretty ones, ugly ones, tall, short, fat, skinny, elegant, hip, funky, sloppy or boring. It's as if I suddenly wore new glasses.

We worked very closely together, and became good friends.

When her old b/f came to town, she shared about their sex together and that opened up a whole new realm, and we began to talk a lot about sex (she's not so experienced). After he left, the subject turned to masturbation (all that was left), and I had this great opportunity to tell her in pretty explicit ways that I was strokin' on her and what I thought was really hot about her (and her clothes). The great result was that when we were working at the same desk she let her boobs do a lot of talking, even down to some nipple shots. And a few times when we worked after hours she slipped into the toilet and lost her bra. Little was said, but we both got off on it.

Things got a little uncomfortable, though, as we were in a workplace and a bit to close. A few months ago, she took a good career advancement with another firm, and the equation changed. We had long talks now and then on the phone, and the subject usually ended up pretty sexy. I got so I was stroking within minutes of her call, and one night I dropped a hint that I was enjoying talking with her in a "sensual" way, and she said, "Oh, I am too!"
I asked just what she meant, and she said, "Well, what did YOU mean?"

"Well, I'm kind of, ah, stroking."
"Is that ok with you?"
"Oh, yes! You told me that you think of me...I like that!"
"Cool, I just got VERY hard, by the way. [her characteristic nervous giggle] So, what did YOU mean by sensuous."
"Well, kind of the same as you, I guess."
"Yeah." [Man, she said "Yeah" in an unbelievably hot way]
"You mean, with your other hand?" Laughter.
"Yeah, exactly!"

We masturbated together several times on the phone until one day she invited me over for dinner at her new place (she got a raise). She had new clothes, too, a sheer tan blouse that left just a little to imagine, and some pants that showed her ass to perfection! I wasn't sure when I went where it would go. I really hoped that we would "get sensual", but she's really very shy and can be stand-offish and so I didn't get my hopes too high. Before dinner was over, though, we were both pretty hot. I began talking about her nipples and how I watched them every day at the office and we laughed about how she fuckin' knew all the time and even laughed about me with the other girls in the office.

Then I said, "No matter what you're wearing, I can't see enough of them!"
"Do you want to see me naked?"
"Fuck yes!"

"Hmmmm," she smiled and got up to get desert. She came back with all her buttons undone, and the dark shapes of those awesome tits clear between the folds. And the silk rested on her upturned nipples.

"Beautiful!" I said, and she smiled again.
After a few bites of pie, I said, "Do I get to see more?"
"Yeah. Later.......we'll get naked, ok?"

She lit candles, put on music, and slipped off her blouse, standing above me. Her tits are firm and long and very bouncy. My mouth must have fallen open.

"Ok, little boy. Off with your clothes. I want to see that cock you keep telling me about!"
I stripped and lay next to her on the bed (she didn't have a sofa yet).
She began to tease me, playing with her nipples, but quickly became immersed in herself, and after a while lost in nipple pleasure she unbuttoned her pants and slipped a hand down. I was stroking. A little precum glistened.

"Oh, my...you're wet too!"
"Yep." (I'd pretty much lost my conversational ability).
"I have to tell you, I have some stretch marks."
"And I don't shave."
"I already told you that's my favorite."
"Ok, here goes!" and she peeled off her pants.

Her stomach is flat, hips narrow, with an awesome butt, and wow, little curly hairs running from her belly button down to a clean, perfect triangle between her thighs. She giggled that nervous giggle again.

"Beautiful," I said. More giggle, then her finger went deep between her legs and she began stroking hard.
"Ummmmm, yeah. I love this feeling sooooo much!" Her eyes were closed. "Are you watching?"
"Duh, Yeaaaahhhh"
"Good." A big smile. She pulled her finger out and leaned over to put it under my nose. Her tits fell along my body.
"Like the smell?"
"I love it! And the taste, too." She licked, then her hand disappeared between her thighs again, and her legs opened up to accept a second finger inside her pussy.

"Ummmmm." Eyes closed, she stroked herself for a long time. I had been on the verge of cumming for a while, and was just in a trance watching her.
"You hot?" she asked.
"Fuck yes."
"You can cum on me, ok?" Giggle. I stroked more. "You're so quiet. Don't guys ever make noise?"
"Wait til I start to cum."
"Oh yeah, I remember, on the phone." I was dripping precum. I wet my finger and touched her nipple with it. Giggle. Hard stroking, both of us. Suddenly I was over the edge!

"Fuck, here it cums!" and I shot all over her belly and tits.
No giggle this time. Just a pause, then,"Wow, that's hot."

Her fingers slipped out of her pussy and were working her clit real hard. She began to whimper, then moan, then almost to scream. Her belly jerked and pushed her hips hard against her hand, her tits were bouncing and shaking and her screams got louder and she shivered with spasms for longer than I had ever seen.......

"Wow, that was...." Awesome giggle. "Fuck, I'm all sticky, you pig!" Laughter.

"Next time, I'll watch you cum, I promise, ok?"
...and next time, she did.

"Yeah, and now show me the beautiful ass of yours." She rolled over and her deep brown eyes glistened as I took in the beautiful curve of her ass, and enjoyed how it slipped into her thighs like warm muffins. She reached over and played a just little with my cock, watched it grow and then lay their while I stroked to another orgasm.....
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