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The 'Giant' Dream

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It was my dream and I was the King of the Beach.


Last night I had the weirdest dream ever but I have to say it was really stimulating, and can remember quite well as its the best dream I've had in years.

The dream at first started out fairly normal, well as normal as dreaming about babes at the beach can be. I remember thinking in my dream it would be nice to have these babes around me, so as dream go they start hanging around me, and one of them says that I have a huge dick (while in reality im just an average 5 1/2"er) and I brag about it, and I say something but I dont remember and then all of a sudden I'm getting a hard on and the girls lose their tops and their breasts grow to like size of basketballs and my dick becomes massive, I'm talking about up to my head, its somewhat wide and I look down and i see my balls are like soccerballs,I'm freaking out, but in my dream I act as if its natural.

I walk around about with my balls swinging and hitting thighs while my cock swayed side to side, dripping, oddly enough, pre-cum as I walked along, then I stop and I say it points up so it doesnt get anyone elses way, then I make it point forwards, and that's when the topless big boobed girls start coming over and rubbing their breasts all over me and my oversized cock. This all continues for a bit then I slowly wake up.

I try to go back to sleep and get back into what I was dreaming but I couldn't. My cock was coming out of my boxers and since from that dream I had to either let it subside (which didnt seem to be anytime soon) or relieve myself. Normally I prepare myself for when I have a wank but since it was 2am, I didnt want to wake anyone else up so I go downstairs to the kitchen trying to look for something quick and easy to clean up with, but being half asleep and not wanting to wake people up I left the lights off with only moonlight coming in through the kitchen, also the excitment of being caught rummaging around in the middle of the night with a boner, excited me more. I soon found a box, hoping it was tissues I pull one out, but instead its a disposable glove. As I already had made enough noise I decided to take it and go back upstairs.

I wanted to get it over and done with quickly so I could get back to sleep as I was doing some travelling in the morning.

I put the glove over my cock so as to catch the come as I was pretty much ready to go any moment. I start wanking but I just cant come just yet, I am hard and heavily stimulated but I cant bring myself over yet, so I close my eyes and think of what was happening in my dream, I lay back and I start wanking a bit, and within moments I cum with a great load, filling the glove with my cum. I must of have dozed off cause next thing I know my girlfriend is waking me up at 4am, I've still got the glove in my hand and over my cock, which is now flaccid.

Just as well it was her and not any of my family members as it could of been quite embarrasing.

I explain everything to my girlfriend, and she says that I could came into her room and she would of have helped me right away. Sadly that wasnt the case at the time but I sure did have a good wank from that dream

Now whenever I'm lost for inspiration when my girl isnt around I just think back to the dream I had, although its getting kinda shady now it still works for a wank.



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