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The Fun of Being Caught

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The Fun of Being Caught
I thought i might share a masturbation practice that I find adds a little extra excitement to an already wonderful experience. After many years of marriage our sex life is not what it was. Masturbation is the thing i look forward to almost every day. I think the chance of being caught really increases the excitement, so here is what i do. Try it and see if it excites you as much as it does me.
After we get in bed at night, I lay there quietly for maybe 5 ot 10 minutes. I sleep in the nude, so i am holding my penis, and gently massaging my balls. As i get to full erection i gently pull the covers back so i can touch myself freely. I can hear my heart pounding and slowly stroke my penis with my hand reversed, I mean with the thumb and index finger aiming down. This puts your fingers on the underside of you penis and by moving them in an order like milking a cow it gives a wonderful sensation. As i get more aroused i keep watching to see if my activities are being noticed. I get more and more into it and the bed is moving to the rythm i have going, as my hands stroke my penis. Sometimes she stirs, and i have to slow down. A few times she wakes and says, "what are you doing" I lay still and pretend to be asleep. A few times she has caught me. Most recently she obviously was aware and just as i was reaching orgasm she switched the bedside light on. I was at peak of orgasm and just let it come. She was torn between angry and excitement. I explained that I needed it, and knew she would not take kindly to being awakened to my begging for sex or touching her while she slept. She turned out the light, but in less than a minute i felt the rhythm of her fingers working feverishly over her clit. I asked if i could watch. She said yes, but only watch, and i had to masturbate for her.
I turned on my light and kneeled on the bed next to her. With my right hand i stroked my penis while loving the sight of her two fingers working her clit. She asked me to use my left hand to rub her G spot, so i inserted my index and middle finger into her pussy. She was soaking wet. I reached upward and found the textured place she loved to have rubed. As I wiggled these two fingers back and forth over the little wash board she started to tense up and her thighs clamped around my hand. I was stroking my still sticky penis. She said she wanted to see my come and asked if i was going to come soon. She was almost there, so i picked up my pace and quickly caught up with her. Just as i felt my come bubbling up in my balls, she started to shake and convulse in waves of orgasm. She said "come on me." I aimed my penis at her stomach and let it come on her belly. She continued to come over and over as long as i kept rubbing her spot. I envy her ability to have multiple orgasms. I licked my fingers clean, then put them back in. She was running with fluids that tasted so good. I rubbed her come together with mine on her stomach. Then i licked this wonderful soup up and kissed her. We shared the love we had made together.
Try this sometime, and maybe you will get lucky enough to get caught!



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