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The First Girl

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I still get off to this memory of the first time I had any type of sexual encounter with a female. I am sure you guys will enjoy this too!!


When I was nineteen, I had two gay male roomies. One night while talking, sex came up in the conversation, as it always did, and I confessed that I had always had a fantasy about being with a girl. Nothing more was said about it.

Two weeks later, I get a call from one of my roommates saying that we are having company for dinner and could I please fix something nice? I love to cook, so I agreed, but he never told me who was coming over. I wondered about it as I cooked.

That evening, the company arrived and it turned out to be a male friend and his bisexual girl roommate, who I will call Linda. We ate dinner, and had a great time. I had heard about Linda, but had never met her, and as I was eating and talking to her, in the back of my mind I was undressing her in my thoughts, wondering what her nipples looked like, what they would feel like in my mouth if I sucked on them. I wondered if she was loud when she came, if she got incredibly wet like I do. I was so turned on by the time dessert was to be served that I had to excuse myself to go in the bathroom to furiously finger my clit, covering my mouth with my other hand to stifle the moans.

After dinner, my roomates and the other male decided they wanted to go see a movie, which neither I nor Linda wanted to see. So, Linda stayed and we were alone in the apartment. We talked for a while, and I was so nervous, I was sure it showed. I don't wear a bra around the house, so my nipples were standing at full attention and clearly visible through my shirt. We were seated on the couch, me on one end and her on the other.

There was a lull in the conversation and I noticed that she was looking at my nipples. She licked her lips and asked if I had ever been with a girl before. I told her no, but that I was very interested. She asked me if I would remove my shirt so she could see my breasts. Well, I had wanted to do that all night long, so of course I did. She suggested that we take it slow and I said okay. She asked if she could tell me what to do and if I would do it, and I said yes. By this time I was so wet that I was surprised she could not see my pussy juices leaking out onto my pants. She took her shirt off and her bra. Her areolas were large and dark and her nipples were already rock hard. She said that she would do to herself everything that she wanted me to do to myself and that I should just copy her. I nodded, my breathing already hard, my pussy aching to be touched.

She put her finger in her mouth and sucked on it a little bit and put used the wetness to trace circles around her nipples, making them harder than before. With a little moan, I did the same. Then, she roughly pinched her nipples and pulled at them. Imagining that is was my nipples she touched, I did the same. Then she undid the button of her jeans and slid her pants and panties off in one motion. She reached into her pants and pulled her panties out and tossed them to me. After I had given her mine, I looked at the crotch of her panties and I could see how wet she already was. I could smell her and all it did was make me hotter.

I looked over at her and she was rubbing her finger in the juices in my panties and then she licked her fingers. Shocked, I did the same. I will never forget that first taste. I had never so much as tasted my own pussy juices before, so this was all new to me. I knew that it would not be the last. I heard her start to moan, so I looked and saw that she was rubbing her clit slowly in circles, her back arched over the arm of the couch and her eyes shut. I started to do the same. With me it had always been a rush job with masturbating. I had never really taken the time to enjoy myself. I found that by rubbing lightly in small circles on my clit that the feelings would build up slowly, but that they would be much stronger.

I started to feel it in my toes, then my legs started shaking, then my ass started tingling. I could feel the hot wetness dripping down into my ass as the orgasm was building. Hearing her start to moan louder just made me even wetter. My fingers started to speed up, until I heard her say, 'Slow down.....make it good'. I looked at her through half opened eyes and she had three fingers in her pussy, slowly pushing them in and out of herself, making sloppy wet noises. Her other hand was still slowly rubbing her clit. She took her fingers out of her pussy and licked each one of them clean.

That was it for me. Slow rubbing or not, I felt the inevitable wave of ecstacy start to build. This time it was much stronger as my fingers slid around my clit over and over, I came so hard that I couldn't hold back the screams. As I neared the end of my orgasm, I heard her come too. Then I felt her hand picking up my fingers, and as I stared, dazed, she sucked my cum off my fingers, never taking her eyes off mine. Then she kissed me long and deep....the softest lips. Then she got dressed, winked at me, and told me she had left her number on the fridge.

After she left, I made my way to my bedroom, where I couldn't quit thinking about what had just happened. I think I came about four or five more times that night before I finally passed out. We saw each other a few times after that, but nothing will ever stick out in my mind as much as that first time.



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