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The First Encounter

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Second year of college couldn't be looking greater for Aaron. His interest in science, space and astrophysics didn't get in the way of a healthy stream of babes. However, Aaron never expected to meet the babe of his dreams, on a class camping trip, in a spaceship.


The hillside was a beautiful place this time of year. Just before exams, Aaron was enjoying some time with his favourite astronomy class. Their trip to the woods to observe the stars and planets. Their professor was hoping for a meteor shower. Aaron sat on a rock, drumming his fingers against his thigh. It had been some time since he'd seen a lovely lady. The class consisted of mostly men. The only other lady on the trip declared herself a lesbian to Aaron already.

So, he watched the sunset alone. The other campers were setting up their things, preoccupied with preparing for the chilling night. Aaron saw the creeping stars come as the sun set. He breathed the crisp air. Slightly defeated, he accepted his fate of just jacking off tonight. His thoughts drifted to the times of ladies before, feeling himself getting excited already. Aaron sat up a bit straighter and looked around, no one was near. He needed to squeeze one in now.

Hopping off from the rock Aaron moved down the hill slightly, keeping out of eye from the campers. When he didn't hear their chatter any longer he relaxed himself. He knew he didn't want to get too far, it was getting dark out and the campfire they were setting up would provide his warmth for the evening.

Aaron moved through the trees, taking out his cell phone he used the light to make sure he didn't lose footing. He put his free hand down the front of his pants. Appreciating his past self for putting on some jogging pants before this trip. Idly he fondled his large cock. Feeling it grow in his hand. He tried to find a place where he could jack off in peace. Seeing a large enough tree to brace himself against, and hide behind. Aaron positioned himself against it.

He spat in his hand, and grabbed his cock. Stroking it how he knew he liked it. He gave a soft groan in the back of his throat. Enjoying the sensations that went through his body. His imagination went to as it pleased. Helping himself along.

"Oh daddy would love a little pussy to fuck right now." His hips went more into it. Too focused to notice the ground give a collapse beneath him. Aaron was dazed for a moment and scrambled to his feet. Adrenaline kept his cock hard. He looked around. And almost as if the gods answered his prayers, he heard through the darkness the soft mewling cry of a babe in heat.

Aaron brushed himself off and grabbed his phone, praising that it still worked, he went to follow the sounds. There was a slight like that came from the surface. Through roots. Aaron was both amazed, yet excited to what laid at the end. He saw a black metal like ship. It was in the ground, a part of it was open, and sitting inside was what looked like an 18 year old girl. But her body was a soft blue, and hair was white. Her body was smooth and looked slicked up with fluids. Her tits were large and nipples hard. Aaron watched in amazement as her hand played with her clit. Her pussy looked so cute.

Aaron watched it be spread open by a machine. It looked as it she was there for a while. The ship still operating it's system. Was this an alien? A hot, horny alien? Her pussy quivered and flowed with her juices. Her tongue stuck from her mouth, spit strung from it and her lips. Aaron grabbed his cock, hiding behind some of the roots he watched. Stroking his big cock.

A large cock came down, it looked like an animals of sorts. Slowly it started to fuck the blue alien girls pussy. Just the tip at first, then it got deeper and deeper. He watched her head fall back and her body rock against it. She loved that cock. Her hands went to her tits, squeezing them and pulling on her nipples. The machine fucked her faster and deeper. Her body took it and loved it. Another cock went to her mouth to hush the moaning. Aaron came hard as he watched. Feeling his cock throb in his hand, it wasn't finished yet.

The machine left her alone for a moment. Her body quivered, then her eyes opened. They were like space. She licked her lips when she looked at Aaron, he immediately went over to her. He felt no shame. he knew she wanted it. "What are you...?" Aaron asked as he got closer. He eagerly pulled his jogging pants down, her hands went for his shirt, unbuttoning it.

"I'm yours." She said, her legs pulled him closer. Aaron rubbed his cock against her wet quivering pussy. It was so hot he groaned into her neck.

"Good, you'll be daddy's babygirl yeah?" Aaron rubbed her clit faster. Her body jumped and squirmed. Her legs went around him.

"Yeah, yeah I'll be daddy's babygirl, I wanna feel daddy's cock deep in my little pussy." Her body moved to try to feel Aaron's tip against her entrance. Aaron let it happen, teasing her wanting pussy with the tip of his big cock. "Oh daddy please! Please I wanna feel your hot cum in me. Cum in me lots daddy, please!"

Aaron thought he was dreaming. This couldn't be real. But if it was a dream, he didn't want to wake up from it. Aaron grabbed her hips. Her body, so soft and smooth. "You want it?" Aaron asked, prodding his cock deeper into her.

"Fuck me daddy, fuck me!!" She pleaded. Aaron plunged deeper into her. She gasped with a big smile on her face. He wondered if she had ever felt a real cock. Her pleasure had Aaron fuck her harder. Her tits bounced. Her hands went to them again. Grabbing and pulling at her nipples. Her tongue lolled from her mouth, pure bliss on her face. Aaron came hard in her. Slowly fucking her after he came.

"Oh shit.... oh fuck your pussy it's so tight and hot and wet."

"Oh daddy your cum feels so good in me, give me more, give me more!" Her body moved, milking Aaron's cock with her tight pussy. He got hard once more, and felt himself succumb to a primalness inside of himself. He couldn't believe he was building to cum again.

That look of bliss stretched Aaron's face now. Fucking her again, and again, and again. The cum kept flowing.



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