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The Escort

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Visit to escort agency......


She is visiting Los Angeles, a city she has visited before. This time it is ostensibly to see her friend Melinda. Her husband shows little interest in her, an attractive woman with black hair cut to the top of her shoulders. She dresses well being of wealthy stock, has a good figure but she feels her breasts are a touch on the small side; she has an aquiline nose, full lips, a nice smile and is, she thinks, good looking for her age, which, after all, is not old.

She is sitting in her room in her 5 star hotel, having flown in from Houston in the early afternoon, reading the LA Gazette. Her roving eyes fall upon the classified section and she is reading under the heading “Adult”, not something she does at home. But that’s why she is in LA! In a box she reads “Male escorts available for ladies. Contact 956-293-8421 for more information”. Her heart beats faster, she feels her hands becoming damp and a slight dryness in the throat. She’s never done anything like this before but she feels a need for a man. Do I dare call these people? What will they say? More to the point, what do I say? I need a man? I want to fuck? I’m sexed up?



She puts down the paper, stands up, begins to pace the room, is having doubts about her resolve which seemed good before she set out from home. Ah, I know, I’ll have a snifter from the bar to give me a bit of courage. I’ve got to call these people before I go for dinner and tomorrow I’m meeting Melinda so….action!



Half an hour and 2 stiff gins later she is feeling much more confident. She lifts the phone, dials and awaits a reply. Three rings, a female voice replies:



“Rising Pole Agency. How can we assist you tonight?”

“Uh, hi! I…I’m in LA for the first time and, eh, I need some help here.”

“Yes ma’am. I’m sure we can help. Let me put you at your ease. You’re calling us because you need a man, perhaps tonight? If that’s the case we can help.”

“Eh, good. Yes, I need a man, a fairly young man, tonight.”

“Yes, fine. Let me see……yes, we have 2 men available, one in his late 20s and the other at 35. Would you be wanting him to, say, have dinner out with you, or in your hotel, escort you to a show, go clubbing, show you some sights of LA? Or have you something else in mind I haven’t mentioned?”

“Mmm, well, I had something else in mind,” her voice tailed away.

“Fine. Let me see… you want him to come to wherever you are, meet you and help your sexual needs? How does that sound?” the voice replied confidently.

“Just so. That sounds more like it. He needs to come round to my hotel, say at 9.30 tonight, and I’ll tell him what we’re doing. Is that OK?”

“Certainly ma’am. Just tell me your hotel’s address and your room and I’ll have Jason come right over.”

“Right, I’m at the Crown Plaza Mayor, suite 4511.”

“Very well ma’am, I’ll tell Jason. I hope you have good evening with him.”

She arranges the fee with the Agency, puts down the phone, sinks back into her deep chair, sighs, has another drink of her gin, realizes she is perspiring and feels a slight sexual awakening at the thought that she is going to have a young man here in her suite in about 3 hours time. She has 3 hours of anticipation ahead of her.

She bathes, deep in bubbles, relaxes, feels the earlier tension melting away. She dresses for dinner, to be taken alone in the dining room of the hotel. She feels an eager expectation building up as the evening progresses, during her light dinner accompanied by a good Californian red wine. It is 9pm when she reaches her suite again. She removes the blouse and skirt she is wearing, takes off her bra and panties, and changes into a simple long dress with décolleté, wearing nothing underneath. Another dab of her expensive perfume on the neck, between her breasts, below her navel. She sits, waiting in anticipation, slight butterflies in her stomach, but reinforced by the gins and wine in her resolve to do with this Jason what she wants.



Just after 9.30 there is a knock on her door. She opens it and standing outside is a man casually but smartly attired.



“Evening ma’am. You’re Carole? I’m Jason.”

“Yes, please come in.” She invites him into her suite. “Come here into this room. Don’t speak and do exactly as I say. You are to do as I require. Should you speak you lose forfeits and your evening will become, how shall I put it, more difficult.”

She leads him into the bedroom where there is a single bedside light working.

“Take off your clothes, all of them.”

He obeys, watching her silently as she stands watching him. His shirt comes off revealing a strong looking chest and arms, slightly bronzed. He pushes his trousers off, removes his socks, stretches up to his full height and she notices a slight bulging in his shorts.

“Take those off and then stand against that mirror, facing it and don’t move.”

The shorts are pushed off and she sees his penis, rising slightly already, swinging as he moves across the room to the full length mirror.

“Stand against it with your feet together.”

He pushes up against the mirror watching her in its reflecton, sees her coming towards him. Although the room is warm the mirror must be cold as he sighs when he presses against it. She admires his body, nicely proportioned, strong looking buttocks (a good driving arse, she thinks!) whiter than the rest of his body, not too much hair.

She moves up behind him, places her long delicate fingers and painted nails on top of his shoulders, rests them there, then starts to massage his top shoulders, rubbing her thumbs into the bottom of his neck on each side. She slides her hands down towards his spine, traces a line slowly with one finger down each side of his spine, right down to the swell of his buttocks where they cease contact for a moment and then her whole hands begin to feel his backside, just sliding over it gently, then more firmly, then raking her nails lightly across the cheeks, more firm massaging and feeling of the soft skin which he keeps relaxed until, suddenly without warning, she digs her nails in quite firmly. He gasps in surprise, clenches his buttocks as he feels the momentary sting, then she releases her nails and continues to knead his cheeks. She enjoys the feel of the muscular posterior and presently her hands move sideways around to his sides where they caress him lightly, even almost tickling him. His breathing becomes deeper, coarser.



“Move your feet apart,” she says. As he moves them she slides one of her high – heeled feet against one of Jason’s feet and pushes it out. He feels her long dress against him; he seems somewhat vulnerable standing naked, feet well apart with this strange woman’s hold over him, increasing his own sexual desire as she brushes her dress against him and touches him with her foot – and her hands, those lovely hands, caressing, so inviting.



“I won’t hurt,” she whispers as her hands move back from his sides to his cheeks again, lightly skimming over the skin, up the spine, outwards across the back and down, homing in towards the buttocks, slowly making their way to the crease in the middle, virgin territory for her so far. She brushes 2 fingers along his crease then the hand follows the natural curvature round underneath brushing so lightly the hair there till they reach the delicate globes hanging behind his rigid pole. She traces its rigidity behind his balls by fingering the skin behind them; he gasps when she feels his hardness here.



Till now she has not seen his inflamed cock but she feels as horny as he is; her cunt is wet, her nipples are outstanding, she really needs to move on but she is enjoying this playing, and she pushes a hand forward and starts to finger his jewels, marveling at their texture, their size and she is wantonly thinking they must be full of juice…….She kneads them gently, weighing them; he gasps; she pushes her hand further round and touches the base of his upstanding tool, but no, she must stick to her plan, not touch it, yet at least.



She sees he is watching her in the mirror as much as he can. She is conscious of him moving his head to get a view of her, still in her dress. She withdraws her hand brushing his bollocks, lifting them, slides it up his crease with her long finger sliding right through his crack, right on up his back to the top where her hands again massage his shoulders, then slide round his neck as she leans into him so that her nipples touch his back through the material of her dress. She runs her tongue across his back, down to the outward curve of the cheeks where she pauses, gives him a nip, and then:



“Go over to the bed, lie on it face up with your head at the foot, your neck just resting on the end.”

He moves across the room, gets onto bed and she watches him or, more precisely, his tool as it sways with his motion.



He is in position on the bed, she helps him adjust his position so that his head is over the end slightly. She stands behind his head looking down at him knowing she is slick with wetness. She parts her feet, lifts the front of her dress, billows it out over his chest, inches forward so that her legs are either side of his head and so that, in the semi gloom under her robe, he can see up towards her pussy. He attempts to lift up his head but she stays him with a hand on his chest:



“Wait!” she commands.

He sees her upper legs leading up to her portal, the spot he so much wants to touch, to lick, but it is difficult to see; there’s not enough light in here. He can smell her perfume and her raw sex, so near and yet so far. Why does he not just grab her? No, she has him in some kind of enthral; he dare not for fear of breaking the spell.



She moves backwards and stoops, sweeping the dress across his face and down. She bends right down to his lips, brushes them with her own, plants a light, sensual kiss on each eye, returns to his lips where she lingers, kisses him with increasing strength, opens her mouth where his tongue swiftly invades and they kiss deeply.



She stands, looks down at his handsome body, devouring it with her eyes, looks at his cock which is erect, sticking up, its head off his stomach, twitching in small movements. She lifts her dress off, casts it aside.



“Move along the bed a bit,” she says and pushes him till she is satisfied. He having done so she kneels behind his head, brushes her face over his and continues down his body until her right nipple is over his mouth. She lowers it till he can easily reach it; he tastes it, he licks it, he licks around it, he sucks on it, drawing out the nipple. She feels it hardening. She offers the other which he accepts hungrily, sucking on it. She is watching this, loving the flashing sensations it sends through her. She is becoming increasingly high; she must have her cunt given its due attention.



She pulls her nipple away from his mouth, eases herself further down the bed, each leg straggling his body, until her pussy is above his face. She holds it there so he can see it, sufficiently far from him so that he cannot taste it, only look and smell.



“Let me taste you, please,” he begs.



“Quiet! You have disobeyed my orders. You have not remained without speaking. Thus, you have forfeited your right to fuck me. Wait, and be patient! And don’t touch yourself!”



Her body lowers, her pussy a little open, comes within reach of his mouth and tongue. He licks avidly, he drinks from the flower of her body; she manoeuvres herself so he can more easily tongue her swollen clit. She tries to watch this, to heighten her sensations but it’s too difficult! She turns the other way to feast her eyes on his throbbing cock, inches from her. She can see liquid at its eye, clear. Her head moves forward and down, her tongue extends, she tastes his nectar from deep inside his lovely organ.



Jason’s ministrations upon her clit are causing her to rise in sexual need very quickly. His hands have gripped her sides so her own movements are now restricted as he sucks her lips, licks her clit, sucks into his mouth, rubs his tongue over it. She is gasping now, making a noise, whimpering with delight, breathing hotly over his prick which is twitching as he works his own muscles to try and make it cum because she won’t touch it and he is desperate himself for release. He gorges himself on her cunt; she is crying out now and feels the inner eruption coming as she moves into the final phase of her ecstasy, her being racked with the intensity of her cumming. Jason goes on licking and sucking, his face soaked with her juices. She is crying, gasping, calling out.



After a time she lifts her pussy from his face; she needs respite from his licking, but she is reminded of his pressing need by the twitching of his cock with a life of its own, just in front of her face, his legs working, his moaning and gasping and while she is gradually coming down from cloud nine half thinking do I help him or not, she is surprised to see a small dribble from its end then a huge gushing hits her square in the face right on the cheek followed by another and succeeding squirts along his belly as his cock jerks wildly. In spite of being hit she watches fascinated till all movement has practically ceased, then she relents, reaches out with her hand, encloses his tool and milks him of the remaining juices which still flow copiously.



She rolls from her position over him, spins round and kisses him on his mouth, still wet from her juices.



“You have a way with your tongue which is quite exceptional and I really enjoyed that. Just what I needed. Thank you.” She placed her fingers across his lips so any reply he may have had was stillborn.



She found her dress, slipped it on, indicated to Jason that he could go. As he was departing he said, “You have the most beautiful cunt it’s been my pleasure to taste. I’d like to do it again,” and with that he was gone. After his disappearance she sank back onto the bed, reflecting on the last hour’s pleasure and wondering when she could do it again. Tomorrow she was meeting Melinda. I wonder if she’d be interested in hearing about my experience. Does she do anything like this?





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