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The End of My Fourth Term at Uni

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I have only been at college for just over a year. This is the end of my fourth term...but what a term! I am something of a bookworm, I dont go to the interminable college parties, and I do not have successions of boys after me. They know, I think, that I am here to study and nothing more. Some people say I radiate a 'stay away' vibe.


I don't remember when I first started to find him attractive. In fact, I DO remember thinking he is something of an asshole. But then in a lecture one day, I found myself staring at him and, er, becoming wet. I could actually feel myself getting wet and it just didn't seem to stop.

I should say here that I am still a virgin and am in no hurry to lose it, unlike the many girls here who did not get past their first night at Uni. I do masturbate, but then, who doesn't?

But anyway, back to the matter in hand. During the coffee break, I went back to my room. I changed out of my jeans and into a short skirt. I didn't change my panties, but I did take a look in them. DAMN, I haven't been this wet before. I should have changed them too, but I just wasn't in that kind of mood. I put my little denim skirt on and went back to the lecture. He was sitting more or less opposite me and I saw him look up from his notes. I wasn't sitting in any provocative way, but even so, I knew he could see up my skirt. The contact of his eyes on my legs made me literally gush! It didn't take much for me to just shift slightly in my seat until I knew he could see my crotch. I have never been so brazen in my life before. I just noticed him taking the odd glance and I wondered what it would be like to feel his cock up me.

By the time the lecture ended, I had made up my mind and decided to invite him back to my room for coffee. (Yeah, I know!) I had made so many decisions in that last hour and a half. I WOULD go the whole way with him, and I SOOOoo wanted him to cum in me. He accepted my offer and the walk back to my room seemed to take mere seconds. I made the coffee and then made my move. He pulled back. I knew he was older than the rest of us by about eight years.

Oh, but what a sweetheart he was! I had made it clear I wanted him to be my first but he said 'Anna, you don't want me. You deserve someone who will love you, and want to stay with you to receive the precious gift of your virginity.' He could have fucked me right there and then, but he didn't. In that moment, I knew he was right too. He went on. 'Anna, you are radiating sex at the moment. Your desire is palpable and, (he leaned in closely to my ear) I can smell your pussy.' Ohhh shit. That nearly made me cum in my panties! 'But what I can do for you is this'

He layed me back on my bed and started to kiss me. His hands fluttered over my breasts, then under my t shirt then I felt my bra being unclipped at the front. For the first time in my life, my breasts were exposed to a man. He kissed them softly, then more urgently, then he nibbled my nipple. (I almost wet myself!) Then his hands travelled down, under my skirt and I lifted my ass off the bed as he eased my panties down. I caught a brief glimpse of them and the crotch was literally black with wetness! Then his fingers found my clit! I couldn't help it, I orgasmed immediately. But it wasn't the last! He fingered me with such precision, he knew precisely what to do and brought me to several totally different orgasms. One was just my clit as I said, then I had a vaginal one, he didnt touch my clit at all, but he did talk really dirty to me. Then he pressed my g-spot hard while playing with my clit too. Finally, he fingered my ass really deeply. I have never done that even to myself before. It felt nice, but I didn't think it would make me cum, until, that is, he fingered my cunt too. Suddenly, I felt utterly electrified and the orgasm made me black out for a moment or two.

When I came too, he was lying beside me smiling at me. Of course, I still wanted him in me, but he wouldn't fuck me. Instead, I got his cock out and masturbated him. Again, clumsily, I had not touched a boy until that moment. He was so hard! He asked me to put my panties back on, and I jacked him until he said, in his lovely rich bass voice 'Anna, I am going to cum all over your panties. Is that ok?' Oh yes!! Then I felt him spurt on me.

He left after that, but I had my panties with his sperm on them and my cream IN them.

What a lovely couple of hours.

That night, I masturbated myself silly, and found out that sperm tastes slightly salty, who would have thought that? It also has a very distinctive smell, almost metallic? Hard to describe really.

So, January 2012? What will it bring, I wonder. One thing I know is that I am ready to have sex now, and I want him to be my first. Oh, I doubt it will be true love, or anything like that, but I figure that a man who can refuse sex when it is offered as blatantly as I did, is a gentle soul, and what better to have your first time with?

Meanwhile, we have the long Christmas vacation, during which time, I will be jilling off thinking about some of the dirty things he said to me, and some of the scenarios he painted in my mind.



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