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The Confession

Posted by: Author: Age: 19 Posted on: 6 comments
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This happened four days ago and I'm still thinking about it in a variety of ways. I've learned something totally new about myself and I'm not so sure how to handle it. Both my parents are doctors and it was Saturday night. Dad was at the hospital and mom had the night off. I didn't have a date so mom and I watched some TV and talked about my schooling and her job. I was sipping Iced tea and mom had a glass or two of wine. Mom seemed kind of out of it that night but I couldn't really put my finger on what it was. Then came the bombshell. Mom proceeds to swear me to secrecy about what she is going to tell me. I promise to keep the secret. She tells me that while she totally loves dad she also likes sex with women. My mouth hung open and I was in shock. I didn't say anything. Mom then said that she periodically (that was her word) has had sex with girls/women for the past ten years. Dad knows nothing about any of this. She said that she does things with women that she and dad never do and never will. Meanwhile, as I'm listening to this I am experiencing those sexual signals which a woman gets when she knows she is becoming involved in a sexual experience. Sensations are taking place in my genital area and I know that my nipples are already hard. By the way, my mom is a knockout and would have no problems meeting and pairing up with anyone, male of female. She began to give me some details of her latest experience with a woman of nineteen and I am now completely turned on. I could see them in my mind lying on a bed and pleasing each other sexually. Mom then said, 'I don't really know why I just told you all of that, I just wanted to tell you, that's all.' Here's the part that causes me concern. A little later I went to bed and all I could think about was what mom had just told me. I was still feeling very stimulated if you know what I mean. I reached down into my panties and touched my now wet vagina. I parted my slit and quickly had my two fingers on my clitoris. I switched from rubbing my clitoris to fingering myself with one finger. My hole is real small. I've found myself several times looking the wrong way at some women but I've promptly put it out of my mind. Now I found myself lying in bed with my hand between my legs and picturing my mom in all of her nakedness. I imagined playing with her breasts and nipples and using my mouth. I imagined her lying naked in bed with another woman and doing sexual things to each other. I continued to rub and finger myself until I experienced an orgasm. After about five minutes I did it again and came again. Finally, I fell asleep. I don't know where this will go, if anywhere.



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