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The Changing Room

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Well, people seemed to enjoy my public experiences before Solo Touch changed so I hope people still enjoy more of them now.

This happened when I went shopping one day. I was shopping for clothes and wasn't shopping for any clothes in particular. It was a while ago but I remember that I was wearing a light summer dress as it was a hot day in summer. I was browsing through the clothes and found some things I liked.

So I went to the changing room to try them on. They were lots of different clothes: skirts, dresses, jeans, shorts, tops etc. I tried them on and found a good combination of a tight low cut top and some tight jean shorts. This combination just really turned me on. The tightness of the shorts and how they were high on the waist but very short on the legs, and the tight top that hugged my boobs and showed off some cleavage (although at 32B there isn't masses to show).

I started to get wet and could feel it starting to soak into my panties. There was no seat in there so I was forced to stand. I stuck my hand down my top and felt my boobs I pinched my nipples making them almost instantly hard. I started to slowly work my way down to my pussy. I stuck my hand down the shorts and through my panties I could feel the wetness of my pussy. I was rubbing my clit in small circles as I always do and was moaning ever so slightly. I was careful not to moan too loud as I didn't want to be caught. I had one hand down my shorts rubbing my clit and another down my top rubbing my boobs and pinching my nipples. I moved my hand so that I was directly rubbing my clit rather than just through my panties.

By doing this I was getting a stronger sensation and started to put more pressure clit and rub it faster. I could feel my legs getting weak so I took my hand out from my top and used it to lean against the wall. I carried on getting faster and putting on more pressure. I felt my orgasm building and was barely able to stand when suddenly my orgasm hit me.

My knees buckled and I slowly collapsed to the ground as my orgasm went through me. I was holding back my moans as I squirmed around on the ground. As my orgasm faded I sat on the ground for a while as I knew I couldn't stand. When I felt like I could I stood up and changed back into my dress. I bought the top and shorts of course I loved them too much not to. I've enjoyed wearing them many times after this.



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