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The Cabin

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My parents have a cabin that they bought when they were just married with another couple. The other couple had a daughter who was the same age as me. We saw each other every summer until we were 17. That was the last time I saw Leslie. Two years ago after my first marriage ended in divorce and I lost my job. I decided to go and live in the cabin for awhile and get my shit together. I told my parents where I was going and they told me to be careful. The cabin hadn't been used in years. I told them I would fix it up while I was there. I asked about Leslie and her family and they told me they haven't used it in ten years.

I drove to where the cabin was and found the dirt road now a grass road. I slowly made my way up to the cabin and when I opened the door a few birds flew out. I checked over the cabin and saw a window needed to be replaced and a few minor things. I went into town and bought new window panes, paint, cleaning supplies and a few other things. The owner asked if I was Richard. I told him yes and he handed me a sheet of paper. It was a message from my father about finding myself is a good idea and take all the time I need. He also said he let the other family know I was staying at the cabin for a while. I thanked the owner and he told me he would be up in a few days to clean up the road. It took me three days to get the cabin back into shape. I now had food, shelter and the lake. I loved the lake and used to swim every morning and night. If I was by myself I went naked, but with Leslie I wore a suit.

One day I was swimming in the lake and heard a car by the cabin. I was swimming naked and had no towel. I heard a woman yell my name and yelled I am down here. I heard the bushes moving and out on the dock came Leslie. She looked down and said I still loved swimming naked in the lake. I said hi and asked how she was. She told me good and when she heard I was here she decided to see the cabin. I asked if she had a towel and she said nope. I asked her to go get me one and she said nope. I said she wanted to see me naked. Leslie said I have waited many years for this. I came out of the lake and she asked if the water was cold. I told her yes. Leslie looked me up and down and said it was worth the wait. I asked her to go first but she said after me. I headed into the cabin and found the towel and dried off. After getting dressed I asked how long she was staying. Leslie said she didn't know. Then she started to cry. I hugged her and she told me she was divorced from a man who hit her and she lost two pregnancies from him. I told her it was okay and I was here. She stopped crying and asked if she could stay for a while. I told her we had the room.

That night after dinner I was outside and looking at the stars. I told her I loved being out here. When I was married I always wanted to come here but my wife was a hotel person. I also dreamed my children would play in the lake. After a few minutes Leslie came over to me and gave me a long kiss. After, she said she also wanted to do that since we were 13. I kissed her back and told her since I was 11 I wanted to kiss you. We loved the love seat and made out like teenagers. Leslie kept saying why didn't we stay in touch. After kissing for ten minutes I was hard and asked Leslie to come inside. I took her to my room and after more kissing I stripped naked and said your turn. Leslie stripped and as soon as I saw her breasts I said god have I wanted to see them. They were small but very perky. Leslie said she hated them and I told her they were the perfect fit. Once I looked at her pussy I noticed she shaves and said she looked like a 14 year old. Leslie laughed and asked if I liked 14 year old's. I told her this one I did. We hugged naked and her breasts felt great on my chest. Leslie said she could feel the warmth from my dick on her stomach. We went to the bed and kissed again and Leslie asked me to play with her pussy. I slid a finger into her wet pussy and she parted her legs and I just finger fucked the shit out of her. Leslie had two orgasms and we stayed that way for awhile and kissed again. I told her I have been in love with her since I was 14. Leslie cried and said the same thing. We fell asleep cuddling.

In the morning I woke to the smell of bacon and coffee. I went to the kitchen naked and Leslie was butt naked too. I came up behind her and she giggled as I kissed her ass. I then hugged her and told her last night was the best of my life. She turned around and said mine to. We were naked all day and made love when ever we wanted to. We even did it in the lake. That was fun and Leslie told me she had once masturbated in the lake when she was 15. I laughed and said I always jerked off in the lake. Over the next two weeks we just talked, made love and talked more. One night we were sitting outside and having some wine and I was smoking a cigar. I told Leslie I think I know why my marriage didn't last. She asked me why. I told her because I have always used you as my ideal mate and no one could hold a candle to you. I looked at her and said I think I have always loved you and wanted to marry you for the last 20 years. Leslie looked at me and was in deep thought and said I was right. We were always with each other during the summer and we actually doomed out own marriages. She smiled and said we were just meant to be together. We kissed and I actually felt better. I felt I huge weight was lifted off me. I said it to Leslie and she turned and said she also feels much better. We went inside the cabin and explored each others bodies. We 69'ed and made each other have huge orgasms. I told Leslie I could stay here for the rest of my life.

In the morning I woke with Leslie in my arms. She told me she slept better last night than in 10 years. We decided to go to town and call our parents. Leslie went first and told them she feels great and how I was a big help. I called my parents and told them how good I felt and Leslie was with me. My dad said he knows and talked to her parents. I then said to my father I know why my marriage didn't work out. I told him I love Leslie and have for the last 20 years. My father asked what I was saying. I looked at Leslie and said I want to marry her and love her for the rest of my life. I then got down on one knee and asked Leslie to marry me. Leslie said yes and we called her parents. Her parents were happy and we told them we would call in a week.

Two days later both our parents were at the cabin and saw us naked in the lake having sex. After we climbed the hill naked our parents smiled and said they always thought we made a good couple. We dressed and a few days later we wed at the cabin.

Since Leslie received a lot of money from her ex we lived at the cabin and had it winterized. Almost a year later we had our first child. It was followed by another the next year. We had a boy and a girl and love each other and the cabin very much. Our parents love to come and see the cabin and grandkids as much as possible. My dad always jokes and says they bought the cabin to bring us together and get some grandkids.



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