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The Bucking Saddle

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No this has nothing to do with a horse, it's even better than than. 

For years I have wanted to try a Sybian but could never justify (or afford) purchasing one. 


That is until last week, I finally broke down and ordered The Bucking Saddle Thrusting and Vibrating Sex Machine from Adam & Eve. It was money well spent let me tell you!! With 3 vibration speeds,  7 vibration patterns, 10 thrusting speeds and 4 silicone attachments the possibilities are about endless. 



Late morning Monday my package was delivered. We opened the box, took it all out and tested it to make sure it worked. Once we knew it worked we cleaned it really good and set it up in the living room floor and took a little time figuring out how it worked, how the attachment went on and all that. 



Once I was comfortable with the controls I decided on just the clitoral stimulation to start out. 



I stripped down to just my underwear (which were already soaked)  to start and straddled my new best friend. 



We decided it best I run the remote the first time so I switched it on low and lowered myself on it. 



"Holy shit," was all I could say. Even on low it was like nothing I'd ever felt before. 



I then started flipping through the patterns finding one I liked best before turning up the speed to 2.



I almost immediately tossed the remote to Bethany because I knew there was no way I was going to be able to focus enough to mess with that. 



It didn't take but a few minutes before I felt my orgasm approaching and when it hit me, it hit me hard. 



I was moaning and thrashing about like I was on a Bucking horse. 



When my orgasm subsided Bethany asked, "Do you want me to stop it?"



"Hell no," I replied as I stripped my panties off and knelt back down.  "Turn it up."



As Bethany turned up the speed she also stripped down to her birthday suit, leaned back against the couch and started playing with herself. 



Several times I could feel my eyes roll back in my head as I ground on and humped this poor machine. All the while it was beating on my gushing wet vagina like I was a red headed step child. 



I could feel my second orgasm approaching as I watched Bethany work her clit hard. 



"Come stand right here," I said to her pointing to the floor right in front of me. 



Already knowing what I had planned Bethany gets up and stands in front of me, legs spread and pelvis tilted out. I bury my face in between her oh so wet labia, drinking in her heavenly juices as I lick, suck and lightly nibble on her clit. 



Within 2 or 3 short minutes my second orgasm is busting down the door. 



As I begin to moan and squirt heavily Bethany floods my face with her girl cum as her orgasm crashes through her too. 



Bethany's legs become weak and she has to break away from me to get her balance back. Once she regains her composure I pull her back to me as I know I'm going to cum again soon. 



This time she grabs the back of my head to not only help balance herself but to also push me harder into her. 



Just as my second orgasm is winding down #3 ramps it right back up and off the charts. 



Just as my orgasm is starting to peak Bethany's hits her. 



We are both moaning, cumming and squirting like never before. 



Finally I can't take anymore and roll off the machine into the floor as Bethany shuts it off and takes her place back in the floor by me leaning back against the couch. 



"Holy shit!" I breathlessly exclaim, "those last 2 were the most intense orgasms I've ever had." 



"I could tell by your movements, the expression on your face and the way your eyes were crossing and rolling back in your head they were pretty intense," she said.  "I couldn't take it anymore and had to join in."



We lay there for a few minutes, catching our breath and regaining our composure as I let the tremors that were still going off in my body subside.



We both looked around at the mess we had created and started to laugh as I said, "Thank God for tile flooring."



"Yeah, we have quite a mess to clean up here," she said, "but not before I give it a go because I'm sure this isn't all the mess that's going to be made."



"Can you imagine what it's going to be like once we add in the accessories and the thrusting motion?" she asks.



"I can't wait to try that, but it's not going to be right now, I can assure you of that," I laughingly respond. 



Bethany's turn coming next. 



Girls if you haven't tried one of these you definitely should. 








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