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The best sister in the world

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Kelly the best sister in the world


This happened last summer. I was in a boating accident and was severely hurt by breaking both arms, collar bone and four of my fingers. I was in a hospital for two weeks when I heard my mother and my aunt K talking about their trip to Canada. Mom was saying she might have to cancel to take care of me. When a nurse told my mom there are nursing homes that would take care of me while she was on vacation. I told her I didn’t want to go to a nursing home, I wanted to stay home for my summer vacation and not in a nursing home.

I asked my mom could she call my sister who was four years older than me, she being 21 and I was 17. Mom didn’t think my sister would do it, she called her and my sister said yes. Mom told her it would be for two to three weeks till she got back from vacation with aunt K she said she was fine with that. I was going home in two days so the next day my mom and sister came to the hospital and was talking to the nurse on how to take care of me.

My first day home wasn’t too bad, mom took care of me feeding me, and giving me a bath. I was ok with mom seeing me nude, it wasn’t the first time she saw me nude. So for the next two weeks mom was taking care of me and getting ready for her trip. My sister was coming over the day before mom was to leave so she could get some rest.

The first day with my sister wasn’t too bad, I told her everything was OK and I was OK with her seeing me nude. My sister would help me with everything I needed to do. Plus my girlfriend would come over and help. One day my girlfriend came over and told me she was hot and wet and because it's been a while that we had sex, she was telling me she was hot and wet, as we were talking, she started to play with herself. I was starting to get a hard and she saw this so she removed the blanket and started to play with my cock while she was playing with herself. My sister was downstairs making me lunch while we were playing around upstairs and I told my girlfriend we had to be careful that my sister wouldn’t catch us.

While my girlfriend was jerking me off and playing with herself I was laying there with my eyes closed then opened them up a little bit and saw my sister standing by the door with my lunch, she didn't make a sound and just stood there. I opened my eyes and looked at her and smiled, she backed up but still was there watching us. My girlfriend started to cum and then I started to cum. When we were finished my girlfriend cleaned me up then my sister rattled the dish to let us know she was coming in the room. My girlfriend got up and says she had to go and would be back later. My sister put my lunch on the table and started to feed me. All this time not a word was said. Then I looked at my sister and said I was sorry she saw my girlfriend playing with herself and jerking me off, she said she was ok with it and not to worry about it. She then told me she didn’t go back downstairs when she saw me look at her, that she just backed up for me not to see her but I told her I knew she was still there and that it was ok and it was really hot.

I told her I had to pee so she helped me to the bathroom, and while in the bathroom she said she would stand outside so I could go pee. I told her I needed help that she had to hold it for me, she said I could sit down and pee but I told her it was a problem because I was 9” and kind of hard for me to pee without holding it. So she came back in and held my dick so I could pee. When I was finished and we went back to my room, I told her I was tired and wanted to take a nap for a hour so she went back downstairs.

About an hour and a half later she came back upstairs and sat down with me, she wanted to talk about what had happened and I said I was OK with her seeing me getting jacked off. She said she always knew I masturbated and she would watch me sometimes. I didn’t know what to say so I said was it OK my girlfriend was jerking me off and she said yes. She said that it made her hot too and she said when she was holding my dick while I was peeing it made her hot too, she said she always wanted to hold a guys dick while he was peeing. She asked me if I would like my bath now or later, I said now would be ok. So we went in the bathroom, she started the bath water and used the portable shower adapter wetting me down and then she started to lather me up with the soap and told her I had to pee and if she wanted to hold it again and she did with a big smile on her face. After she was finished with my bath she started to dry me off when I saw her t-shirt was wet and I could see her boobs and I started to get a little hard so I told her her shirt was all wet and I could see her boobs. She took her shirt off and asked if I was ok with it. I told her yes. As she started drying me she went to my privates and started to dry them and she noticed that I was getting a little hard. She asked me if it was because she was rubbing it, I said yes and seeing her top off was helping to get hard.

We went back to my room and I got back in bed, she said she would be back. When she came back she was nude and she said if it was ok because I was nude and said I would be comfortable seeing her nude. We sat there watching TV when I got the courage to ask her if she would jerk me off. She looked at me for a long time not saying a word, then she took my cock in her hand and started to play with it. I told her if she wanted to play with herself to go for it which she did. It was so hot seeing her playing with her pussy I saw it was getting really wet. I asked her to rub some of her juices on my cock, she did, just to feel her pussy juice on my cock made me shoot the biggest load everywhere. When she saw I was cumming she started to cum. I could see her pussy juices running down her leg she was so wet and seeing my sister playing with herself was so fucking hot. When we were done she got in bed with me and we fell asleep.

The next day when she brought me my breakfast and said that this is going to the best three weeks together.

Now that I’m able to use my arms and hands again my sister and I still get together but now I’m able to play with her pussy now and to play with my dick shooting my load all over her hot juicy pussy and now she lets me watch her peeing.

I have the best sister in the world.



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