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The Best Part of Work... Part 3

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Please read the first two to understand this story. Our masturbation club was going strong and we became closer friends as a result. By the 3rd week, our parties were hot and the girls even hotter!

By the 3rd week of our masturbation/sex after-work club, we had developed a plan: Whoever hosted the Fri or Sat night “event” was in charge of planning what we did. As I said last time, we did the hot tub thing when it was my turn again, strip poker, and a host of other activities. I must admit the girls (Karen and Jan) were more imaginative then we guys were (Terry, Heath, and myself). Actually, I didn’t care what we did—all the activities ended the same: either jerking off or having one of the girls jerk us off. Even by the 3rd week, I realized this couldn’t go on forever , but it was so fun- having the small town boredom, I always had something to look forward to. I knew eventually we’d find girlfriends/boyfriends and this would end. Terry and Karen were still a hot item, which added to the weekly excitement. (The best ones were when Karen let us watch her suck Terry off- she must have given excellent head because Terry’s eyes would go up into his head just before he came, and I loved watching her- wishing she’d do it to me—sorry to say, it never happened. She would never go further than a hand-job with Heath or myself.)
Anyway, on the 3rd week, Terry hosted it. He still lived at home, so we had to wait until his folks went to bed- we ate dinner with them and visited until they retired to bed- maybe around 9 p.m. The whole time I couldn’t help but think about what we were going to do. I think we all found it difficult to concentrate on visiting with Terry’s parents (who were very nice people), so when they went to bed, we all made a bee-line down to the basement. Terry locked the door to basement, just in case they ventured down- he reminded us we had to be a little quiet, but that the evening was a “go.” We had a 6th person tonight- Terry’s brother, Jeremy was visiting from Raleigh, and was spending the weekend with the family.. I was a little apprehensive when I saw him, wondering if we could still go ahead with the sex club, but Terry must have told him all about it—he didn’t question a thing. Jeremy was about 5’10” tall- 19 years old and just as good looking as his brother- he was blond- and he played football also-
Terry looked like he had everything planned- apparently his bedroom was in the basement- there was a twin bed in the corner- a sectional set and TV- stereo, etc. and a bathroom. Another room held a pool table. All of us guys went to check out the pool table, while Terry put on some music softly for the girls . We shot pool for a few minutes- not long since we all had sex on the brain.
Terry gathered us all back on the sectional and said, “ok, I think we’re ready to go w/ tonight’s festivities- remember to be quiet.” He then went on to say tonight the girls would have to reciprocate and have a “Jill-off.” They had watched us three (Terry, Heath, and myself) jerk off the previous weekend. Karen had already agreed to it, but Janice was embarrassed I could tell. She wouldn’t do it and we didn’t try to force her.
Karen (our exhibitionist) began to undo her blouse. Karen told Terry something like- you’ve got to help me here- he went over and they began kissing- here I was again- a voyeur.
They kissed for a few minutes and eventually Terry had her down to her panties. They were going at it good. Terry’s shirt was off and she was circling her hand around his crotch massaging his penis through his pants. I could tell he was hard and ready himself—but the night was going to be about Karen, at least first.
In 10 minutes or so, Karen stood up and dropped her panties—there was that shaved pussy. Heath blurted out, “Yeah, I love ‘em shaved too” or something like that. Karen then looked at him and said, “I let Terry shave me sometimes.” Oh man, that was hot. I had an erection that was straining my pants- We would get to see him shave her- but that was a different night.
Karen began fingering herself. She laid down on the couch (Terry already had it covered with a blanket- just in case- so there would be no “mess” as he put it!) Karen had her finger in and out of her vagina- first one finger and then two and finally three- in a circular motion while rubbing her tits with her other hand. For a while Terry kissed her and rubbed her other breast,and bent over and sucked her tit, but he quickly quit and joined the rest of us in viewing this. I could tell she was building up to an orgasm fast. She then told Terry to join in , which he did. Off came the pants and boxers and he was down next to her, jerking off. Watching them side by side, jerking themselves off was wildly exciting. Jeremy was moving around in his seat- I’m sure trying to adjust his hard-on, as I was. Heath on the other hand, being bold as usual, was touching himself through his jeans.
Karen came first- she moaned and then let out a yelping noise. She quickly built up into another one and then asked Terry to help. He stopped jerking himself and he began fingering her – first lightly and she kept saying “harder, harder.” I was wondering if they might have sex together, but no.
Karen then grabbed his dick and pumped in rhythm together. They came almost together- Karen first, and Terry right behind her. They were sweaty and flushed. Terry had cum on his chest and right arm. Karen licked the cum off her hand.
Now, here the rest of us- Heath, Jeremy, and Janice all watching and hot. Terry then suggested we have a “jerk-off”. Karen said she would jerk us off together and see who could last the longest. Heath said, “too late,” as he came right in his pants, still massaging himself through his jeans. He had unzipped himself and had jerked off with his pants still on. He went into the bathroom to clean up.
Janice, who would not participate with us for a few more weeks, just watched as Jeremy and I stripped down to our boxers. No embarrassment anymore as I wore my hard-on proudly, as it tented up my boxers. Jeremy also was erect, and he had his boxers off, but covered himself up as he sat down next to me. Karen moved the coffee table and knelt down in front of us—saying—“here we go.” Jeremy moved his hand, and I slid off my boxers. I must admit, I glanced over to Jeremy and looked at his member. Jeremy in some ways had a better body than Terry. He had a better defined chest and a narrow band of chest hair on his navel area that made me wonder if Terry shaved his chest, since he didn’t have any. His dick was about the same size as Terry's, and although he had sandy blond hair, his public hair was dark. Karen grabbed us quickly and began her work. She found it a bit awkward at the angle and it wasn’t very stimulating either, as her jerks were awkward. She then asked Jan to help. I remember wishing, I hope Jan gets me. Karen kept a hold of me and Jan settled down next to Jeremy . Terry said, “Go”, and they both began pumping. Karen was definitely going faster and harder, which meant I would lose and cum first. About 30 seconds into it, Karen said, “switch”- WOW!, now my chance. I must admit I was attracted to Janice, especially because she was a little cautious with sex. I had seen her tits last week, and looked forward to more. Jan lovingly began rubbing my penis- up and down. (We eventually dated some and she commented how much she wanted to touch me- she also mentioned she had never touched a penis before tonight and was a virgin. She wished my penis had been the first one she had touched, intead of Jeremy). Karen began her fast pumping of Jeremy. Poor guy, he came in 15 seconds, thanks to Karen's expertise, I'm sure. He exploded- that’s the only way I can put it. He shot his load all over himself and Karen. Again, she immediately began licking it up- this time off of Jeremy’s chest. That was too hot, and I came, right in Jan’s hand. My load also went on my chest- about half-way up (I would never jack off on Thurs or Fri so I could build up a pretty good load for our weekends). Janice dropped my penis immediately and curiously watched the last cum drip out.
Karen then asked Jan if she wanted to Jill –off. I was so hoping she would say yes, but she didn’t. She said she enjoyed watching us all.
For the next hour, we sat around watching TV. Terry and Karen were in each other’s arms on one end of the sectional- they were both naked, but Terry had their privates shielded with part of the blanket- I don’t know if that was on purpose, or if it just happened. Heath had on a pair of Terry’s shorts and a tee shirt (his pants were cum stained). I was in my boxers and tee-shirt and Jeremy just had on his underwear. Jan was fully-clothed.
By this time, it was about midnight and I was ready to go. Just then, Terry got up- his dick hanging low in the reflection of the TV screen, and plopped in a movie. He didn’t say a word—it was a porno-
I decided to stay. The movie was your typical poorly made porno with no plot line- two amply breasted women were doing each other- oral sex and everything else. It was hot. Terry and Karen were making out on the couch. It was dark, but I could see their reflection as they retired to his twin bed. Terry continued kissing her and then Karen went down on him and performed oral sex. I could only see their outlines, but I knew what was happening and the heavy breathing. Mid-way., Jeremy said something like, “stop it bro, I can’t stand it.” He then left, walking upstairs- you could see his hard-on, which he was trying to hide. I’m sure he was headed upstairs to jerk off again. Wish he’s stayed and we could have watched!
After they were done, we all decided it was time to go. We all put on our clothes- I was excited and hard again from the porno. I remember getting in my car and driving just a bit down the road, and jerking again into Kleenex. I couldn’t wait until I got home.
We had several more weekends that were memorable. I never did see Jeremy again. The group broke up when Terry and Karen broke up- they couldn’t stand each other, so there was no way to jerk together again. Jan and I dated three or four times. We had sex together our first date and never again- it was like I wanted to see her clit and how good she was in bed, and after that, there was little excitement. Terry quit the job- then Heath. We eventually went our own ways. I didn’t realize how much fun it was until it was over. What a fun time that had had by all!!



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