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The Beginning of Discovering Ejaculations!

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I fell in love with ejaculations!


I gave little attention to my penis growing up. I don't remember even noticing it up until the age of 14. Before that, I must have handled it everyday to pee of course, but I don't remember giving it any attention.

At 14, I still had no pubic hair. I knew about pubic hair and puberty in general, because we had showering in the locker room completely naked (back in those days) and I heard the jokes about masturbation and wet dreams. But I was a late bloomer, so I had no pubic hair, and I had a penis that was about an inch flaccid. I was, by far, the smallest penis in the class.

But at that time, at age 14, I was sitting on my bed naked (for whatever reason), and my penis swelled to erection. And I looked at it, and I knew about erections and ejaculations (not from experience, but from sex-ed), and I just touched my penis once, and it exploded. First orgasm, first ejaculation. I didn't even feel that it was that great. It just happened.

A few months after that, erections would come several times a day. And I would push them down with my hand, just to make them go down. I noticed then, that a few strands of hair began to grow above my penis, and my erect penis was bigger than before, maybe a few inches at that point. I tickled the tip of my penis, and it jumped, and I felt the most awesome sensation of pleasure. So I would tickle the tip of my penis several times a day, and eventually just stop.

One day, while doing the tickling of the tip, I felt this build-up like I had to pee, but much better than having to pee and releasing the pee. It was incredible. I tickled the tip more and more, and I felt like I was going out of my mind. So I grabbed my entire penis, and rubbed back and forth, and white liquid shot out like that one day on my bed. Ejaculation!

So tickling the tip, and then rubbing back and forth, became the daily habit.

Finally at the age of 15, with a fuller pubic bush of hair, I learned to use the typical method of fapping, but then also learned to rub my penis between pillows, and between the skin of my thighs, and between my feet, and shoot right into whatever thing I was using to rub my penis. I was in love with ejaculating!

And I still am!



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