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The Babysitter Brings a Friend

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Well I've been waiting for a good opportunity to tell more stories. Since it takes so long to write them, I had to wait till I had a lot of free time. In order for the stories to make sense you need a complete history. Please read the earlier stories: 'My earliest times' (Jan 11, 2003). 'How I have multiple back to back orgasms' (Jan 23,2003) and 'The babysitter' (Jan 20,2003) and the Babysitter part II' Feb, 22, 2003.


One day Chelsea introduced me to a girl named Megan. Megan was kinda chunky and masculine, with short hair (I hate short hair on a woman)not as atractive as Chelsea, but it always seems like the pretty girls hang out with the plain girls. Anyway, Megan began to flirt with me too. I took the girls everywhere I went for several months. Once Chelsea and I were in the drug store and she blurted out of nowhere, 'Your not going to do the same thing to Megan that you do to me are you?' I was confused about what she meant at first, then I said, 'No, I wouldn't feel comfortable doing that because I don't know her as well.' Later I realized that she was challenging me or asking me to do it. I knew then that she had told Megan about us and I was really embarrassed. Back then I was very shy about my sexuality and didn't even like to discuss with my friends what form of birth control my wife and I were using.
Well, I got over it because it was obvious that Megan was wanting me to masturbate her too. At a church lock-in for the youth group everyone was sitting around in the dark wrapped up in blankets watching a movie. Megan slid over next to me and covered us both with a blanket. I knew what she wanted, but there were people everywhere who also might think something was up, so I left the room. Later I came back and she did it again. There was no way I was going to get her off in front of all those church people. So I left. This happened right after the drug store discussion with Chelsea. I was beginning to get the message.
After a lot of flirting, Chelsea and Megan and I began running errands. I had the kind of car that had a long bench seat in front, so we all sat up front, Chelsea in the middle and Megan on the far right. On the way to town, I would put my arm around both girls. After several times of this, Megan began to grab my right hand and carress it lightly as we drove. Then, on other occaisions she started holding my hand against her breast. I pretended not to notice. Then she started carresing it against her breast and I said to myself 'What the hell.', and slid my fingers under her shirt sleeve and under her bra and started carresig her nipple. I did that a couple of times and then one day we went on a longer trip.
On the way, everyone was in the usual place. Chelsea liked to take the wheel, while I controlled the brake and accelerator sometimes, so her elbow came close to my crotch. I slid my fingers down my pants and pulled my dick out of the very top of my pants. Not hard to do if you're long and siting down. I started stroking the top of my dick and brushing it against her elbow. She looked down and kept driving. When I came I didn't try to hide it so much that Chelsea wouldn't notice, but not enough for Megan to catch on. I was still shy. I moaned softly and breathed out. Chelsea looked over and smiled and our eyes met for a second.
On the way back was when the fun started. Megan pretended to be asleep and 'accidentally let my hand fall near her crotch. I got the mesage and slowly slid my hand into her pants. Chelsea pretended not to notice as she had the wheel from the center of the seat and pretended to be preoccupied with driving. I slid my finger past all the hair into her pussy, which was dripping wet. I couldn't understand why there wasn't a wet spot on her jeans. For a second I tickled her clit. I could feel her stomach muscles twitch with every stroke. Then I slid my middle finger into tight her vagina all the way in then back out a couple of times before settling in on her clit. She squirmed and had this look of pain on her face. It took her all of two minutes to cum very quietly, but her body bent and shuddered for about 20 seconds. What a blast! After that day I saw her one other time and she seemed embarrassed. Too bad. I gave her what she wanted, but I guess sometimes even with sex there is 'buyer's remorse'
Chelsea and I continued to pleasure each other every chance we got. It took me a while to realize that the times she didn't want to, she was in her period, but was too embarrassed to tell me. Then she developed this signal to tell me that she wanted it. If she wanted me to pleasure her, she would wait till no one was looking and grab my ass and like try to dig at my asshole. I finally got the message and each time we would secretly start looking for a way to get alone.
One day she grabbed my ass as we were leaving chuch. My Mother-in-law was with us and my son's two cousins and the plan was to go to the circus right after church. So I said I would let my Mother-in-law drive this time an I would ride in the back. From time to time I would do this and my niece woould sit next to me in the center seat of the minivan and throw her legs across my lap. I rested my arms on her legs, then after a few time I figured out that she was getting off because my elbow was right in her crotch and the bumps of the road were masturbating her. She would bounce her legs up and down and I would tell her to stop and press down on her legs and, of course her crotch at the same time. To everyone else it looked like an innocent game, but to us, we were cooperating to get her off. She would then pretend to sleep for awhile and the bumps of the road mastubated her with my elbow. After a while she would open up her legs, then straighten out and shudder and pretent to stretch out. After her orgasn I would pat her legs and carress them a few strokes to let her know that I knew she was finished with her orgasm and that everything was OK and she would fall asleep. It was so tender and sweet.
Anyway back to Chelsea and me. We went to the very back of the minivan. I was in the center, My niece was on the left and Chelsea was on the right as we faced the front of the van. Chelsea put her jacket on her lap and it was no time before my hand was underneath her skirt. My niece went right to sleep. I started tickling Chelsea's clit. Then my wife turned around from the front passenger seat and asked me a question. Sloooowly I pulled my hand out and pretended like all was cool. After she turned around, I went back to work. I tickled and tickled her wet pussy all the way to the circus. As as we entered the parking lot she let go and bent slightly at the waist, turned a little red and shuddered. Once again I was flooded with this feeling of love for her. I felt so special for being the one who was allowed to touch her in that way and make her feel good. That she loved me so much to let me do that for her made me feel ten feet tall. I wanted to please her the moment she let me know she needed it. She knew that I would never pressure her for more than what she would let me do. So she trusted me. I was her masturbation tool and I loved every minute of it. Damn! I wish I could see her again. That's it, I'm calling her to chat. I want to see if she still wants it, because I sure do. I'll let you know if anything happens. I have so many more times to tell you about. I can't wait. I hope I got everyone off. More to cum.



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