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That's Ya'll Business

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This experience happened back in the eighth grade in a private K-12 school and perhaps it would not stand out so much if things didn't go the way they did. It was Friday and a minimum day of school but it was probably about 2 o clock or later and my friend and I were still there because my mom who picked us both up had forgot about the minimum day.

The only people on campus were a few teachers, maybe some office staff, the janitor and I know for sure the High School football players were there practicing on the field. My friend and I had a history of mutual jerks and we decided that we should go into the Elementary restrooms and jack off together because all the kids were gone and the restroom was far away from the football players so we wouldn't be walked in on. We went to the elementary restrooms and the door was unlocked and sure enough that side of the campus was dead. We walked in and made sure nobody was inside and stood near the urinals jacking off while watching each other just in case somebody came in we could act like we were peeing.

After a few uninterrupted minutes and us not hearing any footsteps or voices outside we let our guard down and started masturbating while walking around the restroom. We took off our shirts and were standing there with our pants down and our hard cocks literally touching each other when this guy James walks in, he looks at us we look at him and he just said 'damn' and walked out. James was this handsome, athletic black kid he was a senior at the time and a superstar in our school, extremely popular with everyone, looked up to by the younger students, adored by parents, Captain of the football team, etc. My friend 'Ryan' just sat down and started crying and I ran out after James and didn't really know what to say and I don't remember what I finally did say but I do remember that James said 'That's ya'll business right there, I ain't trying to touch that.' I asked who he was going to tell or if he was going to tell and he looked at me and said 'Homie, I'm trying to forget, ya'll giving me nightmares' and walked back towards the direction of the football field. I can't remember clearly anything I said but I remember distinctly what James said, 'That's ya'll business...' and 'Homie, I'm trying to forget...'.

That weekend was a 3 day weekend and both Ryan and I were miserable thinking of what awaited us when we got to school. All I could think was of us just being the outcasts for the rest of the year and every year until we graduated or of us getting expelled and both our conservative families finding out. James was so popular that if he said something happened I'm sure there was no way we could dispute it as being just a rumor. When we got to school on Tuesday one of my friends came up to me and said 'Hi, faggot' and my heart jumped because even though this particular person joked around this way with everyone I wasn't sure if it was because of what happened on Friday or if he was just being himself. The whole day Ryan and I did not go near each other or talk to each other in fact Ryan threw up at lunch and was sent home, I think he was just nervous. As the day went on I wasn't as nervous because if James had told it didn't reach the eighth grade yet.

As the week went on and nobody in any grade mentioned it I figured that James did not tell. I called Ryan at home and I told him what happened and he returned to school the next week and soon found out like I did that nobody knew except for James. The cool part was that James who probably didn't know we existed before actually learned our names and would say hi to us when we saw him around campus but he never ever told what he saw and I feel extremely lucky and I know that Ryan does even more so because it would have literally killed him if James had told I'm fairly certain at that point in his life and with things he was going through at home Ryan would have done something bad to himself.

I still go to the school in question and I'm a Senior and I know that if I ever catch anyone doing what Ryan and I were doing I would handle it the same way James did, I'd just say 'That's ya'll business' and walk away.



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