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Tension In The Air

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This is the second thing I've written and sent, I would've linked to the first one but it didn't get through....so here's the next one, hopefully it will get on.


Seventeen in the summer. Yet I knew alot despite my age. Alot of the information, I knew, but I have never tried anything with anybody else since nobody was around to do anything with. Even though I'm female, I have the raging hormones of a guy and those hormones drive me nuts. My almost year-long boyfriend from the west coast came over to visit me for two weeks (since this is technically our first time meeting). We had so much fun, going around and seeing the small city and enjoying ourselves.

But, as the sun set, the hormones become uncontrollable. My boyfriend, Jerry, of course knew this. We have often did things over the phone or online before when no one was around but being physically around each other made us both nervous. It was progression of nights, the first night it was simple massaging backs and porn watching. The second night, watching him out of the corner of my eye while watching porn with him sensually touching himself on the far couch under a blanket (we do alot of porno watching). The third night, I couldn't help myself so I had to massage myself a little bit but there was no blanket on either couch and we forgot about the porn flashing on the t.v. and watched each other. But then I got up and walked over to the far couch where he was laying on and sat down near his feet and watched him. I wanted to touch him sooo badly, but I was such a nervous wreck. So eventually I chickened out and went to my room to masterbate furiously once....twice....okay, three times and yet through all that the juices were still flowing. So incredibly hot and arousing to me, watching a guy in all of his glory (let alone the one that I love so dearly) looking at me and fondling his bulge in his pants and reaching in his pants like that. I believe with him knowing that I was watching him made him that much harder. And each orgasm I had in my bedroom was just as good as the last.

After I calmed down enough to go back out there, he, continued to watch the fantastic skinomax channel. I resumed my previous position on the love seat. And, wordlessly, patted the extra cushion for him to come over. Of course, he jumped up and hurried his ass over and sat down. Looking at him, his eyes glossed over and face illuminated by the t.v. I started massaging his thigh. Him, putting his bigger hand over mine and manuvering the hand higher up his thigh. The sexual tension atmosphere you could cut with a knife, the world faded away and it was him moving my hand with his onto his bulge and I following his lead massaging him. He asked me if I wanted to see 'it'. My mind was numb by that point and my tongue useless, so I answered by searching for the zipper of his pants, which he, thankfully handled himself because I don't think I would have been able to by myself. He pulled out the swollen generous mass of flesh and resumed to putting his hand on mine and directing it to his wonderful cock. I was rather clumsy, I was pretty rough on him. He had to keep reminding me to not be so rough because my motions was starting to crush his balls. But despite that, he was groaning and hip thrusting into my hand, continually making me stop so as to not finish prematurely. He asked me for some napkins so I jumped up and got some napkins. Upon return, I spot him on his knees rubbing his cock and the rolling of hips was hypnotic to me.The ultimate eye candy of seeing his face, hot in passion where the only thing that mattered right now was the grip and tempo. I silently handed him the napkins and enjoyed the lovely display as his breath hitched and he came on the cupped napkin, although some of it landed on the floor and some shot across several feet to land on his shoe.

I have a few more experiences but those will be saved for later....~lovebunny



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